Steal This Idea: Threadless or Minted for Flash Games

Here is the pitch:

  • Allow would-be game makers to submit flash games.
  • Set rules on size, play area size so that it is standardized (Maybe even three game engines – Match 3, Snood and ???)
  • Something simply – upload game piece images, background image and that’s it! (with advanced options for nerds)
  • Everyday have the community vote on the game
  • Each game has a week to be voted on.
  • Games that win are then sold or monetized with ads that GO to the game maker – (yes all of it)
The result should be a vibrant community of people sharing games and helping decide what games come next. People could laugh at silly games or marvel at wonderful art put into the context of games.  If there are a hundred variations of match 3 games (think Bejeweled) why not let there be ten thousand match 3 games with a community of creators?

Yes,  Gamesalad does this SOMEWHAT and so does Newgrounds SOMEWHAT- but both are niche

Am I right? Am I wrong? Can we democratize making flash games?

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