Must keep on writing….

Inspired by the famous tech investor Fred Wilson in this post – Writing I am determined to continue to post.
It has been very hard to keep writing.  Not because I don’t have anything to say but because it simply doesn’t come to the top of my mind. I recommend you all read his post.  What inspired me an I wholly agree with is:  Writing makes you a better writer.  Keep writing.  Don’t stop.  Push and try and succeed.
In the piece,  Fred says he began writing at 42!  42! There is always time,  you can always pick up and do it.  The tools are there,  the opportunity is there.  It’s simply a matter of focus and making it a priority.

The irony of my writing is…. I failed English three times in High School.  Did summer school twice and night school twice to get all the stupid HS English credits needed.  I’m proud of that fact.  It didn’t matter.  All it made me think was that I couldn’t write (and some of you may still think that…)  Well,  blogging says otherwise and I’ll keep on posting when I can.  As always this is an interactive process.  If you want hear my thoughts on anything,  please let me know and I will spout!


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