A sign of the times – Talking out of one’s ass is exploding.

Just read a wonderful article titled I Don’t Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore by Dan Parlotta.  While reading it I smiled from ear to ear.  We are in the midst of an bullshit explosion of epic proportions. (Maybe we always have been but I might be just paying attention)   I do not absolve myself of the problem. I talk bullshit with the rest of them.  What is happening is people don’t know how to speak straight and to the point.  
Here is an example of the bullshit that’s going on from Dan Parlotta:

“You should meet this guy with the SIO. He’s sort of this kind of social entrepreneur thinking outside of the box in the sustainability space and working on these ideas around sort of web-based social media, and he’s in a round two capital raise in the VP space with the people at SVNP." 

WHAT? Oookaaay.

What we need is to get back to calling people out on what they are saying.  When people say "Like” all the time, ask them… Like what?  What is this thing you are saying like?  Literally is it like that?  Explain it to me please.  If someone says “let’s hit this out of the ball park” Ask, what if I am singles hitter, who can steal bases?  Do I have to hit with power?  Just mess with people.  We need to get back to a more natural language of people meaning what they say and saying what they mean.
Just read the article and enjoy.  And if you are a bullshit talker,  try just a little bit harder to reduce your bullshit. I know I will.

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