Steal This Idea: iTunes for just game content.

So we have itunes.  It manages all media (that we allow Apple to control in our lives)  It is the accepted UI/UX for how you manage content in large quantities.

(Right or wrong, it is) 
Why hasn't someone done an iTunes for all games?  While there is a section for Games on iTunes today,  it is really specific to the Apple eco-system.
What if we went a step further and made a iTunes style app or web based product that encompassed,  Mochi Games,  Kongregate,  Miniclip,  Addictinggames, Android Games,  iTunes games and whoever else you want to put in there.
You could browse, save and "have" all your flash games from around the web in one place.  Sort of like a download game manager that you would see on a download game portal like Steam or BigFish games,

Why wouldn't this be valuable?  It solves a specific problem – where the hell do I store all these great flash and download games I've been playing for the last 10 years?  
(Yes,  monetization is a bit of an issue,  but if you could work something out if the thing takes off,  go freemium for add-ons or mobile access – thing Spotify or Pandora style)

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By Laurent Courtines

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