This is the gaming communities biggest problem.

I wrote about the games industry a month or so ago but didn’t post it because it felt too angry and grumpy.  Reading it over, its a little heavy handed, but I thought I would leave it up to the committee to decide.

The gaming communities biggest problem:

It is boring and conservative.

For all the high tech engineers, discussion about being artists and trying to be the next great media, the game industry is fundamentally conservative. 

Every innovation in the business comes in the form of new distribution that is outside of the industry. Every new editorial site comes out with same angle of being made “by gamers for gamers” . There is a pervasive ethos of protecting the good ol’ days, of saying this is a game or this isn’t a game.  Its insular, exclusionary, a boys club, a nerd haven.  Ths industry lacks vision and each and everytime a new paradigm changes the game, it digs its collective heads in the sand.
There is so little variation in the self-identified gamer thought, that I could probably write a profile of one and be 85% accurate. 

Push yourself people!  Get better,  embrace difference and find the Bill Simmons of video game writing.

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