Check out Alexander Armero’s “Spill Your Heart” – So very, very proud of him

Cuteness matters. Just ask buzzfeed or icanhazcheezburger. I think we may have another “When Harry Met Sally” on our hands.

Alexander Armero (Big Al, or Big Red) was an intern at AOL Games while I worked there and he’s one of the finest young dudes I know. (By the way,  hire him,  he’s about to graduate from Fordham)   Full of quirky insights and funny anecdotes, I am not surprised that he has made such a delightful little film. Everything about it reflects Alex’s personality. Connecticut, A love food, an eye for film and a joy for romance. Good stuff Al!  Really proud of you.

Shout out to his pal Logan,  whom I have never met,  but appeared to be Alex’s foil in nearly all of his adventure stories… they usually began “So my buddy Logan and I went….”

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