A month with an iPhone and Apple

“Resistance is futile” is what Star Trek’s Borg taught us. They were right in some ways. A month ago I started a new job at Topps Digital. As part of the job I was awarded all new gear. I have long been an avid anti-Apple person mostly due to my personal dislike of Steve Jobs. (just seemed like an asshole) I thought, fuck it, I’m 38 years old why not try something new. I went all Apple.

New Mac Book Pro, new Thunderbolt monitor, new iPhone 5. As expected the hardware is outstanding. Things just work. Nothing feels clunky or weird. However, there are things that are shitty. 1. Anything cloud is terrible. I think Apple just doesn’t get the web. All that synching and its still all messed up. 2. Too much cutesy “oh it looks like a notepad or looks like a book” bullshit. Problem is its not a book and its not a piece of paper. It’s technology and a screen. It means something else. It worked when people thought Oooooh aaaah a computer! But those days are gone and we are in a new medium.

Anyway. Tired of writing. Enjoy.

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