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Premier League Week 3. Sunday. Crap predictions from a crap pundit

Ok, here goes Sunday games. More non-traditional crap punditry.

Chelsea v. Everton.
Everton are reborn after all their signings and Koeman, I like them to get a draw out of this game with Chelsea.
Did I mention I fucking hate Chelsea? Just so… ugh. Its because they are good, pragmatic and have David Luiz, the Krusty the Klown of defenders.
Chelsea 1:1 Everton

West Bromwich Albion v, Stoke.
It's a mirror, mirror face off. Pulis old boys vs. new Pulis. This will be the craptacularist game of the day. Another "Pulis" result
West Brom 1:0 Stoke

Liverpool v. Arsenal
The big game of the day. This will be a catastrophic for what ever team loses. I want it to be a disaster for Arsenal where they have a 2 goal lead and lose 4-2 and its only for schadenfreude. Nothing better than Arsenal fan tv after a bad Arsenal loss… just wonderful. Pray for Claude, DT, Troopz and Lee if this goes badly.
Liverpool 4:3 Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur v. Burnley
If Spurs don't win this, the Wembley curse narrative will take off. I love me some Ginger-Mourinho Sean Dyche and Burnley are tough. They have their London scalp for the season.
Spurs 2-0 Burnley

By Laurent Courtines

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