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Premier League Round 4: Saturday. Crap predictions from a crap pundit

After a two week break the Premier League is back! And for fucks sake, City is playing at 5 am, west coast again… I guess I’ll be up in the dim light of my television. We’re now post transfer window… the teams are the teams and clubs cannot add players until January. Should be good time.

Manchester City v. Liverpool
Great. City get Liverpool after one of their best wins in years. Liverpool under Klopp are lethal and City play right into Liverpool’s hands… If Pep is really going to show something, this is the game. City MUST win this game if they are planning to win the league. Liverpool are amazing against the top teams. They are number one in the mini-table of the top six teams… I am praying for a 2:1 win to City…. I don’t feel good about it.

Arsenal v. Bournemouth
This is a match for the soul of Arsenal. Wenger is under pressure right away after getting destroyed by Liverpool. If Arsenal lose this game… good Christ… look out. I don’t think they will. Bournemouth are a scrappy team and this isn’t pushover match for Arsenal. Wenger always beat these sorts of teams. So I’ll go for Arsenal 2:0

Brighton Hove Albion v. West Bromwich Albion
The Albion Bowl. This is a shit game that the world does not want to watch. It’s going to be another “Pulis”. 0:1 to the Baggies

Everton v. Tottenham Hotspur
Big game for Spurs. They need a win badly and Everton are coming off a bad effort v. Chelsea. Rooney was busted for drink driving… which is not unexpected. I like Spurs here. Decent signings and too much pace for Everton… but Everton is tough… I’ll go for a 1:1 draw

Leicester City v. Chelsea
I hate Chelsea… but they are damn good. Fuck them anyway! Come on you Foxes…. 2:1 to Leicester (I’m never picking Chelsea to win anything)

Southampton v. Watford
Pass… Shit game. Almost as bad as the Albion Bowl. I like Watford here.

Stoke v. Manchester United
A rainy Saturday in Stoke. For the love of God I hope Stoke can find a performance… It’s not likely. United are humming… 0:2 to United


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