🔥 SECRETS They DON’T Want You to Know About FOOTBALL! ⚽🤫 | Transfer Shocks & Predictions!” 🔥

💥 Football EXPOSED! From Rea’s game-changing transfer to Manchester City’s fate, to Reese James taking over Chelsea’s captaincy, we dive DEEP into the most sizzling football stories and predictions! 🚀🔥 Can Arsenal break the curse? Find out NOW! Get ready to immerse yourself in an episode filled with unraveled mysteries and uncovered secrets of the […]

Arsenal to WIN THE LEAGUE? Manchester United out of the Top 4? PREMIER LEAGUE MEGA PREVIEW

Ever thought Brighton could finish in the TOP FOUR? 😲 We’re diving deep into the wildest Premier League predictions, spotlighting goal-scoring heroes 🌟, revealing Liverpool’s surprising position, and more! Get ready for thrilling relegation battles, Manchester United’s scoring secrets, and all the football drama you crave! Hit 🔔 and Subscribe NOW! #FootballMadness You won’t believe […]


Join us as we delve into the 💥 seismic shifts in European football history 📚, highlighting the IMPACT of billionaire owners and legendary managers. Plus, we take a DEEP DIVE into Arsenal’s 🏰 chances this season, with hot new signings! 🔥 And the LEGENDARY Bosman ruling… you WON’T believe how it transformed football! ⚖️ So, […]

🔮 Bold Premier League Predictions SHOCK Fans! 🚀 Brighton for Top-4? 😲 | Arsenal Crowned Kings? 👑”

Hang onto your seats, football fanatics! 💺🔥 This explosive episode of the “Squeaky Bum Time” podcast with host Laurent Corteens will have your jaws on the floor! 🤯💥 Laurent takes us on a wild ride, discussing pre-season activities, highlighting earth-shattering player transfers, and their game-changing impacts! 👀🌍 Can Brighton REALLY seal a top-4 spot? 🏆 […]

FULL Woman’s World Cup PREVIEW 🔥 + Harry Maguire stripped of Man United captaincy by Ten Hag

Welcome to another episode of The Squeaky Bum Time Podcast! This week, we’re unpacking major developments in the Premier League, from Harry Maguire’s shock captaincy axe to Rashford’s new mega-deal. Let’s dive right in! Main Topics: Harry Maguire’s Captaincy Controversy: A deep dive into the events leading to Harry Maguire’s abrupt removal as Man United’s […]

“I think Spurs should SWAP KANE for SADIO MANE!” 🚨 FCB Rejects NEYMAR again 😱 MBAPPE Update ✅”

In this episode, we tackle some of the most pressing topics in football, from player transfers to team dynamics, to some heavy issues surrounding the sport. 1. Zambia’s World Cup Surprise: We delve into the controversy surrounding the Zambian Women’s World Cup striker Barbra Banda who, despite failing a gender eligibility test, will be allowed […]


In this episode, we dive into some riveting football news, bringing you the latest updates on managerial movements, transfer gossip, and shining a light on some emerging talents. Main Topics: Mauricio Pochettino Hails Chelsea: In his first interview since taking the reins at Paris Saint-Germain, Pochettino lavishes praises on Chelsea, calling them “the greatest team […]

Arsenal prepares third BID for Declan Rice! Man City ups the ante! ✅ 🔜 Saudi Arabia take over of Football!

Join us on a thrilling ride as we, your host Laurent Courtines and guest Christopher Rodriquez, dissect the latest football transfer news. As an Arsenal aficionado, Christopher adds a unique twist to the discussion. We delve into the emotional departure of Ilkay Gundogan from Manchester City and speculate on the possible transfer of Declan Rice […]

Triumph of the City Family: Celebrating Manchester City’s Historic Treble Win and its Impact on Supporters

Manchester City have won the treble. Manchester City have won the treble? Manchester City have won the treble!!!! MANCHESTER BLOODY CITY HAVE WON THE TREBLE!!!!!! Gather ’round, fellow Manchester City Supporters, as I recount my roller coaster of emotions experienced during our historic treble win, all the way from New York City. Joined by 20 […]

Manchester City vs Inter Milan – Champions League Showdown. Messi Moves To MLS. West Ham’s Triumph

We count down to the highly anticipated Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan. We share our thoughts on City’s incredible journey to this moment and the palpable tension felt by both teams and their fans. Listen in as we explore the starting 11 for City and consider Pep Guardiola’s tactics to hurt […]


Can you believe it? Manchester City has pulled off an incredible double win! We kick off this episode by breaking down the historical significance of this achievement, taking a closer look at both City’s and United’s lineups, and giving a well-deserved moment of appreciation to the double champs. Things take a turn as we assess […]

Manchester City vs. Manchester United – A Derby to STOP the Treble – FA Cup final preview. PLUS Mourinho Madness in the Europa League Final

Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we dissect the heart-pounding Europa League final between Sevilla and Roma, where Sevilla clinched their seventh title through a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. From Dybala’s initial goal for Roma to Sevilla’s stunning comeback, you don’t want to miss this action-packed episode filled with excitement and drama worthy of a […]

Everton’s Great Escape & Leicester’s Fall: Premier League Season Triumphs and Tragedies

Discover the secrets behind Everton’s Premier League survival in an unforgettable season that had us all on the edge of our seats! Be part of our conversation as we dissect the highs and lows, and discuss how the club managed to stay afloat despite constant mismanagement, ownership shuffles, and the impact of the Benitez era […]

🏆⚽ Epic Premier League Season Review: Shockers, Triumphs & Heartbreaks! | Final Weekend Preview 🔥⏳

As we bring the curtains down on a phenomenal Premier League season, this episode takes you through a nostalgic journey of the past 38 weeks, where unforgettable moments, electrifying shockers, and spectacular goals kept fans on the edge of their seats. Erling Haalands’s impressive feat of 36 goals and multiple unexpected firings exemplified the unpredictability […]

Manchester City’s Treble of Premier League Titles – Newcastle United in Europe – The Relegation Battle

In this exhilarating episode, we celebrate Manchester City‘s incredible achievement of becoming Premier League champions for the third time in a row! With pride and a touch of anger, we analyze the journey of Manchester City and the narrative woven around them. Listen in as we discuss the impact of Nottingham Forest‘s win against Arsenal […]

Manchester City v Real Madrid Review – UCL FINAL Man City v Inter. PLUS Matchweek 36 Premier League Preview

Experience the thrill of Manchester City‘s stunning triumph over Real Madrid on the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, where we analyze every nuance of this Champions League blockbuster. We’ll delve into how Manchester City, on the back of this monumental victory, is emerging as a potent contender for the title of ‘greatest team of all time’. […]

Did Everton vs Man City and Arsenal v Brighton results end the Premier League Race?

Can you imagine being part of the youngest team in the Premier League and giving Manchester City a run for their money? That’s exactly what Arsenal did this season, and we’re here to celebrate their achievements, as well as those of Manchester City, who claimed their Premier League title after an incredible performance against Everton […]

Champions League CLASH: Real Madrid vs Manchester City and Premier League Weekend Preview

Get set for an exhilarating deep-dive into the Champions League spectacle, focusing on the riveting 1-1 draw between football giants Real Madrid and Manchester City. We deconstruct their strategic approaches, highlighting Real Madrid’s capitalization on key moments and Manchester City’s robust response. The fiery exchanges between Carvajal and Grealish, alongside Real Madrid’s skill in curbing […]

Relegation BATTLES, High Scores, and Harry Kane’s FUTURE. Premier League THRILLERS – Arsenal, Newcastle and Nottingham Forest!

Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions as we delve into the heart-stopping relegation battles and goal-laden thrillers in this week’s Premier League. From Forest’s breathtaking 4-3 triumph over Southampton to Fulham’s remarkable 5-3 victory over Leicester City, and Everton’s commanding 5-1 win over Brighton, we dissect it all. We turn back the hands of […]

Arsenal DEMOLISH Chelsea, the WORST team in the Premier League. Sam Allardyce in charge at Leeds United

Discover the impact of English managers on today’s Premier League as we dive into the return of Big Sam Allardyce and how his innovative approach to football can potentially save Leeds United from relegation. We’ll also investigate the influence of Pep Guardiola and other successful managers on the ever-evolving culture of the league. Get ready […]