Conte’s FIRING, Spurs’ Future, WSL Insights – Man City Woman beat Chelsea and an International Break Review

In episode #239, we dive into the recent firing of Antonio Conte as Tottenham Hotspur’s manager, discuss the history of Spurs’ management, and the club’s future direction.

We also compare Spurs to Bayern Munich and their different approaches in dealing with managerial changes.

We then delve into the Women’s Super League (WSL) in England, discussing Manchester City’s recent victory over Chelsea and the benefits of connecting women’s teams to their respective men’s clubs.

Finally, we cover the international break and various games such as England defeating Ukraine, Italy overcoming Malta, and Portugal putting six past Luxembourg, just for Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego.

Don’t miss this in-depth episode covering the world of football, from the Premier League to UEFA qualifiers, and the importance of national teams.


Time Stamps

00:00 – The Referendum on Spurs

02:24 – The Financial Standing of Spurs

10:37 – Team Levy

11:44 – Women’s Professional Football Europe

18:31 – Investing in Women’s Soccer

23:22 – Connecting Rather Than Competing

24:31 – International Football Breakdown

34:20 – Jude Bellingham and the Challenges of Balancing Playing Time


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Hello, and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast presented exclusively on the Chopper Sports Channel of the Premier. Streaming network. We're recording this on Monday, March twenty seven. I am your host, Laurent Courtines. In this episode, the international break rolls on in terminally. We'll talk women's football.


But first, it finally has happened Antonio Conte has been sacked as first manager. We knew it was coming. We saw what was gonna happen, and it did. But first, please like, share, subscribe wherever you are, whatever podcast software you're using, wherever you live in the world. England, India, Australia, Canada, please share the show. It means everything. If you're listening on YouTube, subscribe if you're on a podcast. Follow, and let's get to it.


So Antonio Conte has been sacked finally after his massive tirade after spurs blew their game against Southampton. It had been stirring. It had been brewing. There have been names It looks like Stelini will come in. His his staff who who who helped him out. Well, he has had his gallbladder surgery. We'll take over the team and with with Ryan Mason as the second. I think it's I don't think maybe Stelini is not his name, but it doesn't matter. Someone will find out and let me know in the comments below.


So where does this put spurs? This has become now a a referendum on spurs. A club that everybody who has the place the squeaky bummed time drinking game has suffered and continues to suffer. They're now on, I believe, ten managers without winning a trophy. This is about as big a club and about as large as you can be as a club and as covered without winning. They last won a league cup in two thousand eight, believe essay cup in eighty one, and the last league title was Bill Nicholson in nineteen sixty one. So there is a narrative on top of spurs that they don't win. They don't win. And when they do get close, they blow it. And I believe that Levy, the chairman who owns twenty percent of the team, who runs the team. The other owner is in absentia. Is a good business person and does put spurs in good position. They did do all the work with the stadium. He there is some semblance of a plan in place, but in the context of Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, arsenal to a lesser extent, Chelsea. Spurs are the fifth most wealthy team, and they have to spend and manage things as expected.


I think that over the long term, you have a history with spurs where if we go through their managers, we go from Harry Red Knapp and and Martin Yoll. And then you have these moments where they there's an inflection point after bail leaves under Villas Bóas there's a young manager who's gonna grow with the team. And you sort of had that sense of a moment. I'm giving this history to sort of see where how we got to Conte and how this all kind of went off. And I know most of us know, you know, the the the heights of the Pochettino era, etcetera. But you have Villas Boaze come in. He buys the the bale eight with the ninety million from Real Madrid, and it doesn't go well. And it's not quite there. And and and, potentially, you know, Villas bolas could have pulled spurs out of it. But he wasn't able to.


And then we go into the Sherwood era who to be fair to Tim Sherwood who was a a soldier and, you know, he did a good job with the club. He does discover Harry Cain and does play him and deli and whatever. So we have these moments. This is around twenty thirteen, fourteen around this era. And to be fair, to spurs, since two thousand eight, they have finished in the top ten consecutively consecutively. Not ten, actually better. A bet they're in single digits placement. Since two thousand eight nine, eighth, fourth, fifth, fourth, fifth, sixth, fifth, third, second, third, fourth, sixth, Seven, fourth, fourth. This has been their greatest era. So to give Levy heart, just to give you context, Before that, they were, you know, eleven, fifth, fifth, ninth, fourteenth, tenth, ninth, twelfth, tenth, eleventh, you know, in the nineties, they were not as good. But this is spurs really in their best moment touching the Champions League, touching the the top levels of the league, and This is all under Levy. He's done a great job. He really has as much as they all want to blast him.


So the issue here is The sixteen seventeen season underspurs was their title. They were a plus sixty. They had eighty six points, they were the best team in England. And it's that summer that they don't buy Then they slip down a level and they and they slip down again. Then pouchettinos starts to get long in the tooth and they're hanging on.


And the inflection point comes when I believe that Levy thinks that if he fires Pozzatino, That the issue for spurs is they just need a manager who's a winner. At the time, if we remember, Panchatino was not a winner he hadn't won anything. You know, he does go to PSG. He gets his victory, but he's still not considered a, you know, a winning manager. Whatever whatever that glow of lifting one of those cups means. And so Levy believed that all that spurs needed was the personality to push him over the top. And he goes, miss Moreno. And we know how that goes. Now, to be fair, He gets the best season out of hurricane. That's his twenty five and seventeen season, which is an insane season. When he and him and son are just whatever. But they're defensive, defensive, defensive.


The Mereño thing doesn't work. They fire him a week before the league cup final. Mereño will always probably say, while I had that one in the bag, you guys just fucked me. I'm sure he's saying that somewhere. But they did finish seventh out of out of the league places. And for spurs, that's a lot of money. And so he goes, tries to get content in at that point, it all goes wrong. They can't get any of their managers. They try for Gatuzo, and they fall on new know who's like the eighth choice. Kante comes in. After Kante doesn't really have a deal with Inter, he's like, alright, fine. I'll do it. And he does super charge his spurs team. They get forth and then this season. They're still in forth, but it's not quite working. Why did Levy do this?


For Spurs, there was a belief that they just needed a winning mentality. And the hard ass kick in the ball's coach who's gonna do it for them. But I don't think that we're in that era anymore. We're not if you look at all the best teams, you look in all the best leagues, managers that are winning things are not winning with defensive run all day stuff. That's been coming out of the Spurs camp. It's not fun. They're not having fun. The fans aren't having fun. You can tell they're not having fun. Because when you're a manager who solely based on winning, when you don't win, It sucks and it pervades through the squad. And so where spurs go next will be interesting.


There there's a parallel story here. We have Byron Munich who preemptively fired a coach because they sensed something was wrong. This is almost Byron Munich and Spurs are almost mirror images of each other. Byron hyper successful buttoned up, knows what they're gonna do next, does things proactively, does things on the things, but under pressure, under pressure, spurs more reactive, trying to just get their hands on a trophy, whereas BioMunich is, oh, we won two trophies. That's not good enough. It doesn't look right. And they fire novelsmen, and two goal has now been announced. Just for two games, the game against Dortman and the game against Manchester City. And I think there's an interesting dichotomy between these two clubs We don't talk about Byron much.


I don't talk about the Bundas League much. But they are one of the aristocratic, all encompassing super clubs, and they represent Germany. And they represent winning and win at all cost. Win at all measure. No matter what you have to win. Whereas spurs are spurs. They're, well, we're spurs.


There's a little bit of a a teeny voice mouth going, yay, voice burs, a little bit. And and they're trying to get out of that. And that's why Conte was there, and that's why Moreno was there. But I think if I look and I close my eyes and I channel my inner mic, Mike loves Pochettino. He's a bit of a mix. He's attacking but firm and a lot of running. So it's fit. It's BLC'sma, but it's also attacking.


So spurs need to find their footing again. Do they go back to the attacking and go back to building a project? They don't know what's gonna happen with their side. I think, you know, it it is reasonable, and I think any spurs fan would say, Harry Caine might leave, and Hinman's son might leave, and this might become a retreat a retreatlisson team with Kula Chefsky and and they'll they'll slip down. But I I I do have faith that Spurs' infrastructure of Levy is maybe the floor is high, but the ceiling is is low if that makes sense. So the spurs have established a good floor where they're you know, five, six, seven, they're in that range. But how do they get into third again? Into second, like they did under Guachatino where they finished third, second, and third again.


And that plus sixty still stands out. I mean, that was a great team. Seventeen sixteen seventeen was just a great team and they lost a Chelsea Conte's Chelsea for that matter, but that was a great team an all time great team. The the twenty goal daily alley season, just an incredible performance by that team. You know, they still have the Al De Verralden for Tongan. And still had Musa Dembela and Victor one Yamal were still there. Very strong, very powerful, very capable of handling anything. Tripia was still there. Walker was still there. They still had a lot a lot going forward. And that's when Citi took Walker away and the thing kind of started to to dwindle a little bit. Walker was an important player for that team. And then they never replaced Alta Verralden for Tongan, and they waited and they thought, that was it.


But I'm I'm still team Levy. I think that Spurs fans aren't giving him enough credit. I think that that he's probably in good shape and and and we'll see where things go from there. So that's really the premier league news that's been going on. We can get into internationals in a minute.


But the first thing I really wanna touch on is the WSL in England, a wonderful league The women's league is fantastic. I absolutely love the British women's league. I don't get to watch it as much as I'd like to, but This weekend, my beloved Manchester City defeated the all powerful Chelsea under Emma Hayes, and they got themselves up into a tie for second place. And I'm just trying to find the extra list here. So woman's super league. I know FBRF has it. I just wanna find all the information just so it's not even funny. Let's just try another way. Let's try There we go. Bunny Shaw. Bunny Shaw, Manchester City's prolific striker. Manchester City right now on a fourteen game unbeaten streak, the WSL looks like this.


So this weekend usually in March is is usually women's football. Women's football week. When neither the men or there's no effort cup, it's just an international week. And the women's league take center stage. And we just had a big week where We had a Mercy Site Darby Liver Pool, first everton, Liverpool, not great. They do not invest in their women's team. Everton been more of a theater club.


This this league is really about the top five. It's only a twelve team league. One team gets relegated. Three teams get a chance to go to Europe. But this weekend, saw a clash of heavyweights, a clash with with, you know, Manchester City defeating Chelsea, United beating West ham, and then in the North London derby. Arsenal, put the herd on, taught them to increase the damage to those clubs, arsenal. Having a tough season that losing Vivian Medina, who's probably the best player in the world, definitely Arsenal's Talisman.


But what I really wanna talk about with this league because I love it so much and I find it to be such a compelling league is the idea that the clubs are represented by men and women. So in this league, we have our traditional Big six We've got United leading the league. We've got Citi. We've got Chelsea. We've got Arsenal. We've got Aston Villa, Everton, Westham, Liverpool, Tautenham. Brighton's team is holding on at the bottom of the league, but it's a tougher league. It really is. If you fall out, you are in trouble.


There is delegation within this league. It's just a twelve team league, and it's only in the last five years, five ten years become professional. But you have the big four there. They are there. They are fighting. And it's an extension of the brands and it's an ex and I love how much as a city fan I can fit switch on to a woman's game and see the sky blues playing in a similar style and be proud of them and feel the connectivity between the men's team and the women's team.


You do see it. Manchester City does a really great job of mixing their marketing and you get to see Johnstone's hanging out with Steph Houghton and you get to see, you know, a bunny shaw practicing with with Phil Foten. So there's an integration within the sort of larger structure of Manchester City that that the men's team is connected. So one of the things that I don't know that everybody knows is these clubs more so in Europe than in England, but these clubs all have many levels down. So the men's team is the pinnacle level of the team is the money generating part of it. It sort of operates more like almost like a college level, but Manchester City will have under twenty one's, under sixteen's, under twelve's, under eight's. They'll have the premier development squad, which is a non age bracketed team, but it's just for the best of the best and players that are on the fringe and they'll play sometimes with Citi or they'll practice with the with the with the senior players. And then they have a women's team at a couple levels deep there. And the Manchester City women have really pushed and have done better in Europe than in the league, but they have been pushing to try and win this league. They have one league championship, and they're they're back at it again. But Chelsea has been the class of this league and for City to defeat Chelsea with Emma Hayes who was a star of ESPN's World Cup coverage.


Choose that woman with the blonde hair. It's got a barney rebel quality to her. It looks a little disheveled. Kinda looks like a crazy coach, but it's a lady. She's fantastic. They they sport Sam Kerr, the Australian wonder wonder striker who's just pleased with force and comes from Australian league football.


And has come in to play Manchester United who are resurgent squad. They didn't exist. They didn't really take the women's game seriously, but I think that to the Blazers credit and to Manchester United's credit, they saw that they were missing out on this great opportunity. They had been in fourth all these years. Really not really challenging. They've only been in the league since nineteen twenty or maybe this is only as far back it goes. I'm gonna go a little bit further. WSL, let's see how far back it goes. I don't think United had a team until Recently, they were an amateur team playing within this league. Yeah. Yeah. It goes back to seventeen, eighteen. So it only it only goes back a couple years, but those early years were Chelsea has been dominant in this league, wanting five of the last six seasons with Arsenal winning once behind Vivian Madima, who I absolutely love.


But Citi are in this with Bonnie Shaw, the Jamaican international. She's fantastic. She came from Bordeaux. Citi have been reload have reloaded. They were a team that led a lot of players go. A lot of players went to Barcelona. A lot of teams. There's been a lot more competition, especially in the European game. Barcelona has gone. I think two seasons undefeated. They're one of the greatest footballing sides that anyone has ever seen.


We have the Champions League Lyon has done really, really well. They didn't win the Champions League for the first time, but they had won five or six in a row, and the French had led the way in women's football for many years, but the English have done well and the last five or six years have been really a massive growth within the women's game. And it's been led by the Europeans. I think the US has done good work in terms of We fund our college women. We we respect. We have the best team in the world. We have the most female players. But the Europeans have caught up very quickly. And I think that's due to their coaching.


They have taken, you know, there's a path for men's coaches to start with women and then go on. You see Phil Neville, Gary Neville's brother was the women's Delianas' coach. He moved on to become Miami FC's coach in MLS So he went from women to men. Citi's coach NYCFC's coach now is current was the women's coach? A four men's sis Chester City. So he went on and went from one to the other. So they're taking all their coaching, all that institutional knowledge onto the men's game They've let all the other stuff go and they're pouring money into the women's game and you're seeing it in this high level of competition behind existing brands And it just for me, I just go from one shirt to the next.


I see the blue. I'm excited. I shared with John that, you know, Manchester United were winning the league. And I could sense in a minute. He was like, oh, that's my team. So there's a little bit less of this sort of bifurcated split between oh, I'm kinda create a new brand like the New York Liberty or the LA Sparks. I'm talking about American NBA teams. Or or in the US, we have like San Diego Wave and the Angels FC, where I'm just like, it's so hard to create a brand why are these women's clubs in other countries trying to make new brands? Especially in the US, we love to make a new brand. We love to make a new name. We love that. There's no reason you can't license out the name of a team and just be connected to each other just so that you don't have to market twice and you can get the same fans.


I've had this argument with a couple of of of of journalists who cover women's sports and they they seem to not like the idea of being underneath the male brand. But because women wanna have their own thing and feminine, they wanna have their own and stand on their own. But I just don't I don't see the value in trying to create something new and add a whole cloth when you have a ready made jet stream to climb right behind and sell shirts. I I I do recall Mike and I talked about when Alex Morgan played for spurs. It was solely the shell shirts, but I think it makes sense. I think it's it's smart. It's it's something to aspire to and use your use your brand to expand the market. Right? Like, you know, football is expanding with female fans.


But why make it harder by making them split off from each other and be different. Like, just b, we're gonna go to Manchester United. We're gonna see Marcus Rashford play. On a Saturday, and we're gonna go see Elliottoon, Alyssa Russo, World Cup star line, a star, play for Man United, on Friday night. We don't have to get different shirts. It's still our club. We still feel it inside versus trying to make a new brand like the devils, like the lady devils, or or something that wouldn't make sense.


So I like the idea of respecting women, of expecting the brands and connecting the clubs together. I love that feeling of just like, oh, we're in this together. This is the women's team. Standing right next to the men's team and we all represent Manchester City or we all represent Chelsea and there's not a split. Because it can share so many resources versus the sort of American model where we make all these new names.


And I I don't understand it. It seems really weird to me that, you know, you have a league in the US, especially, you have a league that doesn't really stand on its own as it is. And you're trying to make a women's league with completely different naming. Yeah. So the women's teams in the US. Just to give you just to give folks a sense, you have the thorns that are in Portland, the wave in San Diego, gotham f c in New York, when they could just be NYCFC, you have the spirit, the courage, the dash, Louisville, red stars, when they could be Chicago fire ladies, Angel City, which could be LAFC, the rain, which I believe is based on Olympic Leonase. I think they own the team. They are I don't even know where they are. The oil rain Olympic Lai n a's rain. So they're they're at least cross branding. And then the pride, which I believe is our Orlando team, based on the Orlando Pride. Right? Based on, you know, it should be Orlando FC.


I I don't understand why they're trying to make new brands and trying to figure all this out when we should just just be connected and draft off each other. And maybe there'll be times when the men's team is down and the women's team will lift them up versus trying to make two brands at the same time. I'd love to hear people's different comments and why I'm wrong. I just don't understand the point of of trying to make two brands at once. It seems really, really, really really strange to me to try and do that. I should probably go and just check-in on world UEFA qualifiers just to give everyone a sense of teams games have been going on. Your favorite friends have been playing. They've just been playing with their national teams. And just getting ready for the euros and we can we can give this a shot really quickly just to give a sense of our friends around the world. So over the since these last two qualification days, we've had I'll just go through it just because They've got ten games to go through.


There are a bunch of groups. The big ones here. England defeating Italy. I think I talked about it on Monday. No big deal. Serbia, Belgium, defeating Sweden's Latan coming back into the side. Good stuff there, Lukaku's quarter hat trick, France defeating the Netherlands, Farnell, is a big deal because that's Ronald Kootman taking over for Van Hall. Ronald Kootman is not a great coach. He's been having a hard time Scotland gets a win. That's a good time, and Spain plays Norway, but no Holland whales getting the result of the round.


A draw away at Croatia where they're completely utterly and totally dominated Nathan Broadhead in the ninety third minute They only had four shots, one on target, and it was in the last minute, Croatia dominant, nineteen shots, eight on target, So we get a sense, you know, some of the things that happen with Croatia are happening again. They can't really score goals, but they still have the best midfield in the world between modbridge and whoever else is next to modbridge. They got a lot of good players. And then the match week that just passed So they playing two games, and it'll probably play even one more. Actually, no. That'll be it.


England defeat Ukraine. In a very emotional game, a lot of Ukraine, flags, a lot of a lot of energy in the game, but Saco with the worldy hurricane is now your all time leader in goals scored for England. You know, they get it done England probably through at this point, getting two wins on the start. They'll have six points. They don't really have to worry about much after that, other games to ride home about. Let's sort of see.


Italy get off to Schneide. They defeat Malta of Postman and and cooks. So Italy only scoring two goals against Malta is not good. Portugal put six on Lexinboard. Of course, Cristiano is playing and scoring goals. He just won't go away. And Portugal will never win anything with Ronnie Ronaldo still playing because he's thirty eight years old and he needs to go away. And I think that he sawmessy and I think that he's gonna try and hold that team hostage. And I don't think that Roberto Martinez is a good coach nor is he strong enough personality wise to take on someone like Ronaldo who's basically a fucking institution. And they can't get rid of them.


Poland defeat Albania. Poland are terrible. And Sweden get back off the Schneider against Azerbaijan, Alanga. AML FORSBURG, some front players. Oh, we have a name difficulty here. Bahool Mustafazada. Oh, nice name. Scored an o g for Azerbaijan getting, you know, Sweden back into the lineup. But, you know, fun for our friend, mister mister slotan, being part of the story. He's gonna come off the bench and try and teach the kids a thing or two. And then the Great and Powerful France, a one nil win against Ireland, not a great performance, but Pravard hangs on.


So if you're curious about these groups, let's see, top two in every group goes to the euros and basically all the big boys get their own group. So Spain is in its own by itself. France is in its own with like the Netherlands, Ireland, and Gibraltar. England and Italy are in together, but Italy had England has already beat Italy and already beat Ukraine. They're in a group of Macedonia and Malta. Malta might not fucking sniff anything, North Macedonia. Okay. Fine.


But you get a sense that basically these groups are designed for the big teams to get through and the euro qualification is actually, frankly, quite easy for any team worth its salt. So for instance, Portugal's in group j their two in o, ten goals for zero against. You know, they don't they have Slovakia, Bosnia, Herzogovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Lexington, Stein. In their group with them. So they don't really have to worry. Some of these lesser teams in Europe just they're just so poor. They just are, you know, can and fodder for your bigger teams.


As you remember, the euros used to be only sixteen teams. It used to be hard. And now it's, let's see, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, eighteen teams. That's it. Nine groups. Oh, anyway, plus some third place teams. I don't know. A lot of fucking teams, you basically can't not make it. If you have country of over, like, ten million people. So, you know, it's a crazy it's a crazy thing. We go through it. We do it.


US played some nation league games, defeated Granada, the Granadines, the the the this person, to that person, you know, These are the things that happened. Oh, we we just won one nil versus El Salvador. That's a tougher game. Nations League, that happened today. One nil. Ricardo Peppy scoring a goal. I didn't watch. I don't even know who's coaching this team.


I think the interesting part is whether Gio Reyna is in, and he was. He played playing the number ten role behind Darryl DK with Publicich on the right. We saw Musa Mckenney, Desd Robinson, Rheem, you know, Anthony Robinson. So the the the regular crew is playing, but you know, US does not get tested in its own region, it's less, it's Mexico. And even then, I think right now, the US are well ahead of Mexico. We really don't have any tests unless we find them. And it's really hard to find until whatever. Plus, in this next World Cup, We are in it, so we automatically qualify. We won't play an important game until the summer of twenty six. And that's when we'll find out where the US is. Hopefully, we see a lot of growth from players. Hopefully, we see a lot of a lot of energy and power coming from the US multinational team. But that's where that is. So international break is always super tricky.


I do wanna give a really important shout to a player we're gonna hear a lot about in terms of transfer rumors, in terms of players, in terms of who changes the balance of power. And that is Bruceja Dortman's Birmingham zone, Jude Belliam. He's such a fucking good player. Like, the more and more I watch football, the more and more I understand the power of good midfielders, I have to say I was an amateur and I didn't know. But when you watch how Liverpool has declined, how City continue to maintain dominance. Harel Madrid continues to maintain dominance. You will always find great midfielders on those teams, with modrich, with Cruz, with Kamavinga, with Casamiro, now at United, with Ericsson, you know, with with Rodri and Kevin De Bruin and Gunnar gone and Bernardo Silva.


These players are so important because they can do a multiple of things. They can assist and attack. They can get the ball from defense. They can get to win the balls back.


And Jude Bellingham is a superstar player in the making. Just nineteen years old, I've been playing since he's sixteen years old in Baringham City for my nerd heads You know that I like to look at the championship, I knew about him at Birmingham City way back when he was just a shirt this tall kid with this giant shirt that just billowed, but he played every game. Even at sixteen years old, he was awesome for Birmingham City. And I think a a handful of teams were in for him, and he was so smart to know to go to Dortman that he knew he would play And since seventeen, he's already like the captain of the club. I mean, he's just a fantastic, fantastic player.


Jude Bellingham is going to become a huge, huge conversation all through the summer. You know, he's at the Is he gonna go to city? Is he gonna go to is he gonna go to real Madrid? As much as I love my own team. PeP is a difficult proposition. Because he expects things that are the otherworldly and he just it's hard to play for PeP and he's gonna have to learn how to do that. He seems super smart and capable and able to. But, you know, real Madrid just has that extra They has the history, you know, if real Madrid come for you and they want you to be there, you go as much as I love my team I do think that if Liverpool make the top four, they have a shot, but it might be a crazy number you know, it might be, you know, a hundred and twenty million dollars for Liverpool.


That might just be too much for them to try and get involved in, but he is a once in a generation player. And when he becomes available, you have to go after him. He's only, you know, he's six one, he's still only nineteen, gonna be twenty this summer. Only twenty years old. His players that he's similar to, there's no one, Garetska, Feddi Valverde, these sort of thread is not similar. These kind of players, these all action midfielders, Eventually, his goals will come right now. He's on four and four. Last year, three and eight. He'll get there.


I think it's about timing and figure out when to go, when to get in the box, when to hold back, you know, that reading of the game that becomes so difficult and is so hard. It's that it's that when to go, when to come, I think, when to speed up a game, when to slow it down, when to make the pass, when to play it back. So when you when you think about someone like Luca Mondelec, this is this is that generation, this is that level of player. The only thing concerned now is starting at sixteen, how many miles does he have in his legs? So if you think about someone like Wayne Rooney, started at sixteen Don at thirty, you know. Or someone like Michael Owen started at sixteen, done at thirty, those miles can pile up really fast. And if they're not careful with how much he plays, he could get, you know, dead or legs in the later years of his career, and maybe he's done at thirty two, thirty three, or he gets burnt out. You know, sixteen years old is really early to start. Hopefully, he finds that balance of of how much to play and how much he wants to play, but that's that's for those are later questions right now.


This is gonna be the summer of Bellingham and where he goes and where he ends up and what he does is gonna be massive, massive, massive. So I really try to try to take my foot off the gas because the season's really long during the international break. And I don't put too much hardcore thought into it, but I do have to. I would be remiss if I didn't talk about what's coming up on Thursday's show. We have the big one. The really big one.


The historical giant game, the New Evo classical Manchester City versus Liverpool, Apti Etihad, on the twenty ninth on on April first, there's gonna be no fooling around. There's gonna be no jokes. There's gonna be no mistakes. Liverpool will come to try and ruin Manchester City's season where they are. They will find the energy to be a thorn in city side. We'll cover the whole game on Thursday.


I'm sure the build up will be immense. I talked about it last week. Then you've got the Newcastle Vers Manchester United on Sunday. That'll be a massive, massive game. And then Arsenal playing leads. We're just gonna be following along with Arsenal. As they tick off the games or drop games. We don't know where they are. We don't know how they are. I'm sure they did not want this international break to come, but it has come and we'll see what leads can do against Arsenal as we get closer and closer to the end of the season.


I am wheezing my way to the end of the season. We'll find out what's gonna happen with spurs manager probably in the off season. There are a lot of options The popular with the fans options is Puchatino. But now, doesn't all those men wanna get in the ring? And take over this team despite not knowing what's gonna happen with Hurricane, despite this top four battle. I think if they make the top four, the options open up. If they don't, then they have to start looking in the sort of alternative universes of weirdness. Anyway, I'm tired and I'm old. That was the squeaky bum time podcast with your host. Me, Laurent Courtines. We are the football wing the CHOP Sports Channel and presented exclusively by the premier streaming network. We record on Mondays and Thursdays so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast. So you never miss an episode. Please check us out on YouTube, LaRonde Corteens on YouTube, that's where the channel is, and we'll see you later.

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