Episode #153 – Leeds, Tottenham and a Wild Weekend of Football in NYC, Do Arsenal Celebrate Too Much?

In Episode #153 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, Mike and Laurent discuss a wild weekend of Premier League and FA Cup action, including:

  • It’s Marsch Madness! Leeds United notch a thrilling comeback from 2-0 down against 10-man Wolves!
  • Tottenham throttle West Ham at home to rejoin the top four race just three points back of rival Arsenal
  • Liverpool and Manchester City are destined to meet again in the FA Cup semifinals…twice in a week!

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hello and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast with mike and laurent mike is back


it is tuesday march 22nd in this episode the fa cup is man but not man arsenal


over celebrate there's a story there we talk about el clasico because why not


but first mike you had spurs you had leads you had a super new york football


weekend tell us all about it oh it was unbelievable so i went up to see some family and friends hang out my brother


for his bachelor party uh and so my idea uh my brother was living in the city the other ones in jersey i went well we got


a couple of uh hours before we get to go see them and their buddies he's like oh well wolves are playing


leads on friday at four nights i'm coming off the show it's yeah and so i'm i'm coming off of


the uh the high of highs with that leads win over norwich where i won all that money last week and i when i have to


repay these folks back with my allegiance for an afternoon so i went well let's go to the leads bar the leads


bar in new york city is legends on 33rd street everyone's everyone's bar right all teams


so you had all the march madness games uh and only leeds fans at that point in the corner and there was like like i'd


say like 40 to 45 of them was a good crowd not bad yeah yeah so the thing is right so folks


especially for our overseas listeners i've had friends who i've made in england who come to new york city


specifically for the tottenham bar which i'll talk about in a second and said this is the best place to watch tottenham hotspur outside of north


london yeah uh and it's true because they don't have to worry about getting beat up well it's that but it's it's it's true


because in no other place are you gonna get that the numbers right and


the dedicated televisions and sound and whatever a lot of the clubs in the premier league have their own bar


liverpool has characters flanneries for spurs i forget the arsenal one but like there's a bunch of


them big i think on 14th street spotted pig that's right it's down the street that's right of course i knew it i peed on it before um


how could i forget but the point is is that the the numbers are so great that you have the capability of amassing a


full-on crowd that everybody's in the same and it's not just for soccer it's for college football it's for college basketball whatever


um but you don't have that depth anywhere else outside of new york city and i've felt it firsthand here in


orlando i know you have a good crowd in san diego but i don't know not certainly not what you would have in new york city


in a regular game at the blue foot which is an arsenal bar it's the bar because there's one english guy exactly there's


nine people exactly and there's one bar down here there is an orlando spurs uh


chapter they stink but there is a bar in downtown orlando that is pretty good but


it is the bar right it's not this team's bar this seems where the seams bar so um


but so we went to legends which again first for a lot of the smaller clubs and chelsea because they're not a real club


um they all go to legends and they have different spots in different times i've never been there for like a saturday i i


have been there many times and they have a whole they have a whole downstairs area right and upstairs split yelling


it's crazy yes yeah yeah so so and it can get a little bit colorful i'm sure when those teams play each other but


anyway we had all day afternoon march madness games


leading into leeds wolves and leads were were plus money going i'm sorry wolves were


plus money at home against leeds that was a that was a that was a gimme


almost it was and and all them all the smart money in the world said okay bet on wolves here and i went i will not do


anything of the sort i am leads united through and through for the next three and a half hours and we all go on to


yeah so i went i a might as well be an ellen road right now so i i felt the


obligation the pull of the shirt from last weekend and these people are they're good folks i was talking to a few of them and um


so wolves come out of the gate hard hard beaten the piss out of them uh they're


up two nil at half it could have been probably should have been more the second half starts


and it's more the same and then a very interesting challenge


um ball goes down the right flank and melie comes flying out of his goal and raul


jimenez clashes with him bang and on first view i went that's a straight red


for melie he's out of here from elliot yeah yes because he's completely like


he's out of his mind yeah he's somewhere where the he shouldn't be and jiminez doesn't see him yes and


he initiates the contact with him it is and therefore it's his fault and upon further review and it goes to var


and i look and i the more i look and and they both got the worst of the of the of the collisions


but i went melie got the ball there's no way you can send him off there's no way you can really even lie no there's no studs on


melia it's a bad call he didn't hit him no no but there's no call on melie the call is it's a yellow card on raul


gimenez which i think in a vacuum is the right card yellow card sure but not but but it's a second


one he had a yellow already right right right and that's harsh to send him off it's probably fair but it's harsh and


let's but this there's a there's some important things about this game for leads like to set the stage for how big


a comeback this becomes yeah four guys go down they lose melie yeah they lose


branford they lose laurente and they lose klitsch they're running on nothing


fumes yes and the goals they scored trinkal is like all over the place kicking ass he's really good and so yeah that red card


and now the more i thought about it as the game went on i went you lost your center forward it's not like you've lost like a


left back you have to make a sub to sub to kind of figure that so it's not like and


sometimes you see like that that substitution becomes like or that red carpet is a one and a half should not


have changed how they played with it not much at all with a two goal lead right and yet they they completely bunkered


and leads were able to sort of pick them apart it was nothing for wolves the rest of the game and leeds had their way i


think there's like the 65th minute i'm not looking at the stats at the moment but um yeah so they get they get one one


and everybody sort of goes maybe hmm two two


and and the place is alive because now we've got a point from this and for league


harrison was magic yeah harrison was unbelievable rodrigo's magic raffinia


also not playing by the way right so yes that's right you have all


of these these these missing stars if you will there's basically no reason


that leads should win this game ever ever no uh and yet in the in the space of


four minutes you've you've gone from two nil down and you got a red card and you're two


two two yeah and so the game sort of like peters out from there but it is still leeds is


to take and they they get another great save that's not the other thing like but they can't


get the breakthrough and you get eight minutes of stoppage time which by the way there were eight minutes in the


first half as well because there were so many injuries this game took like four hours so


so where is it in the uh it's in the 91st minute luke ayling wait let me okay


so luke ayling had a a tough day at the office he always has he has a tough day


and a good day he's all over the place but on this play it's a it's a a curl that goes in


he keeps it in bounds okay and that's a critical point in this play keeps it in bounds it bounces around a little bit he


strips the defender of the ball i don't remember who it was uh i think it was willie bali and and it just kind of


bounces right to him and he blasts it home and he does one of the worst


uh the worst celebrations that's the best celebration yeah yeah the the the gun no he his his bad tumble he tries to


do the robbie oh yeah right and it's awful and he falls all over the place cue the bedlam you must have kissed at


least three guys on that yeah yeah i cheated on my wife with multiple men


which is normal for for folks who don't know that uh goals going in is very much


a moment of weird things happening and i don't have any aside from them winning me a bunch of


money 10 days ago i have no association with leeds united whatsoever


they're a likable team but yeah i mean i was just sitting there hanging out at the bar right and i went i'm in with


these folks today and the thing is that that's the beauty of how football


spreads in america yes right because there was a bar full of people getting off of rush hour you know getting off at


happy hour i should say after a long work week and they're just sitting there and then there's these 40 degenerates


inside of the boards just [ __ ] scream crying like


amazing and that's people like i wanna i'll have what they're having right well that's what that's what football does


and i think that's one of the key things so what we'll do now is we'll go to the scores for the fa cup and the league you


can pick up on spurs all right but i'm going to start yeah let's start the clock we have bubba papa we're just


talking about it wolves 2 leads 3 i'll go through who actually scored in that game it was


first castro then trincao jimenez goes off harrison rodrigo alien it looks like


spurs might go through it was marsh madness for the american crowd oh jesse


marsh gets his his his just dues then saturday arsenal beat aston villa and


gabby a bangla on [ __ ] uh talk sport complains sorry


it's uh ashley young complains that arsenal celebrated like they just won a league this is the second time teams


have complained wolves also complained when arsenal uh celebrated like they just won a league they're 20 years old


of course i got to celebrate like they won a league big road win for arsenal they sit in fourth still with a game in


hand the northland and darby's getting very very interesting on sunday lester beat brentford ah no big deal you're


that lesser with a heartbeat though is it that is lester with a heartbeat yeah they didn't get killed brentford were


okay no erickson in that game they they scored that game is a game of amazing goals


just all incredible goals your boys win 3-1 at west ham but that's not it we go


to the fa cup go to the epic the fa cup middlesboro lose 2-0 they


never really get out of gear this is a very professional uh performance by chelsea uh mason mount is


killer either way he's the best player on chelsea i don't want to hear anything else then my boys and sell her spark


they stomp everton every turn of the weakest team in the league they basically give up a goal and fall apart


this is the first time that crystal palace play eze elise zaha and gallagher


together and boy were they fun and they did score goals because we're not going to talk about


this after this everton we said that they should punt this game i don't know that they did based on the lineup that


they put out they didn't but then they did but then they did right right so that was your bigger fish to fry and and


frank lampard calls his team to the mats he's like you guys don't have any bollocks they've got no stones he called


his team a bunch of [ __ ] city win 4-1 at southampton this game looks easier


than the scoreline actually said southampton were really good and could have scored and then the venerable nottingham forest at the city ground


they hold liverpool down for 78 minutes they have a chance to go up the guy's


name is a crazy name i have to try and read it is his name sickersnagel


that's not a joke he misses an open goal then jota scores


and liverpool take control of the game uh liverpool are just flying right now so your semi-finals for the fight for


the fa cup but we won't talk more about that this is chelsea palace unfortunately gallagher won't be able to


play so oh that's [ __ ] yeah i know and then city liverpool city will have a gauntlet


week to try and play atletico liverpool then liverpool again in the league and


an efa cup but for now spurs


no i'm not done let's go back to chelsea and palace that rule makes sense in the league i don't like


it but i respect it yeah but in the cups [ __ ] you you should be able to play you


should be able to play against the club that's loaning you out in the country that is a that is not a mandated thing


that is in english no it's part of the no it's part of every loan agreement it either is or it isn't no no no if you if


you loan a player to spain like if if conor gallagher had been loaned to sevilla and they played


in the champions league he would play versus chelsea oh no i know it's an fa thing no it's england only wow


between english teams yeah yeah yeah but again because if they did that in italy none of the teams would play because the


teams loan out hundreds of guys at a time wow yeah right right but like i think that that


is i i actually really like that rule in the league itself because that has implications


far-reaching and one would argue an english person who's listening to the show would say actually [ __ ] you mike


the fa cup matters and i'm here to tell you it doesn't but it does in a sense that you get to win


silverware but financially no financially it doesn't matter it's all it's all glory yeah right the thing the


thing is and i i think this is one of the things that i found this week and one of the things that's been a


theme if you if you go to leeds if you go to city ground if you go to even city


had good away the fa cup gets the best fans because it's very english it gets


the away crowds it's that randomness of like who are we playing the crowds this week the supporters this


week were really strong at all these games you had middlesboro being like [ __ ] you chelsea don't try and cancel


the game cause you don't have because you're uh your owner's an [ __ ] by the way there's a picture of sheikh mansour with


assad now a word on them um


this is the beauty and to get to what your point is right like middlesbrough would rather play that


game and lose then win because chelsea's owner is friends with vladimir putin on


a forfeit right understand that for a second they would rather have the chance at glory and the almost certain defeat


but have the day and the memory and the anxiety and all that goes with it to say


we're going to go toe-to-toe to you you're going to punch us we're going to punch you back and we're going to see who's left standing in after 90 minutes


they would rather have that than the guaranteed win right they wouldn't


this is a difference in mentality i think that american sports don't have


that i wish we did in a way we don't have moral victories we don't have oh they


played well we don't have really memorable teams that don't win in


basketball we do a little bit it's the only sport i can think of that has memorable teams that are not winning


teams like you have the phoenix suns with steve nash they're known for how they played not that they won they they


were close they were very good but i don't know of any team in the nfl that has known but didn't win


like i suppose like the bills because of the bills because they famously didn't


win right right but it wasn't for their style it was in hockey maybe there's that but i don't


know no i can't i can't get my head around my own fan base like the rangers i think of some of the famous rangers


teams that didn't win uh from the last 10 years but they're not remember but no they're not like like yeah i know


the team that is remembered in fact you'd argue this is sort of part and parcel to


having multiple goals at the end of the season i think right like like cup run uh this put it this way the new york


rangers in 20 2012 won the president's trophy and in 2014 they won the eastern


conference trophy we do have other trophies but the point is they're not remembered well the difference is that


they're all in the same search of the only trophy right they're on the way to oh good put it


this way for our english listeners this is going to sound silly when um


in hockey when the team in the eastern or western conference wins the playoffs


on their side to advance to the stanley cup final they are awarded a trophy


they win the conference they win they get a trophy they all take a picture with the trophy and they don't touch it


because they're told or so they lead to believe in many cases that if they touch the trophy that will be bad luck and


they will not win the stanley cup in the next round which is the trophy that they want so to speak yeah yeah i mean hockey


is the one sport that does have historical trophies for other things but they're


not remembered i mean no one goes around talking about the president's trophy that the rangers won when they


at all i mean it it does matter somewhat it used to matter in baseball the pennant


used to matter it did matter because it was a separate league right exactly yeah but so now it doesn't really but that


was the only but there wasn't a troll like there wasn't like the trophy right like you don't you know it would to to


put it in the proverbial cabinet right like that wasn't a thing no we don't do that we don't have this concept of


silver warrior in and of itself it's it's singular it's saying except


players do they do care about winning mvps that's all contract related though no


they can't no it's legacy stuff it's glory right like if you have five mvps


and the best player in the world had six you want to get the sixth one um i think we're talking about such a small


percentage of sure for sure but i think the larger teams like i think that


you take and i think you're looking at the nba specifically all-star teams that [ __ ] matters yeah but it's it's that's


changed in the last 15 years so dramatically that i don't think it ever mattered before i don't think michael


jordan ever really gave a [ __ ] how many mvps that he had but now it matters but now it matters


because everybody's being measured made it that right right we've sort of created that right yeah so i that's funny that's a funny thing i think that


is happening in football a little bit you are seeing the mix of cultures right


while on door is not a thing it is now it's a thing to talk about shawn doors


matter um best elevens we don't do we don't really think about like oh this guy has like so


many bees right we don't they don't have all-star teams at all well you have that effectively you know


in in at the end but it's not historically rated like no one goes oh gary neville was better than


kyle walker he was in 12 best 11's in the 90s yeah yeah yeah that doesn't


happen although we should [ __ ] be the people who do that oh my god we should just go back and be


like argue about are you telling me that that [ __ ] actually been in there was


better than blind coming soon coming soon to the chop sports network


all time worthless but this guy arguments


but for football instead of all the others and the other problem is that there's only three teams there's the same team ones


like it doesn't really work it's just like no it's gary neville no no no it is gary neville yeah i don't care what you


say about ashley cole ashley cole was the guy i was thinking of anyway you have to talk about spurs now so yeah so


i'm still in new york city in the part of the story i am now since back in florida but uh i see some


friends and family on saturday sunday morning big time match-up spurs at home against


west ham top four tougher implications but realistically loser like a loser


loser leaves down thank you leaves town as it relates to the top four matchup so let's set the scene


beforehand spurs can i take a step back from my for our european friends loser leaves town is a wrestling cliche


where a player comes they fight to the death if you lose you literally leave town you lose your job effectively right


uh yeah so so we love we love those references on the show um but so yeah and and and going back into the european


piece west ham have a tremendous bit win on thursday afternoon against against


sevilla after being down a goal right you talked about it i did talk and yarmolenko again huge huge game oh god i


and we've talked if you've been listening to the show for a long time you know i have always loved yarmolenko


since he scored a goal at wembley against spurs in champions league for dortmund it has to be four or five years


ago now he's that [ __ ] is insane and i'm gonna remember that name because it's a


memorable [ __ ] name um and i've always had him in the back of my mind so yarmouth


jesus oh good man good on you uh i'm happy for you guys and i'm more happy


that you expended all your [ __ ] energy on thursday because you look like a bag of milk on sunday okay we're


really bad and so setting the scene spurs are on 48 points west ham also on


48 points spurs with two games in hand they are behind them in goal difference uh by one okay all of this is called


foreshadowing so uh spurs come out this shoot hot


hot they're all over them and but let me just set where i'm at uh flanneries i alluded to it earlier in the show the uh


the tottenham bar on 14th and 7th and for my money it you walk in there and


it's literally scarves from everywhere in the world that support tottenham uh harry kane


signed uh game worn boots charlie kane his brother who's a shitty agent uh is a


friend of the of the bar he's been there right many times i've met him there a handful of times sure uh just


the best place and the funny thing is i used to be a regular i do not go there much anymore i haven't been there in


three years i walk in and 10 people like mikey it made me feel like a million


[ __ ] bucks it was unbelievable it was awesome so i'm making i'm i see


i think a thing to stand back on and i don't know this is a this is probably for our english crew fan hub we love you


something you may not understand is like premier league you may think it's big local it's really


uh an interesting concept that happens in the us i'm sure you sort of think about it as like [ __ ] foreign


fans but it is huge this i would argue and say that the premier league is the biggest export that


england has by a lot and i'm talking about rockets in ukraine i'm talking


about literal soft power and soft culture it is a big [ __ ] deal and


slowly but surely you know it has people like us if we inspire some [ __ ] 20 year old


to do a podcast because they're like well i'm american why would i do a british soccer league podcast that's [ __ ] not


british excuse me english sorry uh scotland we don't really cover your league [ __ ] off uh but yeah it is a


whole thing it's a whole culture we get all your games we do everything it's for the sports fan


for this sports fan who had an american sports fan who has an open mind the premier league is the [ __ ]


beatles of my generation okay that's how big of an export it is relative i'm serious like it has


completely transformed the way that american sports fans again not all of us not most of us right but there is a


decent percentage and when i say decent i mean 20 to 30 percent of american sports fans young people especially


young people who guess what love drinking in the mornings and we don't like ads


we don't like but we go to these bars and i'm telling you we latch to your culture there's a kula sevsky song now


which i will sing probably in another four or five minutes that just makes me so happy and it's those things where you


we bring that right over from you guys and we crave your creativity because we don't have it here by the way we have to


talk about something that english fans aren't going to know they got a new english lady to be on nbc


which i don't feel good about i was confused by that she's she's like lady little carol white i think i believe her


name is a very british name i don't like it oh by the way i know you'd love it


rebecca lowe an american i saw that she's officially an american citizen congratulations to lady lowe we


love you you're officially one of our own that was an amazing thing anyway we're sidetracking so you've got you've got


you've got your team i want to talk about beta core he's [ __ ] incredible what did i tell you what did i tell you


three four weeks ago he reminds me not just because his name is also rodrigo but he has rodrigue qualities i see what


you're saying and and he's he's he's calm and you see it he's like he's got that


cadillac way about him um it's passed back to him i forget it's it's i think it was 2-1 at that point


maybe right before halftime um his face is to the goal his back is to


the rest of the play and both west ham players bearing in on him and he just pirouettes bang and leaves them both in


the dust i think one of them was rice and he he puts it pings and outlet ball into kane and by the way that ball


doesn't end up hitting sunny in this instance but kane with room with


sonny on a run that's a goal five to seven times out of ten


yeah right and it's all because of betting cure yeah i thought i thought bettencoor was just like


it was so cool to see spurs have


someone in the middle controlling things he was pointing he was moving he was


showing for the ball he was putting balls around the corner and kane was dropping deep but it seemed he


dropped deep and was turning into space like over and over and over again it was just like what the [ __ ] if this is a version


of spurs then they're good like it was that that conversation we've been having all


season how does defense link to attack and all of a sudden bettencourt


immediately is the you ping it into him and he was firing [ __ ] into the front


players like yeah there was one play he fired into kane who did like a backside heal like he was like oh hey i eat like


an atom ball at him but it was changing the pace this was a bad performance from west ham


and maybe this isn't a game to sort of judge jared bowen and they felt it


right they haven't had bone for a while but but they this is one where they needed him and antonio loves a game


against spurs uh he had that one chance early and then was a ghost he was out of it


so there wasn't a whole lot and again a long difficult game on thursday for west


ham so it's not like they were coming in with 100 i think this was frankly this i


didn't think that spurs would play this well but i did sort of expect west ham to play poorly i didn't expect them to


play great at least yeah it's the it's the curse of thursday sunday once you get you get into that you can't really get


out of it sure so spurs now are looking good for top four yeah no there's a lot


to play for and i mean it's all these games are winnable games there's no fa cup


there's no anything in the way you have no reason to not have every swinging dick you have going and


fighting for the shirt every time they take the field christian romero what a what a class defender he is i told i've


sat on the show many times he is and and so i was with my brother who was a liverpool fan and i'm not going to say


he is van dyke i'm not going to say he is reuben diaz he has a lot of the same


qualities in the sense that he's so quick to close you down he's clinical with his timing he


is a bastard he will give you uh you know some some [ __ ] housery and he will kick you out but the clinical nature


with which he acts and decides to when to go to do things is very reminiscent of diaz and and van dyke and having


missed out on diaz i'm romero's my guy i'm loving him i'll go to war for that man


i love you yeah i agree remiss if we didn't talk about doherty i'd be remiss if we didn't sort of say hey spurs are


winning a bunch in a row and whenever that north london darby gets rescheduled which is interesting that it hasn't yet


by the way uh they want to either team has any other games on the [ __ ] calendar they want to find the day and the time to put


it on a [ __ ] monday night when they can when the police are available


to uh to put hey listen put it at the end of the season i don't give a [ __ ] let's do it right like well one of those


you're not ready a couple weekends no no no that makes sense one of those like last fa cup weekend so you have the two


fa cup semi-finals yeah that makes a lot of sense actually it could be a good now i know arsenal are going to complain


listen dear arsenal let me tell you something yeah [ __ ] you i'm gonna talk to the camera you can't force games


getting cancelled because of kovid and then complain that you have too many games either you


play them when you had kovid and with a lower lower level team or you play them now okay shut the [ __ ] up thank you they


still don't have that many games though and and they're not playing in europe so extra shots


extra shut the [ __ ] up it's it's it's remarkable to me that michael arteta who i haven't understood


to complain i mean i've had him back for two years and so he comes around and goes well we had to play liverpool this


is [ __ ] hey buddy everybody plays liverpool twice i don't know what to tell you i think the issue was


wednesday saturday lunchtime if it had been sunday he'd have been fine


oh i'm sorry do you know how many teams play wednesday saturday from champions league or thursday


thursday saturday thursday sunday every week yeah everyone i know it was shocking that he complained about it but


i get it you're protecting your team you're doing what you can uh did they over celebrate beating aston villa they


were taking off their shirts they're talking to [ __ ] kids in the stands it was a lot of arsenal stuff but


i don't mind it i let people get mad the more the more feeling the more


hatred the better the league is do what you're going to do i'm going to ridicule you because


it's not even act like you've been there before but they literally haven't though but but it's not even that act like


there's a bigger goal right like this is this is you're getting excited about a job


interview not a job offer right like this is where you're at you're like hey i got a call from hr today like shut up


idiot do a good job at the job interview and you'll get a job offer and that's worth celebrating right yeah so that's


kind of where i find arsenal is that they're always um they're always willing to


get excited about what they consider perceived to be little wins and treat them as big wins because i think that


they're deep down they're so downtrodden and like beating dog syndrome that they don't think the


big win is coming and that's okay i hope you don't know they they shouldn't they shouldn't they they they're insecure right they they these these this has


happened to them your team is one of them they're the uh you're the opposite of of united right just like they were


entitled for a long time fired wenger and then went oh


yeah wenger that guy was good now we're in this other zone where they


i mean listen uh troops who is the resident uh uh arsenal fan in the u.s


done well for himself good for him god bless him i hope he's getting rich he was arteta out last year he's the


whole season [ __ ] idiot dude he's always been an idiot but the point is like what i'll delineate real quick


because in flanneries on sunday and frankly in legends on friday i was losing my [ __ ]


when sonny scored all three times or i guess second technically one of them was a long goal it doesn't matter by the way kane doesn't get an assist for that


[ __ ] own goal i know it's criminal but what i'll say is this


the if your team scores you have a license to react


however you want aside from basically creating content and posting it on the internet like that's the only


which i understand what we're doing right now and that's not the point but like when you if you're living to show your


reaction to something then that's ridiculous but otherwise react however you want however you see fit however


ridiculous you may think it is that is the essence of football that is why we do it is why we love it yes


but if you had time to kind of hem and haw and watch the rest of the game and meditate on what's going to


actually feel like to win and then the final whistle blows and you're like we're champions


in on march 20th i got a bone to pick with that i'm sorry i just don't know that that's the most


appropriate reaction right so and not because i don't think you deserve it well it is but like


you i i think so little of you that you think so little of you like aim higher


at the end of the day i think you're talking about are you talking about arsenal still yeah or anybody anybody who acts like


that again when a goal goes in the immediate intoxicating euphoria do whatever you


see fit but like you come down from the goal you win the


game you give a good cheer you hug your your [ __ ] best mate you have a beer and a shot with them and then you go how


are we going to go win the next one like that's your that's how you you win real things that's how yeah you go again you go it's how liverpool doesn't that's how


he does it it's funny you know anyone i have to be remiss and talk about the


uh i have to represent the anti-spurs uh documentation you guys are the worst at


that [ __ ] arsenal is [ __ ] well


at least they've won things you've won nothing when oh well fa cups and stuff yeah but like i understand but my point


is is that when all right with with probably a darby as the only


like they'd be aston villa for [ __ ] sake like yeah and they went nuts they were like come on if we beat top if we


beat arsenal in the northland and darby at the end of the season and even if it's not guaranteeing a top four race we


will we treat it like a cup final yeah probably yeah but like you know what that makes sense a little bit


but like you if we beat villa right let's go through it we're not gonna care it's not a big deal no we're gonna we're


gonna feel good we're not gonna feel elated we're not gonna like cry on the pitch and [ __ ]


like you know let's see like like i've been feeling about wait wait wait who does tottenham play on april 9th


aston villa if tottenham wins that game if tottenham wins that game on april 9th away at


esteban which is exactly what arsenal just did will they react the same way no ten


times out of ten flat out there's your difference oh i love when the premier league does


that it's the the premier league is run by a kabul of men


called the premier league strip writers and i understand but they just never fail to just


hey here you go here's the biggest way that we can immediately prove


that what is going on is foretold in the clouds right so in


addition to the fa cup being uh the third biggest game that city have to play in seven days


right uh right but but this is another example oh just kidding


remember that point you were making mike you get to make it again in two weeks now tottenham will lose that game and the point will be moot but if they do


take three points watch watch and see if they start throwing their shirts and [ __ ] to people in the stands and it's


not as if they had a late winner my cat oh the [ __ ]


well he got sprayed with skunk a little bit i think oh boy only a little bit


not too bad anyway he's all right um yeah i wanted to talk about villa


because my team actually got around to beating them uh and this was a phil


foden show i was just looking at the the timeline southampton were really good phil foden


came in and did some filthy things as he does in general it was an amazing


amazing performance by him he really got that going city still


we're still not [Music]


i don't feel good about where they are especially in the context of liverpool


right we talk about the narrative monster for a second though because liverpool didn't look good this weekend either


but but liverpool had a heroic win and city won four to one by the way


it took them a little bit longer than you would like to get out of first gear but like it's never we're never gonna be able to like


so what am i saying don't give in to it i don't know what he can we will not get there we do not have what you do listen


we don't have heisel when we don't have hillsboro i know that's awful it's not to say that


those people that that that that what happened to you is good


or christa or istanbul right we don't have those things right and by not having them we can never get to that


place right there is a thing that that did that is bigger than


football that city can never get to now it it can happen but i list i consume


and i want you to know everyone i research the show i live this [ __ ] sport i listen to every podcast i watch


every game i [ __ ] watch joe cole say stupid things i know how bad english


pundits are they're really [ __ ] bad like they're laughably bad


um they're laughably bad but i do think jamie carragher and gary neville are


really good uh in their moments like i shared a video with you i was like can you imagine american sports like this like


they really took a very pointed relaxed view about um


about like the chelsea thing that is still ongoing they may have an owner eventually


so but in the politics of glory for city are we play great we've got that part


compartmentalized everyone looks at us they go look at how great they play but we're not adding anything extra right


now until we do and when we do maybe it'll be this liverpool game and it will be


liverpool city have to have an incredible down three to liverpool come


back and until those things happen we'll only have 93 20. we'll only have 19.99


and that's really only for city fans we just have to keep playing european nights and keep going and keep


having those games and keep having those moments until it happens and until then it's just not going to happen i wanted i


wanted to disagree on that part but you're right like the disagreement would have been yeah but if you beat liverpool for nothing it


won't matter it will it would be remembered as like the [ __ ] kicking of shake hickings no it would have to be


six well yes but two things had to happen right in to your point you have to have


the effective complete 180 for both teams you have to have the lib the great and powerful


liverpool drop from two two nil up and then the heroic city come back


whereas okay i'm going to say this out loud and if it happens


i'm going to scream into the microphone in the episode after april 10th if city are up to now


and blow it and blow it they could and which could happen we've seen liverpool do this a handful of times it


will be annoying it'll be the worst it will be the definition


of english football for the next five to ten years


any time any team is down a good team is down two nil it will be


referred to like the red sox coming back in all four it will be that moment that insufferable that awful i'm


by the way i've been looking i've been looking at the numbers and there's literally no separation between


those teams the even underlying numbers like city and liverpool are literally identical


now how they go about getting to identical is different like city does it with depth city does it with possession


city does it with whatever i still think that liverpool is all star power like


without van dyke they lose right now city don't have diaz and they're playing as though they don't


have cs it's all like city is much more mechanical interchangeable i mean


literally i heard rebecca lo say this and i almost ripped my head off and maybe people feel this way they're like


you know city are great but they're boring no we've said that we've said that uh


for for months now and it's not that they're boring on the field they're not at all but they have no personality outside of

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