Episode #209 – The end of Cristiano Ronaldo PLUS Round of 16 Review and preview of the World Cup Quarter Finals


  • USA v Netherlands. Post-mordum. How’d we do? Were we ever really in these games? Adams never tracked back on the first goal… Dest on the second… asleep? Or tired?Spain v Morocco… not a game to write home about but… what do we make of passing, and passing and passing, and thinking that by passing you are winning? SHOOT THE G-D DAMN BALL!
  • England v Senegal…. Is Jude Bellingham the greatest player ever? (England Hyperbole is off the charts) The run on the second goal from Jude… was just… wow. Yaya-esque.
  • France v Poland… Easy. Mbappe is a difference Maker… He’s goddamn petrifying… but is France Good? Is LLoris going to yak this thing? Giroud all-timer. What a legend.
  • How do you say “not in the face” in Portuguese? “não na cara” Portugal and Brazil SMACK down their opponents. Narratives became… Too much dancing in Brazil. Richarlison -where is this version for Spurs?
  • And Portugal is finding out what United already knew… Ronaldo is washed for a top team, and teams are better when he isn’t in the lineup. Gonzalo Ramos Hat trick plus an assist.
  • Croatia vJapan… 1-1 PK. They are terrible PK’s But the Modric legends continue.
  • Preview:
  • Battle of Agincourt 1415? redux. France England. First world cup meeting ever. Who will be henry V and what will be the archers?
  • Dutch v Argentina. 1978 rematch… famously Cruyff didn’t play. Kempas scored 2 and Argentina won in extra time – People got disappeared.
  • Morocco v Portugal and Croatia v Brazil. Look like massive mismatches… Croatia have magic in its boots and somehow finds a way at the age. Morocco’s defensive stalwarts, have yet to give a goal. Their coach has got himself a job if he wants.


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