Episode #215 – Arsenal MUST WIN THE LEAGUE. Anything else is a BOTTLE JOB. EPL Match Week Review

In Episode #215 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, Laurent discusses the match week that was… City dropping points to Everton, Spurs 0-2 loss to Villa. Has the luck run out? United on Cruise control, And Chelsea’s feckless performance vs Nottingham Forest.


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Arsenal are on a historic pace. Not winning the league at this point would be a BOTTLE JOB. They have the most points by any team in history after 16 games. They only have 1 loss and have only dropped 4 points all season. The only reason this isn’t a coronation is that… Manchester City are the chaser.

Recent Results

Saturday, December 31

Wolves 0–1 Manchester Utd

Bournemouth 0–2 Crystal Palace

Manchester City 1–1 Everton

Fulham 2–1 Southampton

Newcastle Utd 0–0 Leeds United

Brighton 2–4 Arsenal

Sunday, January 1

Tottenham 0–2 Aston Villa

Nottingham Forest 1–1 Chelsea

Monday, January 2

Brentford 3-1 Liverpool

Upcoming Matches

Tuesday, January 3

Leicester City v Fulham

Everton v Brighton

Arsenal v Newcastle Utd

Manchester Utd v Bournemouth

Wednesday, January 4

Southampton v Nottingham Forest

Leeds United v West Ham

Aston Villa v Wolves

Crystal Palace v Tottenham

Thursday, January 5

Chelsea v Manchester City

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By Laurent Courtines

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