Episode #93 – Premier League Matchweek 2 Preview, Harry Kane Update, Chelsea v Arsenal, Best Bets!

In Episode #93 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, Mike and Laurent preview match week 2, discuss the transfer rumblings coming out of both North London clubs, and debut our new segment, Best Bets!

Also, there’s some football to talk about:

  • Arsenal host Chelsea in a big early game for both sides. Will Martin Odegaard make a difference for the Gunners?
  • Nuno Espirito Santo takes Spurs to his old stomping grounds at the Molineux Stadium to face Wolves on Sunday.
  • Liverpool take on Burnley, who’ve beaten them in two straight. Dare we say it’ll be three?
  • A pissed off Manchester City might run poor little Norwich off the park
  • Mike’s Best Bets and Laurent’s wackiest value bets of the week!

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Speaker 0 (0s): Hey, hello. And welcome back to the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast and Mike and Laurent. It is Friday, August 20th. In this episode, north London transfer sagas Nuno heads back to him on U to face Wolf's. And we've got Merc and betting advice. And at first Mike, your team lost and some tournament that no one's ever heard of and played really, really bad. And Brian and he'll

Speaker 1 (30s): Didn't play well. And it, does it take a damper off the city game?

Speaker 2 (35s): No, not at all. And not at even a little bit. I've been torn from the start on how I feel about this tournament. We'll get into that. And a second and Europa conference league, it's literally conference losers. You'll never sing that. Yeah. We're the first English you ever to lose and the competition. So we're really excited

Speaker 1 (60s): By making it today. It's, it's one of these things that, because of the democratic nature of your wafer in order to get votes for all the other tiny little leagues, they make these other tournaments that are just like, what? So you give you give the teams that don't really ever have a chance to be in the Champion's league, let alone and Europa shot to be in Europe. And it means something they get to go. And, you know, it doesn't mean anything to England, but if I were the championship, I would put my teams in the Europa conference league.

Speaker 2 (1m 35s): Yeah. I mean, if you're, you know, you're one of these smaller teams you get to go on and European tour and you get to give and masquerade as a Europa league team.

Speaker 1 (1m 43s): But one thing that I do want to go back to and the culture thing, and then we'll, we'll talk, we'll do the preview. This is the match to preview, but I do wanna talk about one thing that's important is for up for teams that are not the big five leaks. So Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, this thing means a lot. It is a chance like you said to us, and it's a chance for us to see other fans, right? Like these crazy stadiums, like getting to see a team in Romania, stack out Bucharest fucking set. Their stadium on fire is exciting to me.

So I have respect for it. But for spurs, it's like, do I need, it's

Speaker 2 (2m 18s): A chore and it's a youth league tournament and, and yeah, fine. But yeah,

Speaker 1 (2m 24s): I know. And that is if the and chip teams could be, and it would be awesome. Cause then you can have like Nottingham forest in Europe, which is pretty dope. Well, yeah,

Speaker 2 (2m 30s): But you're going to get the seventh place team and the, in the league. And, and so, and that's, Charlie's debut on the podcast, that little bastard, it's a family show. It's a family show. And he's, he

Speaker 1 (2m 42s): Is, he's said about the Harry Kane saga. He doesn't want it to be, and he is,

Speaker 2 (2m 47s): He was almost named Harry and he wasn't, I'm not one of those people, Harry K9, I guess, but

Speaker 1 (2m 54s): Yeah. And I will not to call him Harry Kane and you just need to map and his brother instead. Yeah. Right. Exactly. To Charlie illiterate

Speaker 2 (3m 2s): Agent, super agents in London, but we'll stay way to go. That's been on all of the, all the rage in London, newspapers this week. It's interesting. The one thing that I felt after the city game that was missing was the great job boys from cane, every time he's hurt and, and you know, to get a big win. And he's always, you know, the big cheerleader and stuff like that, he was apparently at the stadium, but there was no real word from him, especially on, and not that social media means anything to anybody, but in a time where you're, you're S you were such a leader and you're so absent, it's incredibly, definitely.

Right. And you just popped in with something yesterday day before where it was just like her, go ahead and turn your social, all good, like wearing this first crest. So he seems to be, you know, starting to resign himself that he's gonna have to make amends with not only the, the, the club of the players in the locker room, but the fans that have sung his name, you know, relentlessly for seven, eight years now and had his back when he was, I mean, I've talked about on the show and more than a few times where he's been the subject of ridicule for no good reason whatsoever.

And spurs fans like myself have always come up to his defense. We feel really pretty high and dry right now, vocal minority on Twitter that really wants them out and blah, blah, blah, and shut the fuck up. He comes back. He, they don't and real life. Right. But I, I feel like he has always been the utmost professional and utmost example of what we want Tottenham Hotspur to be. And he has been so the opposite, the last three weeks that it's, it's going to take a little bit of time for me.

And why, I mean, a little bit of time is this Sunday when he scores at the Molineux, I'm going to be singing how you count and he's the one of our own, but, well, it's, it's interesting. There is still a chance that he could go to city. Right. But I just seems, and I'm curious your perspective, but it seems as though city are slowly

Speaker 1 (5m 6s): Moving on. Yeah. So, so in, in mid week, well, yeah, in mid-week we had this Val Tucson Doosan <inaudible> well, he was a,

Speaker 2 (5m 17s): He's a spurs target. Right? He was. So that was the things that <inaudible>

Speaker 1 (5m 22s): Stryker becomes a thing. Right. So, so he became a city target for a good hot minute. And that was okay. I think I really do. I really do think city are standing firm. They're where they are. They're at the 1 25 plus a player, those players that they're offering don't want to go. Right. Cause they all want to play in Europe, specifically Bernardo Silva, specifically America, port city. I think one of the things that's interesting is city don't deal with ryola.

So actually Holland, not an option. And the, the, the incurrent incredulity of the punditry of like, wouldn't, you just want Holland that they don't do like five minutes of research and know that city have not signed to write Hola player ever makes you wonder what they're up to because I'm like, why do I know that? And everyone knows, well,

Speaker 2 (6m 17s): We could go back on the tape like three weeks. And we were saying, and I want to know, well,

Speaker 1 (6m 23s): I did. I was like, why I did. I was like, why wouldn't,

Speaker 2 (6m 26s): Why wouldn't you want to Holland over Caine? And you were like, I did.

Speaker 1 (6m 29s): Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. So there's that piece. And I had forgotten about it and it came back, like, I didn't know that it's just, there is a management piece here. That's very personal. We always have to remember, these teams are really small. It's literally tricky, tricky, two big Harriston. Who's the GM of, of city, this director of football, the CEO for him and Torres one other guy. And then they're just talking to levy direct. Right. It's free guys. And it's personal relationships. I do think city will walk and they'll just go, okay.

And I think levy might end up eventually going, I'm going to hold the bag. Cain is going to be 31 and I'm going to miss out on $125 million. Cuz there's nobody else that is going to buy him.

Speaker 2 (7m 11s): Right. Can I ask a stupid question though? Yeah. As we look at, and this is, this will be a sort of segue into our next topic, but as we watch Tottenham to north London, rivals spend 135 million on not a whole hell of a lot. Does that really like, does that we've been down this road before with spurs, they've had a hundred million to spend granted they got some excellent players out of it, but did they get, did they really sell Elvis to buy the Beatles? No, they did not.

And so I trust Fabio para TG and then the small amount of signings he's made so far. I trust the names that have been thrown around, but until I see them, you know, ah, on the Twitter account until I see them, you know, being dawning, the, the, the Lily white shirt, then it's just a rumor. It's just polo DiBella. It's

Speaker 1 (8m 3s): Just, it's everybody all over again. It's not linear. These things are happening day by day by day by day. And they make it look like there's news every day. There's been no news. Nothing has happened. The same 125 million has been put out there. Spurs is saying nothing and city is saying nothing and everything else is bullshit. But I do have one point. And I, and I argued with people on Twitter about this. There is a lot of PR going on. There are players being put in to make it look like pressure. All of a sudden later on down, ski comes up.

That's bullshit with this salvage to Citi thing that came out of nowhere to Citi of never said anything about that. So there's all these things that fly up. But one of the things that I noticed is the camp, the spurs side campaign of zero to six year contract. And he should honor it. I have this to say to you, I'm going to look directly in the camera, never side with ever always side with players. Always, if you look up any history of sports ever in any sport management are scum and fuck the players.

Even our friend, Harry Kane got fucked by his owner. Never, never side with the players. Did Charlie Kain fuck up? Yes. He's on a disaster. That's why I said this to this. Why you signed me and over Iola, he wouldn't have let this happen. Right. It would have been the cause for 180 million. And he would have been fucking drumming up shit wherever, but oh, you ever side with management, always side with the players. Come on now let's rewind heuristic.

Unless the guy's a rapist then.

Speaker 2 (9m 42s): Right, right, right, right, right. There are examples to, there are exceptions to the rule

Speaker 1 (9m 47s): And they're not altruistic and they're not good people and they're not on your side. Okay.

Speaker 2 (9m 51s): Let's rewind three months. We go back to the end of last season, Harry Kane is walking off and I'm clapping very, very limited fans. It was horrible. Yeah. And what was the tone in that stadium there? And again, we're going to fucking well, yes. We're going to fucking kill Daniel Levy with our bare hands. Right. And it's been the same song for five years. He's the reason Patino left. He's the reason we never want anything. He's the reason we got close, but no cigar, he's the reason why we have all these delusional expectations out of spurs because of the last five years.

And we've got so close and we were just always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But three months later almost to the day we're sitting here and spurs fans are more on the side of Daniel Levy than Harry Kane. Because what ends up happening is if, if Cain says he wants to go then, okay, I don't root for Harry Kane FC. I root for Tottenham, Hotspur, RFC. And I will continue to root for her to Tottenham Hotspur and see whether Kane is here or not. So whether

Speaker 1 (10m 54s): I like it or not, and why it happens, all I'm saying is who owns the press? Who owns all the PR connections who can put something on TV, who put the ear in the press? Well, hold on and tech agents who can contact the league, who can pull the player down on all of them has all that power, the club, not all of it, not all of it. Who went, who went golfing with Gary

Speaker 2 (11m 16s): Neville before the Euro's and put all this out there, Harry fucking Kane did that. Wasn't Daniel. And yeah,

Speaker 1 (11m 21s): To me, that's all he had. Okay. I'm just saying as a heuristic, never side with management, the players have what, four years maybe where they have a shot to make the kind of money. Daniel Levy is going to be fine for another 50 years. And when he sells spurs, he'll sell it for a billion dollars. No, I know. And I I'm not, listen.

Speaker 2 (11m 42s): It is a tremendous leap of faith to say that I am always in a, or on 100% and Danny Levy's camp here. I'm not, what I'm trying to do is look it from the Tottenham Hotspur, what the best point of view for them going forward is and what the there's there's differing opinions on this. It's either.

Speaker 1 (12m 2s): There are times when the play, when the needs of the club are aligned with the needs of the fan. And there are times when the needs of the fans are aligned with the needs of the club, right? The other way around, whatever it is. Right. And that happens all the time. Like when a player wants to stay and they move him or whatever the reasons are, or do they sign a new contract or you know, that one player is holding out and he's like, you guys need to buy more players. I get it. But all I'm saying is it's a rule of thumb don't side with management. I will fuck you. Anytime. This is the same team that signed to be with the super league.

OK. The players inside and out and shit. Right. That's what I'm saying. But he

Speaker 2 (12m 39s): Also hasn't signed a replacement for Harry Kane ever. Carlos of initiates is back in Portugal. So yeah, they didn't sign him. I mean, granted, they, it was a $45 million, like by clause, but like, why would you spend that? But okay. You don't have any strikers if you sell Harry Kane. OK. And don't tell me, Sonny, he's not a 38 game striker. Okay. And, and its not to, cause I don't love him. He's just, you need more than one striker. The point is you need to keep Harry Kane and you need to sign a backup Stryker regardless.

Right. And so if you, if you sign Harry and to see if you sell Harry Kane, you get all the money in the world. You have 11 days until or 10 days until the, the transfer window closes. Yeah. Really LATERA Martinez went by the wayside to <inaudible> who was our target first is going by the wayside. So those are your two main targets right there, Danny Yang's we talked about a lot. So there's a lot of, of spurs easiness. If you will in the window already. And maybe Ali Watkins is available, maybe only walk and this is available, but he's not.

Speaker 1 (13m 48s): And that was great. I will take Ali Watkins to the city tomorrow and, and 40 million of dollars and be like Olly Watkins. Let's get. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (13m 58s): And so listen, whatever they do with this money at this point will be a panic movie and everybody is going to know they have it. So they're gonna ratchet up the prices. So

Speaker 1 (14m 6s): I mean, the thing is, and the city it's like, are we, if we don't get cane, we might finish second. Like we're in the champions league, no matter what, like that's nailed down without cane. We might, we might lose a chamber. Does something stupid. Chelsea are fucking nailed on. They're fucking good. I still later on. And I'm going to talk about why I, I still, yeah, yeah.

That's that's a cliffhanger. So let's go back to, what do you want from me? You

Speaker 2 (14m 42s): Are let's let's switch gears a little bit. That's too much. Harry Kane. Talk for me. Let's talk about the, the club, a club I love to talk about and his right made some waves this week. And I mentioned it earlier in the show that they have topped out there, their summer spending most in the league, I believe their total is up to 135 pounds, 135 million pounds. Now help me out with this. They've gotten Ben white for about 50. They've gotten the, to ignore the, to other ones for now who were the other ones that they've signed

Speaker 1 (15m 17s): And returned African kid and a French kids to sell lobbyists a TAVI or something like that. Okay.

Speaker 2 (15m 24s): Couple of other names and that are escaping me at the moment, but the two that were headlines this week, Martin, or to guard who you may remember from such films as last season, really, really strong attacking midfielder. He is going to partner with a meal Smith row they think, and that makes them formidable. I really like him. I mean, if you've heard the name before it's because he was one of these starlet, 15, 16 year old kids who signed to it, Ray and Madrid and all the fanfare and they never really live up to what their supposed

Speaker 1 (15m 53s): To be, which is effectively messy. Didn't lose his is that he didn't lose his mind. Right? Like right. That he signed for real Madrid at 15 years old and came out of it is pretty good. So it's Nuno. Tamara is undisclosed lo conga from angelic, who is a recommendation from Vincent company. He was a captain at 20 50 million Ben white at 50, a bunch of dudes out like a half to a squad that is just like, they sold Gwen doozy. They sold Willock.

They sold. That was good business. Moffitt, opponents. Yeah. A bunch of, a bunch of other guys who just left.

Speaker 2 (16m 31s): So, so the two again, older guard is going to be a great, great signing is about 30, 35 million. I'm not entirely sure what, but in that range, 35 40 and yeah,

Speaker 1 (16m 40s): Really, really strong side. And then a player,

Speaker 2 (16m 43s): A player that, yeah, he's only 22 years old and he's gonna, he's gonna walk right into that room because he did as early as three months ago, he was part of the arguably one of their best players last season. So really strong pickup for Arsenal and stuff.

Speaker 1 (16m 59s): Yeah. I got a lot of feedback on him cause I was trolling Twitter and not just a guy that you can fire the ball to him in front of the, in front and, and in the box in the hole at the 10 in different areas, he will it'll stick, he'll turn and make the next pass. He's not a score, but he's a knitter together of the play. So these guys, you need to make the next pass. He's the past before the past he does. He's not flashy, but really tidy on a ball like terns and spins when it, boom, boom.

So I think, I think arsenal fans know this. They know they need him. So I mean, he makes a difference, but again, it's that, it's that lockout Obama, young, old dudes up front thing. It's like, they seem to be like of a different team. There's one team that our Ted is making that you can see it's the SACA, it's the tyranny it's Smith row. It's it's Marinelli, it's older guard, you know, you've got, you've got some things going on there that are working, you know, Ben white is a, is a facsimile of Johnstones essentially, right?

Yeah. Not strong, probably a little bit of a beta in defense because he's still young needs of rock with him. Doesn't have it yet. That's fine. But you can see the crap version of Manchester city that he's building, but that's exactly what he's on. Right. But he's still got these holdovers of guys that they're Vanger guys. Right. And luck is that our vendor, right. 2018. And then, you know, if there was anyone who had a fucking contract and run ever, it's all be on me.

And he went Nazi one and the FAA cup, just running and behind when, when our TETA smartly was playing defensively. And then he decided, no, I don't want to do that. So he's got to get them back. Apparently there was a COVID thing. So I, I don't, it's not like there was some made up scandal that, oh, he, he had a falling out with those guys, but you know, it's not like a Spaniard has never been a racist before. So I'm throwing that in there. I pep has problems. African players are like, yo pep, you're a Dick.

And he's like, no, I'm not. I'm like, Hmm. And then Bernardo, Silvas from Portugal. We got the monkey thing with Mindy. I don't know what's going on and Spain, but I think there's like casual, accidental racism happening that we don't know. Definitely. That's probably happening. They're

Speaker 2 (19m 21s): Just so condescending that it comes off as racist. It's fine. But so the, the bigger news from earlier yesterday was 40 million pounds spent on a goalkeeper. Aaron ran is down. Now. They didn't need that burn Leno as the number one. But may we remind you that a year ago, right around this time they sold Emiliano Martinez to Aston Villa for 20 million pounds.

So they're already net 20 negative net 20, ah, on Ramsdale. Right. And that's how I'm choosing to look at it. And maybe that's not totally correct. Cause it's different windows and all that stuff. But you know what one was a question and we'll move that. We, we first guest at the two at the moment, by the way, comfortably the best goalkeeper and the Premier League last season

Speaker 1 (20m 13s): Was amazing. The Copa America with artists. I mean like Brazil attacking me.

Speaker 2 (20m 20s): Yeah. No sweat. Yeah. And, and you know, shaky first game. But nonetheless I, one of the, one of the more established goalkeepers in the league at this point, and now you bring in an hour and Ramsdale yeah. I just,

Speaker 1 (20m 37s): Yeah. I think for me with Martinez is, and it's, it's so glaring with Arsenal that you, that you can't even like, how do they not see this? He's he was the player in that squad. He had command, he had force, it was personality. He was big. He was strong. He committed either. You fucking go there, run out on him. You know, Leno feels like a guy who wears a fucking Baret and Berlin, like he's drinking, he's drinking, you know, tea.

He's like, oh, I do yoga. Martinez is like, we're going out, I'm taking a defense out. We're going to have fun. And then we'll get to lift weights. Right. You know what I mean? Like he just had a sporting winning look about them and he commanded at team and it made a difference and it made a difference to Arsenal. They want to fucking have a cup with him and remember

Speaker 2 (21m 25s): Saying on this show, numerous times that watching Martin and I was like, I don't like having to face him at all. And they sold them and like, oh thank God

Speaker 1 (21m 34s): And strong and good. Right. And he'd only gotten more to put in to the club. Right. 10 years on lone and like dealing with it and on his English is fantastic. He's and he didn't leave until he played well. And they're like, oh, let's ditch him. Now that we have a chance. Yeah. Right. What are you doing? Yeah. Question is shocking to me. And when in doubt, choose a fucking Argentinian. They're crazy. I love them. I love them. You know what I mean? I'm big on you and you doing their hardest fucking nails.

They played a win they'll dive. They'll scratch. They'll bite. This is why Olduvai country of the size of Rhode Island has two world cups. And the United States as zero they're biters, they're biters. But we, we, we Mo and the Japanese of footballers, we roll

Speaker 2 (22m 28s): On Sundays at the world war two reference is that.

Speaker 1 (22m 30s): Yeah. And I went to the Pacific. It's a little different. It's a little different. Yeah. Yep.

Speaker 2 (22m 34s): We were all on Sunday and we stick with Arsenal host, Chelsea who Chelsea obviously looked great, but I mean, they played a JV squad and crystal palace last week. So you kind of go, here's your three points to go sit over there for a second. This will be a good test for both teams. Arsenal, obviously rattled by the Brentford, you know, experience if you will. But now they host, you know, Premier League challengers, Chelsea, and, and current champions league winners.

Right. So the question yeah.

Speaker 1 (23m 8s): And starting to gain momentum in the, and telerotic and where people are like, oh, wait a minute. That team looks like they're gonna win. And as much as I love city, if they won the league, I would not be surprised. Like, it's starting to feel like the train is rolling. The <inaudible> in. I still worry about, they're like a Twiggy wave, thin crew. Like all those guys that are five, six to five, seven, and weigh 140 pounds that just do their fucking thing.

So you want to say Harvard's a Z H that gang, those that group. But now they've got like a big fricking unit that can stand in between them and be like, listen, you literally fuckers I'm here. Now you're going to come and play off of me. And I forgot Verner who will Verna is going to be

Speaker 2 (23m 59s): Figuring as part of that, probably off the ledge.

Speaker 1 (24m 1s): He's definitely gonna play otherwise. Why would you have been playing them? All of this done. Yeah. He's done stuff, but there's no, no deep. And there all like under 22 is unbelievable. How much of your players age of

Speaker 2 (24m 16s): That group? Aside from Macaca. Cause he's like 29, but yeah, the rest of them are like 23, I think is the average age. And so, yeah. I mean, listen, nobody's saying that Chelsea doesn't have a plethora of attacking, you know, riches just like Citi does. And they, they should be there at the end. One of those two teams is probably going to be lifting the trophy, but looking at Sunday Arsenal, we learned a little bit about what, what the kids have and what the kids don't have. Right. And I think Arteta, won't make that mistake against Chelsea.

Right. And

Speaker 1 (24m 48s): Whether, you know, you

Speaker 2 (24m 50s): Can't play ball again, I'm

Speaker 1 (24m 53s): Going to be a real striker. Somebody and his Yaka

Speaker 2 (24m 56s): Is Shaka healthy. I can't remember.

Speaker 1 (24m 59s): Unfortunately. Yes.

Speaker 2 (25m 1s): Well, listen, I think he's going to

Speaker 1 (25m 3s): Be on the out list, his party and Katia, Gabrielle Obama, yang, Lockuset Willian and runners-up and who they getting rid of which on the injury side for ZF, it's just mic is out for

Speaker 2 (25m 14s): Justice. Yeah. Well, there's one questionable and, and it's a big one for Chelsea and its and Golo content. And so if he's out that changes a lot of things,

Speaker 1 (25m 26s): But there'll be, they'll play Cova church and, and Virginia, but he's not,

Speaker 2 (25m 31s): But they're not, neither of them are content,

Speaker 1 (25m 34s): But the other problem is Arsenal don't have the attack. They don't have to worry.

Speaker 2 (25m 41s): I think soccer goes 90 minutes in this one. And he obviously didn't start. That was the one egregious error. I thought that, that our TETA made in the lineup decision against Brentford is that he didn't, he left Sadaka off. He put them on the bench, but he's got to play him against, against Chelsea. You just had to. But again, and I have to play all of these guys. Huh? They might. But my point is that playing older guard next to Smith row should make both of them better.

And I think that that gives them a shot. I think I, like I said earlier, I think that odor guard steps right into that team. He certainly, if there's, if there's no fitness problems, he certainly should be on scale and he's, he's familiar with everyone. So he should walk right in who plays at the top. I'm not sure. Speaking of Chelsea, Tammy Abraham was sold to Roman this week. Arsenal was, was rumored to be interested in him. He would have been perfect for Arsenal.

Speaker 1 (26m 39s): He would have been, it's probably going to be RO Pepe soccer because that's who they've got, that's their three upfront. And there's an idea that they may match. They may match to the back three of Chelsea, Chelsea. And obviously they're back. Really. They signed shawl by, after he scores the goal, they're going to have him playing. So it'd be Calabar Christian shit. And Ruediger I spell a quota Alonzo. So they S it's kind of a back for like, it's a sideways back for roles in, and then basically Alonza's a winner.


Speaker 2 (27m 10s): And I could see, I could see Reese, James reclaiming his spot for us to poke. Why not? I could see. And in fact, I expect bento wall to play over Marcus and Alonzo at some point and the next few weeks. So, you know, but the interest, like you said, it's, if you've got Jas and chill, well, playing is going to be a slanted four, but it's going to switch. It's more or less going to be a Seesaw. Right. Which is the really interesting thing about them where they can go win on both sides of the field and they can attack you from anywhere. And the other,

Speaker 1 (27m 40s): The other problem is like, if you're Lou Kaku, you can pick any team and the Premier League to make your debut against where you feel like you can do well, what team would you pick? I would pick arsenal. I would Arsenal. Yeah. Right. They're big enough that they still name, but weak enough that I can just fucking post up on these bitches. Yeah. And just roll them. Right. Cause that's where Arsenal are. They're the team that gets rolled, right? Yeah.

They were that way under vendor. But at least they could always attack. They always had players and open you up. But if you punch them in the mouth, they'd go down. Right. Yeah. What Arsenal are dying for is fucking Ruediger like that guy that force that command, it's just, it's so galling and so bizarre. It must be like a cultural, deep state problem. I mean, I hate to use like the oldest cliche is and the world, but they literally haven't replaced fucking Vieira for 20 years.

Like, what are you doing? Like they tried it with party. I don't know how leadership works. I don't play enough soccer. It's just clear you watched them. And you're just like soccer, I'm sorry. Shaka tries to be it, but he's not good enough. Like he gets in people's spaces and fouls people, but it's, you don't get the sense that like, could you just have maybe moved your feet instead of taking it down to like write, you know, why does you have to grab him by the shirt? Every time someone runs past you? Like maybe if you moved, you could just stop that from happening.

Right. Right. Could you just not do what you do? Right. But he's a good pastor or whatever. And, and they have to many young guys where you don't get it to sense that any of them are fiery. Any of them will feel confident enough to be like, yo Obamian you fucking make that run again. I'm going to punch you in the face. You come back and stay on next to me because this guy's killing me. Like who is that guy? And that team, they don't have it. Right. Right. There's nobody, you never even see people pointing. They just go like this.

Speaker 2 (29m 46s): They are a team of Moby guys pulling the ball on of their own net.

Speaker 1 (29m 51s): I do have one more point of reference. That's really great about sulfur that, that we get because of the lack of movement, especially at the top level, the personality of teams is real and institutional. And when it changes, you feel it right. Like spurs became punch Latinos team team in their personality. And then we did, and then completely changed two suit, a strong personality, a Merino. And now you're seeing it again with Nuno city have taken on pep.

They are pep. They're quiet. Well, he's, he's the leader of that team, right? Like Burnley is Shawn dash. And even when Sean dice leaves, it's going to take time to undo it. So teams have historical personality, like rail Madrid in a champions league. Even if they're having a bad year, it's like, it's still right out. They have some institutional power to be good. And arson are living off of institutional Vanger but it's gone.

Like they are. Are they like, if you, if I, are they living on their reputation or are they not really better than Villa?

Speaker 2 (31m 4s): No. I think that there, I think that their reputation has taken notches down. Right. And we're not talking about the invincibles here. We're talking about the Arsenal badge.

Speaker 1 (31m 14s): We will talk about at two 15 years ago. I, no, I know what

Speaker 2 (31m 18s): A, but what I'm saying is it's the Arsenal badge that is so recognizable around the world because of the invincibles, but because of Tierra and re because of Patrick Vieira, because of bird camp. Right. But,

Speaker 1 (31m 32s): And Siemen and Tony and items and all of those. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right.

Speaker 2 (31m 36s): But you take a step back and you go every, every chink in the armor the last 15 years, like every bad loss, every embarrassing. Thank you. Yes, exactly. It used to be that spurs were the punching bag. Right. And you now you <inaudible>,

Speaker 1 (31m 57s): And, and they're still fighting for that trophy. So it does stay, right. Like even, and even in the Patino, even in the positivity, there are still little pieces of narrative that hold on, like super fans. We still, we find moments to put typical city. Like it's typical that we lost the champions league. That way that's in effected institutional scholar. Well, that's

Speaker 2 (32m 22s): Where you get, you know,

Speaker 1 (32m 24s): Well, that's why cities my team. I still think they're going to lose

Speaker 2 (32m 27s): Well. Yeah. Well, that's, that's inherently, you live with the pap, you die with the pep essentially. Right. But, but yeah. All right. So, and we're going to get to, I don't want to spoil any gambling picks for later in the show, which is one of our new segments, but I think Arsenal have a shot here and I'll leave it at that. And we'll talk about it a little later in the show. I don't want to waste that much more time on spurs, but it is one of the more, better, interesting game and the weekend, you know, and again yeah. Narrative's and, you know, heads back to the Molineux to, to take on his former wolves.

He was there. How long you think five, six years. Five years

Speaker 1 (33m 5s): Now. Yeah. But so I was listening to some podcasts about it, a guy who covers the black country in England, which is Birmingham, not, you know, not don't, don't don't need to do to American black country because of coal

Speaker 2 (33m 19s): And my Italian brand.

Speaker 1 (33m 21s): Yeah. Yeah. So, and he said that Nuno was really instrumental in and completely changing the culture at Wolf. So it's not just a manager coming back. It is a, it is a <inaudible> coming back. It is a, it is a pep going to Barcelona to play a game. It's like a culture changing guy. I mean, that wolves team didn't just come out of the championship. They destroyed the championship, came into the league, finished seventh, twice in a row, had a long European campaign and had a second really good season where they finished seventh again and only last season when shit just went wrong.

I mean, I think you realize the depth of that. They ran that 11 out there. We had lost Jada, then they lost him. And as they really couldn't recover, they lost Joe

Speaker 2 (34m 9s): To late in the like, like it would be like if they transferred him out now, right? Like that's that Liverpool transfer was later on in the, in the window if I remember correctly. And so, yeah, they lost him and they didn't have the opportunity really two to turn around and find a replacement for him. They brought in Neto who was, who was as good as you could of asked four. And I seen the light of the, him and his injury, which was horrible.

Speaker 1 (34m 32s): RA was supposed to kick off. And he didn't, and he didn't, he went from a 10 goal season tennis's to zero. Right. And they really thought he would become a thing. And he didn't. And so that's really where the damage came for them. They needed, they needed someone to step up and no one did. And there midfield of Nevis and Matino with Tino was really getting long in the tooth. They hung out on and defense. I think they lost Bali for a lot of the season as well. Really good of really good defender that, Hey, maybe Arsenal just by him.

Speaker 2 (35m 5s): So I'll mean, I'm excited to watch this one from, from my spurs perspective, the way that he had the players fighting for him and for the club against city tells me that there's, this is going to be an interesting one to watch generally speaking trips to wolves of not necessarily been kind to SBIRT. And they've always been dogfights, no pun intended, but I feel like we sort of have that spirit of the dog on our side now.

So I'm curious to see if we'll sort of fold a little easier. It does feel like, and it's one game and it does feel like all of their attacking it and ambition and, and all is going straight through Trey area at this point, which he feels like a straight line runner. And that's sort of an easy thing. Yeah. But I, again, he's we talked about it. He's, he's, he's skittish to say at least, and that's not a criticism at all. I mean, how could you not be, but it feels like they're there.

I don't think they're rushing him back, but like, I worry about how he is going to look and feel on the field and how his comfortability level really, but we've talked about spurs too much on this show. So I'm looking forward to maybe seeing another shit kicking at old Trafford this weekend with United and taking on south Hampton. And we, we highlighted south Hampton is one of a sneaky relegation candidates without Vestor guard that could get ugly for them.

So Pogba's feeling it, obviously Fernandez is feeling it and they just were able to bed Santo in a little bit. A and I think he is going to get a full start. Greenwood looked unbelievable. Well, Cavani gets healthy. So, you know, and Rashford gets healthy. They're firing on all cylinders and south. Hampton's really not going to have a whole heck of a lot there to stop them. So I'm, I'm, I'm liking the idea of another potential Laffer for, for, for United I'll wait till a Till's Lauren gets back cause of wherever he went, but ah, city and Norritch and Liverpool.

So man city to take on Norridge and Liverpool take on Burnley. The question I have for, for the, you know, the listener is who's going to win by more. I don't think either of these games is even mildly watchable. I think Citi is the late game on Saturday. So you might get to see a good thrashing of Norritch there. Obviously Liverpool just came off a three note, you know, smacking of them last weekend. Not a lot to really think about here. The other thing with Liverpool is that <inaudible> will probably be playing again at left back, but Andy Robertson has been seen in training.

So he'll be back. If he's not back before the September international break, I'll be surprised at this point. And it did sound like the worst case scenario he'd be back after it. So that's good news for the reds, but I see them both kind of cruising to early victories there. But yeah, I mean, other than that, I mean, there's, there's a couple of other games, but before we go deeper into it, I want to talk about my friend Laurent back

Speaker 1 (38m 27s): Just a little, little internet connectivity just had to drop and pop back. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (38m 32s): Yeah. It's all right. Lauren has died, but yeah, no, don't worry about it. But I do wanna talk real quick about our friend Joe and attitude of gratitude consulting. We talk about him every week and he absolutely deserves, you know, to be talked about more, you know, there's a lot of different ways you can try and cut corners and make sense of your finances and save money for whatever it is you've got coming up, you know, in your life.

But Joe's really, really takes the time to get to know you get to know you're family and understand what your situation is. Right. And the important thing about that and because everybody's situation is different. So he really takes the time to understand all of the different variables and you know, different circumstances that you may be working with. There's the website with the baby. It's just every time. So go call the number I'm going to, I'm going to share out the number on it real quick, go out to the top of a 3, 4 7, 8 65 2 2 9 0 is the number you can schedule a call at any time.

I'm sure if we called him right now, he'd

Speaker 0 (39m 42s): Pick up the phone and stuff and got a schedule.

Speaker 2 (39m 45s): He's got a schedule there and you can do it right on the site, but I mean go to attitude of gratitude, consulting.com. Once again, that's www dot attitude of gratitude, consulting.com for more information, talk to our buddy Joe, and tell him the guys from Chop Sports and the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast set.

Speaker 1 (40m 3s): Hey, thanks for, thanks for stepping in there. And Mike just had a little, little internet action, little bit of a thing I noticed as I was in it. I was like, why am I so choppy? I'm like moving my head and it's not moving. So we have videos and telling comes on, but it kicked off and was able to get back in and just took a little bit longer than we want it to. I do want to run through a couple of items on the schedule that we should probably touch just for the sake of talking about it. One is our boys from Brentford, Chris and crystal palace.

That is a London Darby. That's a serious game. I'll be watching that one. Great atmospheres. I'm sure Brentwood will bring a strong Cru to sell his park brightened Watford, just cause just cause just cause that's my, you can't, you can't okay. And then I expect city is going to play and home against Norridge. They are due for some fucking ass kicking. Now hopefully if city lose that game, they will be panicked on the streets.

Speaker 2 (41m 6s): Well, and that's a good point, right? Like you basically, Nora is taking on a bee stung city. They're going to turn around and with that with a whiplash and they're going to be like, I w I talked about it while you died, but you know, they, I didn't, I didn't mention that point. Right? Like, so, so city obviously having taken the loss last week there out to be like, no, no, no, no. We're going to make sure we're make up the goal difference. I'm going to take some anger out on Nora, poor little Norridge here.

So I said that I believe that Liverpool will win, but I think it's a good segue into our new, I said no city and Liverpool, but I know you might differ on one of those, but there's a really good segue into our new segment. Hey, Best Bets of the week we are gambling. That's right. I apologize.

Speaker 1 (42m 0s): And I may, I may have to put money on these games just to have some fun.

Speaker 2 (42m 8s): Let me explain. And here's how it's going to work. We're going to each pick three games each week and we're going to, we're going to review them on the Monday show obviously, but we're also going to keep our record over the course of the year. And there may be some prizes for listeners as the, as the season goes on. We'll see how much we lose before we guarantee anything.

Speaker 1 (42m 29s): And yet we're betting. We're not really betting as cause they don't always get in trouble, but we'll put some crap cash as we call it here on the show. We'll call it crap cash out of the CFCP production, old school name for those old heads who are down on the, the crap football crap pundit era. So crap cash we'll, we'll go to our bets. I just need one of them to hit. And I'm a fucking genius. So I'm loving it.

Speaker 2 (42m 55s): All right. So first and foremost, give me, give me your first and best bet of the week.

Speaker 1 (43m 2s): I, as a lunatic professional gambler, who just loads Liverpool FC that's that's Burnley Moneyline and plus 1500. That means if I put a thousand crap caches on it, I win 1500 crap. Caches is that if you put a hundred, a hundred, excuse me, on a hundred, a hundred. Sorry. I had a little bit off. Yeah. So I'm going to take my a hundred crap cash. Put it on Burnley currently have broke the streak at and field last season after the 68 game home winning street and actually sent Liverpool into a tailspin, Sean dash has that effect on teams.

And also I think they drew with them the year before at home, in, in, in fortress turf, more the greatest stadium name and the whole fucking world turf war. That's a w just insane. The sky is very low to the ground. Sean Dinesh is pissed off at his team. He probably gave them 10 lashes after blowing a one goal lead two, my beloved Brighton who are not as good as Liverpool, but played like Liverpool. They have animal Ilana, which used to be on Liverpool.

So that's close enough. But I do like this game. I don't trust Liverpool. I think that Sean dash is literally going to tell them, so I like to Tarkovsky and I liked, I liked Ben MI to try and get Adam and I, and I see, I see Dwight McNeil cross going on. Chris's Chris Wood's head after someone elbows Alison in the face.

So he can't get the easy header and Burnley win one nil because Saudi Romanos COVID comes back.

Speaker 2 (44m 51s): I will give you it's going to be one nail, but an own goal about that.

Speaker 1 (44m 57s): I also in a crazy, crazy pick I've got Arsenal Moneyline and plus three 50, it was too much money. It's too much money for Arsenal in a London Darby against Chelsea, who they drew with and always play them tough. I think our detector is been great at back to the wall games. He just seems now, could it be, could I see, could I have looked for a draw here probably, but I just think that Arteta has somehow always finds a way when he's about to be dead and the water Arsenal don't lose much on the Arteta.

What they do is draw, even though they lost last week, it's the draws that killed them. And I think that they'll find a way against Chelsea. Cause if they're going to go down, they got city up next. If they're going to go, oh, and three, he is going to get fired. So he's going to circle the wagons and pull one out against Tuco and bring Chelsea down to earth after they played crystal palace, which is basically like, you know, Patrick beer is a bum. He's not a good manager. And then lastly, my beloved Brighton after pulling one out that they didn't deserve, they're going to win this game on X, G seven to 47 to three against XG of seven goals, which means they're gonna get three penalty's and miss them all, but still draw to Watford.

Cause that's their narrative. They were the number one team and drawers. They also, along with spurs last season dropped the most points and winning precisions with 23. So I still think they'll finish to the top 10, but they don't have to make it to Europe. They just have to keep their XG fund going. And they're plus two 50 for a draw against Watson. Okay. And then I never liked that ever. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (46m 37s): I liked that a lot. They, if we've learned anything from Brighton last year and, and hearing you talk about it, they will disappoint you like my eventual children. So

Speaker 1 (46m 47s): And so, but it's not disappointing. It's life-affirming

Speaker 2 (46m 51s): And in this case, if you can make a couple of crap, crap cache off of it. Right. And what the hell

Speaker 1 (46m 57s): Cash on. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 2 (47m 0s): And minor. Actually, I looked at these, I'm like, okay, these might actually happen. I

Speaker 1 (47m 5s): Was going to do Brentford to his to easy. I

Speaker 2 (47m 8s): Was looking at. And I mentioned it earlier in the show. And I think that, and, and my friends and I have a meme where it's like the captain America, when Spider-Man is and the in detention. He's like, so your bet on spurs again. Didn't yeah. But so that's kind of where I'm going this week. It's it's the, again, I think we have the dog in the fight this time and wolves. So I think the wolves are gonna fold. And I think that they're actually, you

Speaker 1 (47m 33s): Did there. You don't want to get thrown to them either. Yay.

Speaker 2 (47m 41s): I like Lester a lot on a draw draw and no bet, which essentially means I get no risk on a draw. I just Westham scare me a little bit again with their, their late season or their late game heroics. But I think this week, man, they were great. Last week, Lester, I think is a little bit more firm and the back and I I'm hedging this a little bit with the draw. No bet. So that one could come out and even on its, I'll take that.

No problem. And then Brentford, I understand it's a Darbi and Darby's anything had happened, but I just, I will take the money against crystal palace every time I can. They are, they're just,

Speaker 1 (48m 29s): There's too many variables and the doors blown off of them by Chelsea. Like they weren't, they didn't get out of there half. Like they're not there yet, whatever the other is doing. Maybe there'll be a second half team. They're changing a culture on that team and half the players. So it's a long way to go and you know, I want Vira to do well. I like the idea of, of, of, of, of a, of a manager of African descent. That's good. We want that. We want diversity wanting to work with players and what we want an old school player to sorta play.

We want it to play attacking football and we want them to succeed. It's just, there's a lot of changes going on from like five years of raw Hodgkin play and a four, four to betting on a, on Moyle of excellence,

Speaker 2 (49m 13s): A lot of new players. It's, they're, they're, they're a team of individuals right now, still. And they don't have as a, they don't have to, at least I think is still out. So all these, these, these young exciting players who they have brought in, they're not part of the side right now. I think that the, they could be in a really, really tough spot come Halloween or so looking up with, and a lot of teams at the table. So, you know, and, and by the way, here's another prop one as a bonus that I, I probably won't put any crap cash on, but it's worth it.

Yvonne, Tony had zero shots last week. What

Speaker 1 (49m 48s): He is going to have five. He is

Speaker 2 (49m 49s): Going to go exploded. I think he is going to score this week. But I also think that he's going to have a couple of shots on goals. So if, if there's a shots, bet, prop bet that you can take, I would guess that is probably two, two and a half for Tony. Take the over on that. That's going to be my, my bonus one. So we're going to, like I said, we're going to track these. We're going to see how the, the, these results

Speaker 1 (50m 11s): Go. I'm going to talk to you.

Speaker 2 (50m 15s): I love that. But yeah. You know what? I'll put a little crop cash on that to report back. We'll, we'll tweet out these, these pictures and we'll tweet out the results obviously. And yeah, I think that that's a, that's what we've got. So that's the best bet segment Laura.

Speaker 1 (50m 31s): And I've got, I've got, I feel like if you do a Premier League show, you have to talk about Manchester United because they're on the world. Oh, okay. What did you have for you? And I

Speaker 2 (50m 43s): Said that they're going to kick the shit out of south Hampton because without Vesta guard in the back, I mean, it's

Speaker 1 (50m 49s): Okay. No, I don't think so. Are they, is it a way, yeah, it's a way, no, they're not going to kick the show to Southampton. Okay. Because these are the games that, that United will be judged on. It's face games that if they win big, then I'll be, I'll be interested in because it's, it's the teams that sit deep and try and find a different way to play. That really can't match them if they do, if they show, sorry, if they show style in this game, I think is a big thing or do they sputter and kind of like futz around and Huff and puff up and they get a penalty and you're like, you know what?

That was bullshit. They should've fucking lost that game. Right. Good news. On the south Hampton front JWP signs a deal. So he's not driving anywhere. Thank God. Because I was worried about them. You probably talked about all the games. And did you talk about our beloved leads and Everton clash of styles hit a kind of class managers. That one should be good. And then what the leads game Allen road is going to be on their first game with bands in 17, because it's gonna be good.

I'm going to bring a knife to a Turkish fight. And he famously the Leeds fans were attacked by Turk's and killed. And they're, they're good people. We saw that with the Villa game sort of. And where was it that they were United? Right? They were, they were trashing downtown and Manchester. Just to just go to old, good old days if you do. I love to see it. And I think Mike, that's our, that's our match to preview. I think we've covered all our bases. Hopefully by this time on Monday, Harry Kane will be okay.

Speaker 3 (52m 34s): Citizen. You're a piece of London.

Speaker 0 (52m 40s): Okay. That was the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast. And with Mike Salerno and Laurent Courtines do we go to the football of the Chop Sports network, the record on Tuesdays and Fridays. So be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. So you never miss an episode. And if you're listening, listening on apple, please rate if you need to show. So we have more people watch the show because we need to, we need to, and we do.

Speaker 1 (53m 10s): And yeah, well we'll let you know how it goes with our crap crap cash.

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