Manchester United’s SHOCKING Europa League Performance – What Went Wrong?

In episode #246 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, we dive into the world of football, discussing the Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League, and the Premier League.

We kick off with the shocking performance of Manchester United in the Europa League and Ten Hag’s learning curve with the team. We then explore Manchester City’s transformation into a more defensive and solid team, allowing them to handle pressure and maintain a balanced approach. We examine the upcoming match between Manchester City and Real Madrid, as well as the FA Cup quarterfinals, including Manchester City taking on Sheffield United and Brighton facing Manchester United.

We delve into the potential all-Manchester FA Cup final and touch on the Europa League and Premier League matches, such as Arsenal vs Southampton and Spurs facing Newcastle on Sunday. Join us as we discuss the ups and downs of our favorite clubs and look forward to the big games ahead!


(0:00:01) – Manchester United’s Struggles

(0:15:25) – Beating Real Madrid

(0:23:34) – Football Results & Holding On

(0:28:39) – European Cups and Premier League Matches

(0:43:11) – A Summary of Upcoming Football Matches

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:01) – Manchester United’s Struggles (15 Minutes)

In this episode, we dive into the thrilling world of football, discussing the Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League, and the Premier League. We kick off with the shocking performance of Manchester United in the Europa League, where they faced a tough game against Sevilla, revealing their weaknesses and lack of depth. We also touch on Ten Hag’s learning curve with the team and the challenges they face in the upcoming matches. Moving on to the Champions League, we cover Napoli’s unfortunate loss to Milan and the exciting Milan Derby that awaits us in the semifinals.

(0:15:25) – Beating Real Madrid (8 Minutes)

We explore how Manchester City has adapted and transformed their game, becoming a more defensive and solid team. This new version of City has allowed them to handle pressure and maintain a more balanced approach. We also discuss the disappointing performance of Chelsea against Real Madrid and how Chelsea is facing a real crisis as a club. The challenges faced by Chelsea include a lack of strong leadership, institutional instability, and financial fair play issues. As we preview the upcoming match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, we emphasize the importance of City proving their strength and resilience against a formidable opponent like Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinal’

(0:23:34) – Football Results & Holding On (5 Minutes)

We examine the upcoming match between Manchester City and Real Madrid, highlighting the advantage of playing the second leg at home for City. We also discuss the FA Cup quarterfinals, with Manchester City taking on Sheffield United and Brighton facing Manchester United. We analyze Sheffield United’s impressive performance this season, as well as Brighton’s potential advantage in their match against Man United, given the latter’s recent struggles against Sevilla’

(0:28:39) – European Cups and Premier League Matches (15 Minutes)

We delve into the potential all-Manchester FA Cup final, discussing the exciting possibility of United preventing City from achieving a treble. We also touch on the Europa League, highlighting the semifinals with teams like Roma, Labor Cusen, and Sevilla. In addition, we mention the Europa Conference League and the impressive performance of David Moyes’ West Ham. Turning our attention to the Premier League, we cover upcoming matches like Arsenal vs Southampton, Leicester City vs Wolves, and Newcastle vs Tottenham. Lastly, we debate whether Spurs’ general manager, Levy, is an effective leader for the club’

(0:43:11) – A Summary of Upcoming Football Matches (2 Minutes)

We wrap up our discussions on the FA Cup, Manchester United’s upcoming games, and the Champions League semifinals and Europa League finals. Additionally, we touch on Arsenal’s match against Southampton and Spurs facing Newcastle on Sunday. With some teams enjoying a week off, we eagerly anticipate the big games ahead and continue to root for our favorite clubs on their quest for the treble’


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Hello, and welcome to the squeaky farm time podcast presented exclusively on the chop sports channel of the premier streaming network. We are recording this on Thursday, April twentieth. I am your host, The Rock Chor teams. In this episode, the Champions League, the FA Cup, the Europa League, the Premier League. But first, my God mentioned United Heart terrible. Jesus. Okay. As you know, this is our standard practice now. Like share, subscribe to show. Like, share, subscribe to the show. We need you. We want you. We want you to be part of the show. And please give feedback, text me, go on WhatsApp Group, go on the Facebook Group at Squeeke Bong Time, and you can hang out and have a good time. Let's get to it. There's a lot of stuff going on. Normally, I would have started with Manchester City, but we just had a Europa League contest with Manchester United who had to go down to Slovenia and rescue their draw. As you know, in the first leg at Old trafford, United were up two goals to nil, and in the final ten minutes, yanked it, especially on a known goal by Harry McGuire. But wait, it gets worse. I'm not watered down because I'm dying of thirst in this match at the Sanchez Pizza one. I believe that's the name.


In Seville, a hot bed of football. The fans are all wearing white. The place is loud. The place is bonkers. They are sitting in twelve severe, just one two games in a row to get out of the relegation zone. They're too big to go down in Spain. But they come and lay the smackdown on Manchester United. They get their first goal in the first ten minutes on an error between De Hea and Harry Maguire. I'm gonna give this one to De Hea He's the one who can see the players that are around Maguire regardless of whether Maguire asked for the ball. He had three players around them. Maguire takes it, passes it across. They pick it up on playing out from the back and score a goal. I'm more interested in this part of it. And I'm loathed to defend United. I mean, I love the shot in front of them being terrible, but I have been talking about it all season.


Ten hog is a good coach and this united team are not good. They're good run of form came from Marcus Rashford playing out of his skin after ten hog brought him back from the edge and his injuries to his shoulders went away. This team has been living on the edge. Their goal difference has been bad. When they're bad, they're very bad. Those first two games of the season were not We're not not them. It was them. They got blown out couple times by five go three goals to brighten another four to Bradford. I can't remember if that's right or wrong. They got blown out by Liverpool. They had a good second half against Citi, but they were already down five nil. By the time they started scoring. So they've had a poor season in the midst of this revolution by Ten Hawk.


And this was another case of Branna and Martinez being out. If you remember before, the the transfer window closed. It was all worried. It was all doom. It was all gloom.


Mertanez came in and brought some stability, got that Lyndaloff Maguire pairing out and there's a reason. They're both out And Lyndaloff and Maguire played in this game. And Maguire just has a mistake in him every single game. He's without confidence the players around them are without confidence. So, really, this is about United need to be happy with where they are. They're just not ready. Ten hog meets two or three mall players. Anthony's had to play way too much. He's not ready for the Premier League. He's not ready for a way asavilla with the crowd growing nuts.


And I do give I give ten hog credit you know, he's made do with what he's had. He tried to work with VEGHorse because he did a certain role and got them to play a certain way and without him, it hasn't been right. He's like Marshall. Marshall comes in and of course he gets injured again because that's the story of his career at this point. He's injury prone. He can't play that many games, and he's unable to really get himself back in action. And so United just got smoked.


And then another goal, I think, is the third the third goal. The second goal came on a on a corner Early in the second half, you thought ten hog would be like, hey, we'll settle down. We'll get we'll take this game together. First corner, second half Gold Seville on an amazing header. It comes off the shoulder loops in. I don't know to to hay probably wasn't at fault for that. It took a weird bounce. But the last goal was just a high ball over the top. He tries to bring it down. He's way out of his goal. It falls to Seviya, and they are up three now and queue the party.


This was naive from United. They were never in this game. They played scared. They played weak. They played like OLA is late united or REGNYX united. You know, these kind of performances where you're just like, what team is this? They're so far away from challenging. I mean, the only I think about so if I think about injection poses with Citi, the only time Citi had performances like this would be against, like, liver pool at Anfield where where we weren't ready. And we just like, I I think of that semifinal in seventeen, in eighteen, nineteen, in a quarter finals where Anfield just erupted and just swallowed city whole and didn't know what to do. This is what happened with Seviya.


Seviya are a name brand team. They have five Europa League. They didn't get European Knights. And they came and saw an opportunity in down season. This is still basically the same group aside from Houndé. That won the Eurobel League or had finished top four in the league over the last four or five years in a row. It still has rocketage. Still has Fernando, still has Jesus Navas. So older heads, capable heads, and then just the Spanishness of being able to play. And and then and then showing fight. So they played an English style of press and attack and passion and fight while still retaining their ability to play and they cut United to pieces.


And this weirdly, I'd say, is probably the most disappointing performance of the season for United because in the games where they got blown out aside from the too early in the season, Liverpool at anfield fine. It can happen. Or or Liverpool, they they showed up, or Citi. They're not at Citi's class, or they had a great performance against against arsenal. But they're just not quite there yet, and there isn't a little bit of inconsistency in naivety.


I do get the sense that Tenhag is still learning this team and is still learning what some of these bigger European nights mean. I know with Iaks he had big games and they beat real Madrid. And and but he had had that team grooved and had been with them and knew who they were. But he I think he's still having moments where he'll go with United and be like, I think they've got this, and then he just goes, oh my god, they don't have this. Or oh my god, we don't have the players. We're not ready for this. And they just get the doors blown off them. And this was one of those games where United could have really gotten beaten badly. The hell I didn't help.


Some of the problems that United have had this season showed up again. Depth, scoring, no Bruno. I think he was on a red card or or had a little bit of an injury. So it was sabitzer, Ericsson, and Casimiro. Casimiro is not a fucking magic destroyer. He doesn't just make defense his work. Dallas had to come off for Shaw. I think Shaw is gonna have to go into defense because Maguire just simply can't play.


At this point, One Osaka was wandering into the midfield. He can't do that. Anthony has gotten better of late. He does have moves, but he still does flicks and tricks and still fucking around. And I don't know where sancho is. It just doesn't seem to work when it's not Bruno, and Big Forest, weirdly, and rashford, and Veran, and Martinez with Shaw and and and and and and that side of the of the full back area does what it wants. But they really don't have enough depth to sort of handle adversity.


And this was a tough game and I don't give I don't take it lightly for United to have had this time. I think that any team would have had a hard time in this game, but don't play out from the back when you have shaky defenders who are afraid. Don't play out from the back in a hostile environment with a keeper who can't play out from the back. You've got to hoe fit. There's an old saying for a reason. You have to earn the right to play. And United did not earn the right to play and they got punched, kicked, and hurt. They'll have to go again, they have to regroup, and they do have brightened in the essay cup and we'll talk more about those semifinal games in the moment.


But I just wanted to it was fresher to mind the United game. But we will go to the Champions League because we're in to the the semifinal rounds. We know who is in it. We know who's gonna play. And it's very very exciting because we have real blue bloods even though these quarter finals really did Peter out. But let's go through it really quickly. Napoli oh, Angela. I'm so sorry. Napoli, blow it.


Milan, holds firm through the over the two legs, Napoli probably took fifty more shots. Let's see. In the first leg, They had sixteen shots, six on target in the second leg. They had another twenty. They had you know, thirty six shots that's ten on target and only scored two goals. Cavitella, Cavart sciallia missed the penalty somewhere in there, but this was a Jirud game.


This was now this was Olivier Groupe just being the the man about town who shows up in big games shows up in historical matches shows up at the top levels of football and he's not loved by anyone, but he's still there. He's He's a warm blanket. He's comfy. He's a player that plays for the team. Jiroo just dispatches a goal for Milan gets them their goal that they need. Usimhan finds one late, but there's not enough time. And the great and powerful napely go out to set up a Milan derby, which is a massive, massive result. For people who love football over the years.


We have Interverse Milan, the downtrodden Ultra damaged institutionally crap racist league of Syria that has probably slipped behind Germany and maybe even Spain at this point. They're probably the third best league in the world. France is probably still running up in fifth place because of the PSG thing. But Italy's gone through a hard time. But we've seen now that they've done really really well in these knockout tournaments and enter and Milan face each other in one of the semi finals.


Just to give you context, The two best players of the strikers for these teams are Ed Ingeco and Olivia Jeju, two players who ten years ago, were brought to the premier league as top strikers, JECO coming from Wolfsburg and Jiroo from Montpellier who had respectively just won their league within the last two or three years had just won their league's shocking, won the Bundest League, and League on respectively. So we're talking about players who helped teams in their respective leagues win before buy and win on their ten game, ten ten in a row streak, and and PSG went on their eight and ten year streak. So these guys are long in the tooth old school strikers who are trying to do things. Enter the more Reese actually, Elon is a Milan is a defending champion Syria, so they have a good pedigree that zloton hiding at forty one years old on a bench and enter the the previous league champion. So there's an infrastructure of good teams here. But, you know, we know the levels of city are a little bit lower.


But these are two teams that between them have ten Champions League, three to enter seven to AC Milan. So these are historical clubs that will have fandom and have all that institutional strength that I talk about with real and I've talked about a lot in the last month, those institutions, the muscle memory of this is where we're supposed to be in these games. So this inter versus Milan, Darby, is gonna be massive for a Champions League two legged tie all in the Santiago, they share a stadium in Milano, a hundred year old built by Musolini. I mean, is this crazy. These two clubs are going at it in the decaying world of city aa and they will face. In a rematch of the darkest moment of my life, Real Madrid and Manchester City will face off in that round with and I'll go to the buy in game right now.


City getting through one one versus Byron. They really just City really just sat back and really just controlled Byron in the second leg, having had the three goal lead and really just did the big brother hand on the forehead thing. And we're just like, you come try and punch us. And Byron did I get give credit to Byron they thought they gave everything they could, but they just couldn't break through against against Citi. Citi are just too good too much power, too much now's city have a new strength to them. They are a defensive team.


Holland gives them something different. The idea that city where better without Holland is absurd. What Holland does that makes city different from the past is it's a defensive strength. Hollin allows Citi to simply clear a ball and get it to stick with him and allows him to move out and lets them play again. He also allows for there to be less pressure. Full backs can't push as high because of the danger of Holland being able to play in behind. So when teams try and pressure Citi, when they're pushing for a goal, there's just more solidity. Because Citi can sit back. They know they have an outlet. And the team as a whole is playing in a much much much more defensive posture. City are dropping into two banks of four sometimes five and four. They will defend.


City finally understand that in the Champions League, you cannot control games with the ball. And when you lose the ball, you can't panic. You need to just go, okay. This is our time. We're gonna suffer. We're gonna defend. We're gonna handle this. City allowed. I mean, this is crazy. Byron Munich had fifty eight percent possession of the ball. City only had forty two. That means they lack fire and have the ball, which is just mind blowing for city at this point. This is not something that city does.


Energen made the saves he needed to. He used five zero five. He's starting to find his strength, or we're not or Citi are not giving up as good chances as they used to. Used to be that Edison would have one on ones that he had to save all the time. Now those saves come with someone in the face of the shooter with defenders around him. So if he spills it, it's fine. He doesn't have to come out and cut down angles. He can allow defenders to pick up certain angles where he can get into a better positioned to save city just have a more defensive posture that allows them to soak up pressure.


This is new city people can talk about narrative about offense and attacking blah blah blah in Holland. This is a much much more traditional balanced defense first solid team from Citi that has Holland in De Bruin and has a hardworking Bernardo Silva and has relish who fucking get stuck in. They have found something in him. He's bringing, what's my favorite term, Englishness, because he's, you know what? Actually English, so he's defending. He's hardy. He's tough. He runs. He gets kicked. He gets found.


And I just love what's happening from Citi. It's a different type of game. It's a different type of game. It's more hardy. They can take a punch. They'll scrap. They'll fight. They play much more defensive style versus where they were under PeP in previous years. So it's an amazing transformation and a different version of Citi, and they'll take that to see Real Madrid who dispatched Chelsea, who the less talked about that Chelsea match up with Ramadrid the better. Chelsea are just Chelsea are just cooked. And I do wanna talk about Chelsea. They they lose. They don't score a goal.


First Real Madrid. They play very defensive. Trying to hold on for an hour, but the inevitability of the great and powerful real Madrid within this tournament is just something to behold. I don't know how Alreal Madrid, again, this is that institutional thing. They have an institutional strength. They expect to win. This is their tournament. There's nothing that they won't do to win the Champions League. It's not happening in La Liga.


They won La Liga last season, but didn't win the Champions League. Now, did they? Champions League. Did they win a Champions League? I don't even fucking know who won a Champions League. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So funny that you can't even remember who won the Champions League last season. Anyway, Liverpool. I don't know. No. It was real madrid. They beat Liverpool. I watched it here. Yes. They beat Liverpool. One, no. So they they're La Liga champions. They were they wanna double the Champions League and La Liga. Underwriting. Rodrigo scores two goals.


Chelsea just don't really do anything. And within the aggregate, You know, they play defensive, Hovered's plays, but it's Gallagher and Conte with Fernandez and Matteo Kombucha. Basically, they only play one guy up front and they just try and play a back five and soak up pressure and just try and make it shitty. Franklin Park is on a good coach. I shared something earlier that he's won for his last nineteen games in the Premier League. One win in nineteen. It's just not good enough. In all competitions, excuse me. So granted a lot of that was with everton, but Chelsea are a clubbing crisis. Their season is now completely over. Completely done. Nothing to play for on thirty nine points. Can't move up into the European places. Can't move down. Can't do anything.


And this is a club you wanna talk about being in crisis, this is a real crisis. I think often we throw around Crisis Club on a weekly basis, you know, won their OLE every time. United lost a game or lost and drew. They would be in another, they'd be in a crisis. Chelsea are in a real crisis. They have an owner who doesn't know what he's doing, who doesn't trust anyone, who's the richest guy in the room, tells everybody what to do, and he has no clue. They've spent money that seems like bad money, a lot of the contracts are based on being in the Champions League. All those players that sign those big contracts, they're gonna get pay cuts because the players are not in the Champions League. So they can't pay them champions league wages. That's not what they signed up for. They're gonna wanna move on. There's there's financial fair play things. There's lots of things going on with Chelsea.


This is a hollowed out club and it has to find a new identity or it could get very ugly. There is nothing that says that these clubs have to stay where they are. I think, you know, earlier speaking about the Italian teams, I'm sure Inter Milan and AC Milan thought they would be top of Europe for a long time. And, you know, under Machinio in two thousand ten, they probably felt great. But when you have institutional rock and you have broken systems and you have graft and you have cheating like we have with Uventis, we can talk about in a minute as well. You cannot win. You cannot sustain your club. You can't sustain. You can slip Chelsea can become a mid table team. Chelsea can become Aston Villa. They got relegated. They had never been relegated. Everton still has never been relegated. They were as big a club as that liver pool up until the mid eighties.


It can happen. It's real. It's unforgiving. This is the most, this, the European football. And specifically, the Premier League, is the most competitive league in the world. You can't have a bad manager. You can't have a bad infrastructure. You can't have a bad owner. Or at least one who's completely learning on a job. You will fucking suffer. You will disappear.


So Chelsea need to get themselves sorted, see where this season goes, and get Tom Bohley away from the football side of things. He doesn't know what he's doing. He thinks this is US sports. It's completely different. It's not the same at all. US sports is forgiving. You can fuck up. You get money. You just have a few bad seasons. In English football, if you bring your club down, it fucking disappears. So don't fuss about. It can happen. The Premier League is very competitive. Just to give you a sense, Southampton. They beat Arsenal this year. They drew with Arsenal. They drew with Manchester City. That's the last place team in this league. K? It's fucking serious.


So let's go through to the preview back to that real Madrid versus Manchester City preview This is the sight of my most painful moment. The the last year's Champions League where Citi were up two goals with one away goal and yac it. They give up two goals in a final minute and then one in extra time and lose it. Six five on aggregate. This is a real test for Citi. It's not gonna be a joke. Citi are Citi are better on paper They've had the better season, they're better in next jeep, all the shit goes out the window. This is real Madrid in the semifinal of the Champions League. All ghosts, all animals, all beasts. Everything is on the table. You have to kill the champ. This is hostile territory against a three time defending champ and you have to knock them out. You're not gonna get the decision. You're not gonna get the judge who gives you around. You must destroy all seven heads of the fucking hydra. That is real Madrid.


So for city, it's about Holding on, getting a result and not or not having a very bad result at the better mail. This time it's different. City go to real first. There's an advantage to playing in your home the second leg. So city will have the second leg at the end to end. Last time it was at the bend in a bail. And so city will go to Real Madrid and try and win from there. But there are other tournaments to fight through, and we have plenty of time to get through this.


But our quarter finalist, Real, Citi, Milan, Inter. I'm excited whatever happens aside from Real Madrid, any of the teams winning would be a major major story. So if Milan or Inter defeated city or real. That would be a massive story. If city defeat real Madrid and we get Milan or Intervercity, will have a massive story. No matter what happens, it's gonna be great. I just want city to win. I will cry real tears and I will broadcast it live for you so you can laugh. Okay. Those are in two weeks.


So the first semifinal is May ninth and the second on May tenth and then the sixteenth and the seventeenth. So it's a bit about a month away. So hold your horses there. We need to go to the FA cup before we get to the previews of the Premier League. So we have our quarter finals of the FA Cup. They are both happening at Wimbley on Saturday and Sunday reflect respectively, the Saturday game is Manchester City versus Sheffield United. Sheffield United are going to be joining us back in the Premier League So good on them. Heck and bot Paul Heck and Bottom has got the team going up despite the charge from middle Middlesboro, Sheffield United did hold on and get themselves going. This some of the players from Chris Wilders, Sheffield United on this team still a very, very good side but not not in the class of Manchester City. City should have no problem dispatching with this team, you know, not really that bad. This is the sixth semifinal in the last seven seasons Ford City. We've lost many times at this stage, mostly to Arsenal and once to Chelsea.


Sheffield United looking for their first semifinal since nineteen thirty six, Sheffield, the home of football. One of the literally, they wrote the rules to association football in the city of Sheffield, a steel town known for cutlery. That's why they're the blades used to make stainless steel. Knives and forks in Sheffield. Very famous ground. The beloved Hillsborough is in Sheffield of Sheffield Wednesday. Right? I don't know. I get I get them wrong all the time. But it's an amazing feat for for for the blades. Element and Die is the one carrying their team scoring goals for fun.


Sanderberg playing great Rian Bruce, who I talk about a lot, isn't there? But for them, this is a difficult game because James McAfee and Tommy Doyle, both city graduates and on loan at the Blades will be unavailable as they have been loaned to Sheffield, United. So they'll be a little bit short handed, but city should probably play on a weekend side. I think it'll be, you know, your read more as your Phil Fotens. Maybe La Porte will come in So city will take I mean, city don't really have a b side. Maybe some of the kids will play, but they will be expected to be at their top level. So I had expect Holland to play play a half, then come off the way he has been because he wants to get to that fifty goal mark. By the way, Holland is just fucking incredible. He scored the goal against Byron Munich. Just inevitable, destructive force for good and evil. Early Holland is just a machine. He even missed the penalty. So Citi really should have defeated Byron much easier.


The other game and the more interesting game, especially after the severe results. These games are at Wembli. These are not home and away. This is at Wimbley. Brighton in a semifinal against man united after completely dismantling Chelsea, completely annihilating Spurs and getting fucked. They go to u they have united in this game. And the way Maguire and Lindaloff played, the weakness of the United midfield, Casa Miro is gonna have his hands full with Caicedo.


If if United play like they did today against Civea, they're gonna get beat by Brighton. For sure. Like, what about a doubt? Brighton are really good. They're gonna need to get one besaka on to material on Matoma and stick to him like glue and don't let him out of their sights. This is a great brighten team. They should be favorites. And I think that they are if I have to look up the bookies, but I'm not going to. They should be favorites. And I would recommend watching this game, Brighton Man United, Sunday is going to be a battle.


United are trying to have an all Manchester final, if city beat Sheffield, then they'll know before, Man United versus men Man City versus United in the FA Cup. To prevent a treble would be an incredible narrative if United can get past brighten city still have to get past unite Sheffield United, they don't wanna be little of that fact. That's a real thing. But you'd expect Citi get through to the final, and then it could be united Manchester Derby in Wimbley on the essay cup final the last day of the season before the Champions League final whoever's in that to prevent city from getting a treble. Oh my god. I can't I can't get any goosebumps. Oh, that should be really good. City are superior to United, but again, these things go out the window in these types of games. So exciting stuff. So we've done some Europa League. I should go back I'm gonna go back to the Europa League just to talk about the other teams in the Europa League because they're kind of fun.


So we know about United losing the other semi finals in the Europa League look like this Roma and Jose Moreno take on labor cruising who got past Union, Saljunwa, pretty easily. And Yube, who have been rejuvenated, had a fifteen point deduction and were out of the Champions League in Syria has been reinstated so they go from fifteen points down to fifteen points up If I were any of the other teams, I would be super fucking pissed because you they are fucking crooks and everybody knows it. They take on severe over two legs. So Roma, with Marino. Paviolanzo is the coach at labor cruising. He's done great with them. So that's exciting. A lot of Spain, a lot of connections to those two to those two managers. And then Yuve and their scammed season under a leg rate take on Cevidia. Who have just defeated United. That's the Europa League semifinals. Those happen within a day or two of the Champions League, you know, Wednesday, Thursday. We have this just wanted to make sure we covered those European nights. We've got some big wigs, severe, duvet, Roma, Labor Cusen. We're getting to the the business end of the season where the big teams or the big levels are still there and still doing things.


I do not want to go without talking about the Europa Conference League Only because I have to talk about our friend. Our friend David Moise who has got his flying hammers who just defeated Gink. Five two on aggregate. A four one score line at the London stadium. Just batter Gink. McKel Antonio with the brace, Deckland Rice with a screamer, just, you know, they may be in the relegation zone, but they might win the Europe accomplish league. Has anyone won a European trophy without actually and get relegated?


So the final four and that is Westham versus AZ Altmar, the Dutch outfit, and Florentina versus Bosl. Florentina is doing really well. Bosl a good team in the Swiss league. I like this division. It's it's perfect for little teams like this. Why not? Right? Why not? So I just wanted to give a shout out to David Moyez. And his European pedigree around that.


So, to summarize, Champions League final four, Rail versus city and Intervers. Milan, then the final four in the Europa League is labor cues in versus roma and Cevidia versus Oh my god. I just talked about it. Severe versus U Bay? No. That's not right. Anyway, I'll figure that out in a minute. I think it is severe versus U Bay.


And we do continue on with that and the conference league is is is is with Westham who have a great shot at winning that. But oh, and the FA Cup Brighton versus United and United Manchester City versus Sheffield. We got so many cups. I don't know what to do with all these cups, cups, cups here, cup there, cup everywhere. So for Bernard, my brother who asked me, how do I know which games are going on? Just follow a team and just watch other games. Then you don't you'll figure out what cups they're in, whatever.


Games on the weekend are almost always a league. The games in the middle of the week are almost always the cups. Just the way you do it. Okay. Now we can return to what our bread and butter is and that is the premier league. It took a long time to get there, but we do have matches coming up tomorrow, the great and powerful. The great and powerful arsenal. Host. Southampton in a game that if they don't win the leagues over, so all these games get very, very pressurized for Arsenal.


Arsenal face Southampton This is not much to talk about. They've got to get off the bat. They've got to score goals early and put Southampton away. If they don't, it's over. I expect them to do it. Southampton are probably about to be relegated, but who knows, but who knows.


Now, The early game on Saturday, full inverse, leads at craving cottage, leads are slipping badly, Javier Gracia, Just two games in a row, giving up over five goals, leads not looking good, full of them getting off the Schneid, defeating everton, they've got themselves back together. I mean, they were never worried, but they you don't wanna go out with a whimper. So Marco Silva gets a couple good results. And two two in a row, for Fulham to move themselves forward and get themselves together. Craveen College, never an easy place to go. Jalpaulini will never let that team lose and Pereira's had a great season. So they'll continue that one. But for leads, they've gotta try and get points. Well, they will be relegated. They are one point out of the relegation zone, That's my understanding.


Then back to the delegation zone, at the three PM kick offs, Crystal Palace host, everton. My God, everton. This is it. It's fucking doo or die time. Uncle Roy wants to kick your ass because they've been scoring goals for fun. But everton may have Calvert Loon back this is a must win for everton. They are out of the relevant air allegation zone on Gold Difference alone sitting just above Nottingham Forest. It has to happen. I know everton you don't play well on the road. You've got to find a fucking way. It's time. It's time. When a game, Shondai, you had a bump. You beat Arsenal. It's time, Boyle. It's time.


Then the great and powerful Aston Villa go to the MX, the Amtech, EMEX. No. GTEC. The GTEC stayed in where Bradford play. Bradford, you know, they're just kinda sitting mid table.


Their seasons kind of petering out, but the great and powerful Unai Emery has Europe on his mind, Ali Watkins scoring, I think fourteen and eleven games, fourteen goals and eleven games or eleven and or twelve and eleven, Ali Watkins has scored in every game since January first. He's on fire. Oli Watkins on fire. It feels like a game I've never seen. But they have a little beef, Brenford and Aston Villa, from their days in a championship, a playoff match that I believe, Steve Bruce defeated the great and powerful Poly Watkins and Brenford before he went on to Aston Villa. So Unai Emery will have his work cut out for them. Their last game against Newcastle was probably from Villa fans I've heard. Their best performance in decades. I'm not being funny. Aston Villa playing really really well under the great and powerful Good evening. It's Unai Emery.


Then Liverpool go to Anfield sorry. Nottingham Forest go to Anfield. Not in the face, man. Not in the face in the Anningham forest. This is the immovable rock and the hard place, the home destroyers Liverpool versus the worst road team in the league, not even for us to get something out of Anfield. It's just not gonna happen. If this was nineteen eighty one, this would be a much more interesting game, but it's twenty twenty three and Nadeum Forest are gonna lose this game. Sorry, Christian, it's not looking good. Does Cooper get fired? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe.


Then we have the last game of the three PM group. Leicester City versus wolves. Wolves are playing great. Lopateg is a great coach. We've been talking about there are great coaches, coaching teams in lower leagues of the Premier League. Lopitegi, coached Ram Madrid, coached Spain. This is like the most name brand name brand culture is. And wolves are there. They are a striker away from being top half into that table. I know there's only so many top half teams, but you know what I mean? Unless they're they showed some fight in the second half where a city, but the first half those first three goals just put that game to bed if Lester are going to win this game. This is a game they have to try to win win win. Come on Lester. We want you in the league you are in trouble.


The United Lake game is being postponed because United are playing Brighton. So Chelsea, you get a week off. Then on Sunday, Bournemouth. Mighty Gary O'Neil takes on Westham. On a Thursday, Sunday, West Ham would love to get a draw here just to make sure they're safe, but Bournemouth, another win, and they are as safe as safe can be.


Bournemouth and Gary O'Neil, Coach of the Year? Maybe, Dominic Selenke fucking Legend. And like I said, Billing and Selenke that when they are in the side, when Netso came back, they're really good goal keeper, really changed everything for Bournemouth. They stopped shipping as many goals. They were very weak on set pieces. But once they got that kind of spine of of Zelenky to billings, into Neto, I suppose there's a defender in there somewhere, and they were clear about what their plan was at the January window get fast counter attacking teams because they knew they'd sit deep, they had a plan, they had a way they wanted to do it, and they've executed. So Gary O'Neil gets a lot of credit for that.


Warmith, taking it up. Just remember remember the first two weeks of the season, Scott Parker blasting the club saying, oh, I cannot win with this team. What are they supposed to do? I'm a loser. He did end up going to Belgium in the Champions League. He got fired from that team too. He got fired twice. Gary O'Neil has this team safe. That's on you, Scott Parker. He walking bum. Take your sweater and blow it all your ass.


Anyway, and probably the game of the weekend. Oh, there's two games of the weekend. No. No. There's only one game in the weekend. I'm sorry. I didn't see that this was postponed. The game of the weekend is no new cast of United.


Versus Tottenham at Saint James' Park. The zombie spurs who are just the worst good team I've ever seen, how they are still in a battle for the top four I have no fucking idea. Newcastle coming off getting beat pretty bad by Aston Villa. Just a great performance. What are you gonna do? They still only have four losses all season. New Castle at home are about as good a bet as you can get, but tottenham, somehow find a way to get results in these fucking games. I don't know. I do have a question, Spurs, fans.


Is Levy actually a good general manager and Stewart of a club? Do you actually hate him? I tend to think he's good, especially when you look at where spurs were before, where they are now. When Levy took over the club, They did not have the training ground. They did not have the stadium. They were at White Hard Lane. They had not really had any top four finishes. And since he's taken over, with Howard Redknapp, they've had top four finishes, they had the bail years, they found Moderich, they've done they've had the Vanderbilt years. They've done really good things. And I think that it's the hope that's gotten you. Leavy's good. Is he gonna win you the league? Maybe not, but he has tried. He has tried. He under he overestimated the side. Is is that so bad? Like, he thought you were really close because you had Cain and Son and thought that a winning manager would push over the top. He was wrong. Lots of people are wrong, but he's still finishing in the top eight. He's still got spurs in Europe, and they're gonna try and go again. Got the dice of Slack. I think that Levy's been good.


I think it's a little ridiculous of Spurs fans to expect more than they are. Do they wanna win a trophy? Yes, I understand it. I think they wanna win a trophy. They wanna be up there. They wanna have the revenue there. But it's luck. There's a there's just a little there's just a little bit of luck missing from spurs in that they missed a little bit of a window when they should have bought and they didn't they haven't had perfect windows. They can't afford to make mistakes. Like, Davison Sanchez can't not replace Eric Dyer. Eric Dyer has gotta go. You can't keep your abilities that extra season or two that you had them there. They should have sold Cain maybe three years ago when he was at his peak in terms of value. I understand all those things and it's difficult, but I think that Levy is a good operator. I don't think that the league has passed them by. I think he'll go again and push on. I really do. I really think that Levy is a good operator and lots of clubs would be happy to have something like this.


Is it Tony Blum? Is it Tony Benheim? The the the the owners of Brighton and and Brentford, respectively? No. But he's a shepherd of spurs. He does understand what it means to be a spurs supporter he does understand what it means to put the team in a better position. If he left tomorrow, he has put spurs in a better position than they were before he got there.


It's a good GM. Is he the best? No. But it could be worse, you could be everton. Right? Or you could go through United under Edwards. You know what I mean? Like, be careful what you wish for. Maybe he's not that bad. Okay.


And Brighton Man United, Man City has been canceled. So we went through a lot. There was a lot there. There are a lot things to go. Let's just summarize. FA cup is gonna be FA cup, Saturday is gonna be united for Sheffield, Sunday is gonna be Brighton versus hey. Sorry. City versus Sheffield, and then Brighton versus United, and then our big games for the week arsenal tomorrow versus Southampton to make sure the league is going then spurs versus Newcastle on Sunday along with some delegation battles in the middle there. United have Chelsea have the week off. Brighton have the week off. Big game tomorrow, and then the Champions League semifinales and Europa League finals all set up. Okay.


That was the squeaky bum time podcast. And I have lost the end of the show notes, but I say them every week and I can't remember what they are. We are members of the chopped sports network and we record on Mondays and Thursdays. So please great review, share the show and please Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And go city and go for the treble. I want it. The treble. What's wrong with buying the treble? I don't hate it. Let us do it.

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