FA Cup Manchester City premier league sports

Crap Football, Crap pundit. Round 24, Carabao Cup, FA Cup 4th round preview… And remember… it’s crap!💩💩💩

New logo. (thank you Lisa! I love you) New format. Transitions are getting better. I feel like things are starting to click when you are doing crap work. Please note, the first section the sound is bad. But it clears up after about a minute or two. It’s getting better…. or worse? Please post any […]

FA Cup Manchester City premier league

Crap Football, Crap Pundit – Fa Cup replays, plus Liverpool v. City!

Ok, its a little late and the passion has died down from the match. Thought I’d throw another video up to pick up the FA 3rd round replays and the Premier League week that was featuring the game of the year, Liverpool v. Manchester City…. City lost. No big deal. But it was awesome. Scroll […]

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