No more student athletes. All college sports should be professional.

It’s a farce, a lie and goes against the notions of free enterprise in the United States. It’s a cartel of rich mostly white schools exploiting the labour of financial unprivelaged people to increase the soft power of their school and increase revenue through donations. And no, don’t bring up all the other sports… I’m […]

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Doing the work and shipping. Game recognizes game. Response to my first Premier League wrap-up video

Part of my take-away from my altMBA experience was to ship. Getting work out into the world affects people. If it isn’t released then no one will ever know if it good or bad. Yesterday, I did two things I always wanted to do but was a afraid. One: use video to expresss myself. Two: […]

daily writing Manchester City sports

Days before the start of the Premier League season

The world is far too serious right now and I just spent 30-days of intense learning and self-discovery in my altMBA course… I am happy that my beloved Manchester City Football Club and the Premier League will be returning this weekend. The season ended a short 90-days ago when the dreaded Chelsea lifted their second […]