Why you should buy a Kindle instead of an iPad.

I am an avid reader.  I didn’t know it until recently but I probably read or buy 15 books a year. (Yes some read more but I’m just saying). I also own both a Kindle and an iPad.  I owned the Kindle first and then the iPad. 
In the four months of owning both I have not read one book on my iPad, not one and here’s why:
1.  The thing is too heavy.
2. iBooks while long on display is short on content.
3. iTunes has no web presense the way Amazon does.
4. Syching between iPad, Pc or phone has to be done with (gulp) a cord and gives me scary warnings about overwriting every thing ever time I plug it in.
5. iPad’s screen while gorgeous, is not designed for reading at all.  The glow in a dark room in bed feels creepy and like work.
6. Having all the other juicyness to check on makes it difficult to read! You are two clicks awat from Facebook, Twitter or the internet itself. That’s too much temptation to read with.
7.  Its too sexy!  I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I don’t feel comfortable being on the subway reading an iPad.  You are perceived as
a. A show off – look what I have
b, a mark to get robbed.  No body wants to steal your kindle – it means reading books – and nobody wants to admit they do that.

I don’t want to bore everyone with why you should buy a kindle.  Its the opposite of everything above.  Its not sexy, its a single pupose device, its light, the software can be syched EVERYWHERE, the reading experience is as close to a book you can get and hey, its AMAZON – the greatest shopping site ever.

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