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It’s that time of year when all the lists of the Best of ________ come out.  Some of them are good,  some of them are bad and most of then well, there are just too many of them.  I am not going to do a best of.  Just going to list the things I recommend for you.  If you read my stuff, and I know all 50 of you – you’ll like this!
In no particular order of importance or media type.
Kindle – revolutionized my reading. I read more and I don’t have any books taking up space. – great site that is becoming the new water cooler around which we will talk about media we’re consuming. – super easy blogging platform that starts with you just sending an email to  From there the world of blogging begins.

Swype – awesome new way to type on a touch screen keyboard for your phone.  Think T9 but a million times better.
AMC – Mad Men, Walking Dead.  Good work by AMC.  They are slowly growing their original programming and making relevant shows.

HBO – True Blood, Boardwalk Empire.  HBO continues it’s excellent work on making good original programming.
FX – The League, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  The two funniest shows on Television.  Watch them – you’ll enjoy the laughs.

Facebook, Twitter and status updates – Please friends, use these.  It will help you know me and me know you.  Make updates.  It matters to me,  I read them.  When I see you we’ll have something to talk about.
Torrent – No better way to share large files.  It’s the way I do it!
Connecting a PC to your TV – Life changing event.  Makes your entertainment life that much more robust.  No laptops on the lap while watching TV.  You can watch Hulu, Netflix etc.  Why buy some other device that is trying to be a PC – when all you need is a PC connected to your TV!

iPad/ Tablet Computing – Doesn’t have to be an iPad but that’s what I have so… Great on the go browser and television watching companion.  Very fun to use.
Android – Apple gets all the pub, but Android is right there.  No matter what carrier you are on,  you can now use an Android phone.  It’s great for consumers and great for developers.  Will be the prime mover of 2011.

Ok.  Thanks everyone.  Enjoy my recommendations

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