The tech coverage community is worse than video games.

Ok.  Maybe I over index my reading with technology coverage (ok I definitely do) but I just find it tedious.  My biggest gripe is that it is very narrow and there is not a lot of meaning to the writing.  I would say 80% are press release churn or at least some version of a press release.  

Here is what I would like to see from the likes of Techcrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo et al.
Why so many posts?  I looked it up,  Techcrunch has over 50 posts a day, Engadget at 50 as well (over 100 per day during CES)  You are going over the top,  I know feeding Google works but targeting your content would help.  
What does your latest post really mean to me.  If it doesn’t mean anything,  DON’T POST.
What is your stance about this product.  Will anyone actually use it?  Or if I do use it, give me an example of how I would use it.
If the post is really just a press release,  don’t feel the need to re-write it.  Just post a link to the presser and post the pictures. Don’t waste your time finding a new angle on an announcement.

What I am asking for is to tell me which of your 50 posts a day is important.  In blogs and RSS all posts are equal (which can’t possibly be true) Give me a Queues and help me help you.

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