New York City is awesome when….

I’m a born and raised, life long living New Yorker (No not from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or Staten Island; I’m from Manhattan, no 1898 annexation for me.) It is one of my defining characteristics. I love New York; study its history, its meaning and its culture. 

It has been a tough winter here in the Big Apple.  The weather has sucked, the crime rate is rising (slightly) and its budget is being cut.  In this environment with the day to day grind it can be easy to forget how fucking awesome it is here in NYC.

With the first warmish day of the year inspiring me, I present my “New York is awesome when…” list:

You want an egg and cheese sandwich in less than 2 minutes.
You want ANYTHING delivered any time.
It gets warm out.
It starts just getting cold.
You look up and see the beautiful relief of an older building.
You realize you haven’t driven a car in a year.
Go to
Central Park.
Go to museum and it’s still the same.
You can go the suburbs of “
Queens” in 20 minutes.
You look for a job and get five interviews in two weeks.
Strike up a conversation about anything.
You realize you aren’t alone in the city of 8 million.
You hear a real New Yorker accent. (Think Bugs Bunny)
Understand that there are real, deep neighborhoods with history.
You decide to learn the city’s history and feel the ghosts everywhere you go.
You leave and come back.
You meet someone who is moving here and you envy them.
You see the skyline from the distance. 
When the Yankees win the World Series!
When the Mets win anything!
You understand that there is something going on, all the time, at every time.
Understand that you will find someone who has your interests. 
There is a store that has what you are looking for.

There are more but train rides to work are only so long! Feel free to add more in the comments.

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