A day at the Whitney. Art as fuel for the mind.

Anyone that knows me, knows this topic is a bit out of character.  My ethos on life has been to focus on life as it is, to be authentic and not well, not full of shit.  Sometimes that view led me to rail against fine art. My view often came out as “Who says that’s art? Screw those phonies” Somewhere inside I still feel that way.  I don’t like anyone to tell me how to feel or how I should feel.  Maybe its the art scene I don’t like?

My personal views towards art are changing.   I am finding myself more interested in it as means to fuel my own creativity.  Art is a personal experience.  Its something that I want to see, something I want to interpret and incorporate into my life.   I find biographies on artists fascinating. I love hearing about the creative process. There is a workman like process to art. Real artists aren’t sitting around at parties, real artists are working and working hard.  I admire that and want to work hard at my own art (still not sure what my art is, but I know I am creative. I like finding answers.)At the Whitney I came to see the Edward Hopper exhibit. Hopper is the right artist for me.  Modern, not abstract, realist and urban (sometimes).  These are things that are at my core.  His art and use of color have my brain moving in different ways than my constant non-fiction reading.  I needed the art to move my thoughts in a different direction, come up with better ideas and new views on the work. Getting out of my own comfort zone and rational thinking is good for me and anyone.  Art moves the brain in different directions and can fuel your creative energies.  For me,  the colors in Hoppers work got me thinking about the colors you see on the web, how they are nearly never earth tones and why is that?  Art is fuel and we need it.

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