“Democracy is not a spectator sport” and neither is work.


I read this quote on twitter and love it.  It is succinct, to the point and a call to action.  All the posting, voting or blogging in the world amounts to a hill of beans until you are physically out there on the street.  The arab world is showing that today and the revolutions of the past are just as informative. Are they easy? No. Are they clean? No. Are they necessary? Yes. We all need to push,  break something,  shout a slogan, anything to participate.

Work requires the same passion.  If you are sitting at your desk, doing what you are supposed to, essentially being a spectator, you are waiting to be replaced.  You have to be active! Ask questions, take initiative, find solutions and generally make the change you want to have happen at your work.  Don’t wait for permission to make change happen. Don’t wait for budget to clear, don’t wait for anything!  Push for change to happen.  You’ll be happier for it.

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