Things I inherited from my mother


So I had my little surgery and my mother (who lives in my building) has been popping up to check up on me.  It is great to have her be so close! Nice for her to be able to take care of me and nice to spend time with my incredible mother. As is usually the case, conversations with my mother are always intellectual.  I tell her about what I am learning and she tells me what she is learning (or already knew). One of the many great things about my mom, is that you never hear something twice. She’s always pushing herself to learn more, gain new insight and is endlessly curious.  It dawned on me today, that I get my curiousity from her.  I thought about some more traits I picked up from my mother so here goes:

– Being curious
– Not being satisfied with the accepted knowledge
– Asking for help (I’m not good at it, but I’m trying)
– Respect for intellect
– Joy of learning
– Sharing what you learn
– The value of a good meal
– Alternatives to everything
– Be around smart people
– Question the source of authority
– Live by universal morality
– Be a citizen of the world first
…. and thousands more! (She’s my mother afterall)

Think about your parents a little today and what traits you share?

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By Laurent Courtines

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