The difficulties in blogging, tweeting and updating

Listen, I know people get annoyed with too many updates from me or too many shared posts or too much of anything. Friends will say “Why is he sharing all that sports shit” or “Ugh, all I want to hear about is sports, why is he sharing these commie social-political articles”. I get it, it’s annoying. And therein lies the problem with social online activities – not everyone is into what you are into when you are into it.

If you were following me on Twitter (most people aren’t) you would have been blasted with conference chatter from me. I went from maybe 5~10 tweets a day to 5~10 an hour. That’s a big change in my tweeting habits without a lot of context. I knew it was a lot but I had to trust that people wouldn’t walk away. I felt guilty for bothering you.

Facebook is the same story. During the NBA Finals you couldn’t stop me from talking about Dirk and Mavs or LeBron and his choke job. I wanted to talk hoops with my pals who like hoops. Did everyone want to hear about it? No. Did you block me? Maybe, I’ll never know. (By the way, the NBA season is over, you can unblock me now).

With my blogging I have a hard time coming up with interesting things people might actually read. Surprisingly, it’s easy to come up with things no one will read, but actual, compelling content? Not easy. It takes several things to converge; inspiration, enough ideas about the inspiration, time to think about what you want to say and finally actually writing the thing.

Within everyone’s groups of friends there are sub-sets of friends with shared interests and some who could give a shit. The problem we’re facing right now is that that all “friends” are being leveled to having the value. Your best friend has equal weight to the guy who sat behind you in algebra. You want to acknowledge them as friends, but one REALLY IS YOU FRIEND and one isn’t.

It isn’t easy to know what to share. I consciously think about every post that goes up. (Except some of the game stuff, that’s testing). I know everyone is busy but talking about the things that interest us is vital. I share because I want to talk about all the stuff I read, I share because within my circle of friends because someone will have an opinion. Ideas are not finite, we all can learn from each other. Try not to feel guilty or that what you are sharing doesn’t matter. It matters! Everything you share, says something about you, at that moment, right then and there.

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By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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