Keep f*cking writing!

Just a quick note.  This week on two separate occasions friends have said in not so many words,  they are writing but I am just not publishing their posts.  Both gave me praise for continuing to post these tiny missives but (albeit, a bit more infrequently, I blame Twitter) lamented at their own inability to post.  

My thoughts were,  just post.  Just click the send button,  don't check the spelling and get it out into the world.  Once you've got your work, your words or your thoughts out there,  nothing can stop you.  You are free.  The post isn't sitting there staring at you,  the ideas are done, no words can be added.  You have been liberated from your own self-imposed rules of what a good post can be. My advice is be selfish.  Write for yourself, don't go for perfection and go for completion.  The wonder of the web is that its never finished.  You can always go back, edit add a link, a video or whatever.  But you have to post it FIRST.  If it's sitting hiding, no one will ever see it nor is the urgency to fix it.  

As many, many of my friends have pointed out,  my posts have errors,  there are grammatical errors and generally,  I am "doing it wrong" You know what?  My posts are out there.  The content is out there.  It's my problem to fix them and I do, or don't. (I don't have an editors eye for errors) 

So, I will just keep fucking writing because it makes me feel good.  (This blog was a New Years Resolution that I would post everyday, I've missed many, but I'm fighting the good fight)

What do you say?  Are you ready to start posting?

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By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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