Size does matter – my life with 7 inches of Nexus.

So I am that nerd who has a Google Nexus 7, the iPad competitor tablet.  The iPad is a different beast entirely.  The differences crop up because of size.   In an era of touch interfaces with phones and tablets, the screen size changes the experience.  If every millimeter and fraction of an inch can be interacted with then it makes sense the the six of the interaction surface would change everything?

The Nexus fits between the handy snack-sized usage of a mobile 4 inch screen and the relaxed on the couch usage of a the iPad sized 10 inch screens. A 10 inch device can be cumbersome and heavy in a daily commute situation, the Nexus is handy and light.   It allows for the snappy, quick actions of the iPad, without the horrible sluggishness of the Kindle Fire or weight of both. With a screen size that is large enough,  banging out emails and writing is possible. That’s really what comes through, the ability to actually write something while in transit is invaluable.  I can hold the Nexus in my hands on the train, not look conspicuous or awkward. 

Another big advantage to the size is the portability.  Amazon illustrated the value of the paper back sized device.  The Nexus fits in the back pocket of my jeans (no I would not sit on it) and would likely fit nicely in a purse.  Essentially if you are comfortable with the original Kindles then the Nexus will feel familiar (except that it has the power of an iPad) .

If are drawbacks, its that it is a WiFi only device without a tremendous amount of storage.  If you are an app junkie and download movies, you are going to run out of space in a hurry. 

So can you tell I like it?  I would recommend it heartily, especially for the heavy Google ecosystem person.   I am looking forward to the Apple entry and wonder how that audience will take to the 7 inch form factor.

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