The origin of MeowSplash – feels quaint now.

I pulled this from the original about page of the first incarnation of MeowSplash.  It was my first personally host WordPress site.  (Thanks Willis Lambert) I set it up in my brothers study and just thought I would be a jerk about the world and capture my general snark.  It’s not serving that purpose anymore (that’s what this blog is for)  

So without further ado – from December 17th, 2008.

 Meow Splash?  WTF is meowsplash?  Iḿ still trying to figure it out but I know where it comes from.  Meowsplash is a term that I came up with when yelling at a whiny co-worker who was complaining about having to spend $5,000 to save his cat. My thought was was ¨Fuck!  That is a hell of a lot of cash to save and old cat.” He of course said ¨You don´t know my cat – heś awesome”

I have a problem with that.  Your cat isn´t $5,000 awesome.  Shit IḾ not $5,000 awesome.  I blew a gasket and said for $100k you can get a herd of cats an find and new awesome one!  I may have in the middle of the rant mentioned that we could throw the old one in theGowanus Canal and go ¨MeowSplash”  Someone picked up on the term ¨meow-splash¨ and itś been a legend ever since. is the FIRST UR: I have ever purchased and I am damn proud of it.Oh right,  the about should be about me.  My hope is that youĺl figure it out as you move through some of the posts.

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