Break some goddamn windows! Change won’t come without breaking some eggs.


I am all for peaceful protest and I mostly believe it works.  However,  for change to come,  real change,  eggs have to be broken.  In the United States the authorities have gotten very smart.  They learned from the turbulent 1960’s that beating the shit out of protestors doesn’t work.  So now,  they just wait use the law and apathy ( see Occupy Movement).

Its time for the protestors of the world to change their strategy.  Its time (if you really think things are that bad) to break glass. Got beef with the banks?  Smash the windows!  Got beef with a brand? Deface their ads. Yes,  I am advocating radicalism,  I understand that – but really,  I am advocating action.  If things are that bad.  Do something.  Sitting peacfully isn’t working, the man is wise to it.
If we have a real issue with guns, people should drive down south and destroy the stores!  

The mob has power.  People fear the mob, the rabble and anarchists,  You will get peoples attention when you start breaking shit. 

No change ever occurred without some sort of violence.  We’re not that far evolved. (you can look it up)

When things  are bad, breaking a few eggs is sometimes necessary. 

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By Laurent Courtines

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