Standing back and looking at things – really looking.

So?  A guy whose job it is to spy,  protect the United States interest BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (i.e. ordering the murder of people) has to quit his job because he was having an affair?  I understand there may have been some connection to the fact that the woman could have access to his email (which is a breach of security I suppose) but where is the moral outrage at being the state head of US death squads?

Think about the top level story being told –  a government official quits because his moral judgement and the sanctity of his marriage has been compromised.  Oh he must not be able to do his job because he cheats on his wife.   BUT… no one is discussing what the man’s job is…. he is a government agent of murder?  Right?  What do people think the CIA does?  They collect intelligence on where to have bloody drone strikes!  They make the call on which individuals are supposed to be eliminated.  Where is the morality judgement there?  Why is that part of his life not questioned?  Yeah,  he slept with someone big deal! He’s the head of the CIA for Chrissakes.  He’s a government agent of death! (Sure, its strong)

Just makes me think about where our brains are.  How we think about morality?  What do we hold precious?  Is it peoples lives or the perception of an individuals goodness?

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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