Customers are no longer just consumers; they’re co-creators. They aren’t just passive members of an audience; they are active members of a community. They want to be a part of something; to belong; to influence; to engage. It’s not enough that they feel good about your purpose. They want it to be their purpose too. They don’t want to be at the other end of your for. They want to be right there with you. Purpose needs to be shared.

Mark Boncheck on shared purpose. This speaks to what we’re looking to accomplishing at Shapeways with our customers.

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For some reason Christian has turned off his comments.  That’s ok.  Nice thing about tumblr is that you can riff.  I have found this part of work to be the most difficult.  Yes,  folks want to be part of the product or brand process,  but very often greatness comes from solitude and contemplation. What can come out on the other side of that time is pure wonder.  While the creator should collect as much information and tidbits of things that influence their work as possible,  ultimately,  greatness comes from vision and a single direct line of thought.

By Laurent Courtines

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