What do the Alt-Right and ISIS have in common?

They are staffed, recruit and live off of disaffected young men.
They share the FEELING of being disaffected.
They share the FEELING of their world being changed without them
They share the FEELING of being owed something that they aren't getting
They share the FEElING of hopelessness
They share the FEELING of shame.
for ISIL shame that Islam hasn't provided the greatness and glory that was promised
for ALT-RIGHT shame that America hasn't provided the prosperity that was promised.

They are the same body and share the same mind. The immaturity of youth. When narcissism is high and susceptibility to ideals is high.
They both feel like they aren't getting there's. They've been promised something that isnt being delivered on and they are both being prayed upon and used.

With Islamo-fascist or white-nationalist fascist… they are still


So how do we fix it? We have to make peoples lives better. Give people HOPE. Give people BELIEF. Give people institutions that are about them and not profit.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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