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Doing the work and shipping. Game recognizes game. Response to my first Premier League wrap-up video

Part of my take-away from my altMBA experience was to ship. Getting work out into the world affects people. If it isn’t released then no one will ever know if it good or bad.

Yesterday, I did two things I always wanted to do but was a afraid. One: use video to expresss myself. Two: Talk about football (English)

Inspired by the wealth of British youTube channels like Copa90, Spencer FC, ArsenalFanTV, True Geordie and EsteemedKompany, I thought? Fuck it! What do those guys know that I don’t know? What makes them able to do it? I can do it too!

I spend Sunday night looking at streaming options and went down a bit of a rabbit hole, then settled on; this is my first one, let me not get carried away, and let me use Facebook Live. Has the biggest audience and I will be among friends!

I got my silly Manchester City gear on; (yes, it’s a sky blue terry cloth Kangol) Fired up the live option, had a little bit of notes on the games from a previous blog post (see, shipping, gives you content to make more content!) and I was off.

First minute of so was shaky… apologies to Arsenal fans… but then I settled in and felt good.  I didnt know what was happening on Facebook, but I saw a like come in from an old college friend Mike Redmond and that gave me a touch of confidence. So I pressed on and wrapped up.

10 minutes later… I had a video done. Felt AMAZING.

Then a funny thing happened… the comments poured in… the response was positive… people enjoyed and gave me respect for DOING THE WORK. The encouragement was great.

The next day, my cousin Ray Garcia… made me a a graphic (the featured image) and I smiled from ear to ear…. He took the time, to give me a gift. He recognized, consciously or not, that I had done the work, shipped, took a chance and lept.

I’m going to keep it going and try and make it a weekly event!

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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