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I get Trump and I am worried no one else does.

When I see him speak, I get it. He’s entertaining, he’s brash, he’s confident and he understands his audience. It’s madness and maddening to anyone thinking rationally. The key? Don’t think rationally. Trump is a person who wants adulation. Nothing else. He thinks of everything as transactional to that end of adulation. His truth is not yours. He doesn’t care about the facts tomorrow or in five minutes or if he contradicts himself in the next paragraph. All he cares about is using the words and narrative he has IN THE MOMENT to get a rush of adulation. Everything is about winning right now, he’ll fix whatever fallout from before with more lies for the next verbal transaction.

He understands narrative. The narrative is that everyone is against me, I’ve done it on my own and look how great I’ve turned out. If you do what I do, you’ll turn out great too. It’s a lie of course, but a story is very very powerful. Facts are bullshit in the face of a story. That narrative of everything being against him makes him appeal to people. Because people naturally feel as thought things are against them. That things are happening for a reason. Don’t have a job? Its because of Mexicans. Feeling anxious? It’s because of terrorists. Feeling lost, like things have left you behind? It’s because of Obama.

It’s easy for him, He’s free from the shackles of most people and definitely all politicians. He has no truth. He has no ideology, he has no center. All he cares about is getting people in that crowd to cheer. Sure, he has a negative, small minded world view that appeals to people and that is what he deals in.

The press does act insane and incredulous. They are unable to comprehend or have a schema to deal with a person so off the rails. In the streets or a the workplace… we all know a guy like Trump. Talks about getting laid, how he has a nice car and people love him. He’s a bullshit artist, a liar. But the press don’t know, or have language for it. They are desperate for the rules to be back they way they were. When they understood things. When a big scoop would be an actual scoop and not just today’s news. Their paradigm is broken and they are unable to get out of their own way. I watch the coverage of Trump and at times its as unhinged as he is.

I get him, It makes sense to me. People love it. (The people who love it, love it) All the bullshit… I just don’t get why no else get it?

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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