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Stuff on my mind: Tyranny, Boxing v. MMA, MCFC

When I don't have a full thought to throw down… I like to put things out there on my mind.

Hi everyone, did you know you are living in a tyrannical United States? What would your life look like if it were a fascist regime who suspended elections? It would probably look just like what it looks like right now. What goes on in your daily life is not really affected by the government. THIS IS WHY people like Milton Friedman and Fredrick Hayek preached against big government and keeping it's size down… because when someone is in place who is a despotic moron… the apparatus for tyranny is in place. The bureaucracy is in place to run the country…. I think I am becoming a Hoover Republican.

McGregor v Mayweather
I watch neither boxing or mix martial arts. But I know a couple of things. 1. MMA fights are very short and very violent. 2. Boxing matches tend to be long and tactical. What happened in the fight (according to Twitter, how I followed the fight) was what you would expect, a boxer outlasted an MMA fighter. As expected the person who's chosen martial art, Mayweather, won using he strengths of the art he is best at, fitness in fighting. The narrative will be that McGregor acquitted himself by not getting destroyed… but he really was beaten as planned. There is a race component here…. everyone loves a great white hope.

Manchester City Football Club
Over the last 7 years of watch MCFC on the regular, I know my club. I know how they play best and I know when they are up for it. The team is not winning the league. Not with Guardiola doing what he is doing. I thought the Pep would be a decisive change to the club, but its not so. He is too inflexible and not pragmatic enough to win the premier league. He is style over substance. It's about winning, not winning in style and until he does that, teams that spend as much money (Chelsea, Manchester United) but have pragmatic managers, will win more games. Prediction 3rd.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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