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Stuff on my mind: Trump as Archie, Death of a Friend, The Left has problems

It’s not easy to keep writing… I’m almost not going to keep my daily streak going. Here goes.

Trump is Archie Bunker

Both from Queens, both about the same age as Archie was on the the show. There is something that all New Yorkers of a certain age know… its the white guy from Queens. It’s an archetype. They have a way. And Trump is the worst of them… a schnook as my old friend Tom L. used to say… We old New Yorkers know Trump… he’s one of our own… and we know he’s a nincompoop. Get ready America.

A friend died and it’s tough

A bartender pal of mine, Brian Walsh died this week. I don’t know how old he was… he was one of the barmen at The Gaf in NYC that I was a regular at for a good 5-8 years. He was what you want a barmen to be: friendly, but not too friendly. Engaging but not controversial, good with a pour but would send you home when you were done. He did his job and was great at it. In the end that might have been his problem… he was a barmen, in New York, where the bars stay open until 4 am. Do that for 10-15 years and keep drinking and it will take a toll. He will be missed and I am sad that I can’t go back home to see the old gang.

The Left and political correctness is a problem

Listen, I don’t want anyone to go hungry and I want a fair wage for fair work. I want voting to be fair, honest and UNIVERSAL. I want universal health care and to be able to retire at 60 without fear of having to eat dog food. I’m for progressive taxes and amazing infrastructure… I’d love more immigrants in this country and I think we should just have a SET criteria, that if you meet it, you can be a citizen. In general, I am for increasing the value of citizenship and helping with reliving anxiety of life for most of the people most of the time.

These are all things that are considered “left” But what I am not for is word police, “gotcha you are a racist games” and fighting tooth and nail to have things that don’t help working people.

So I am going to list some things that wont help people find jobs, have better health care, have dignity in retirement, have universal education, have paths to immigration and generally increase the value of our citizen ship:

  • Renaming holidays that offend people
  • Changing bath room laws
  • Fighting patriarchy (whatever that means)
  • Using the correct language for a group that had a different name a generation earlier
  • Anything that is labeled “you cant say that anymore”
  • Anything that is affecting a minority of the citizenry where that minority is less that 1% of the general population

Before anyone attacks me let me say… I am for making the changes above, but not before BIG things are done. Not before peoples lives are really improved. Not before we BROADLY change ALL citizens lives and values.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

2 replies on “Stuff on my mind: Trump as Archie, Death of a Friend, The Left has problems”

Brian was 45 years old, and yes, I would be the first to admit he didn’t have the healthiest of lifestyle. His cause of death may have been related to his lifestyle or perhaps it was hereditary (his father died of the same condition 10 years ago). I know 3 people of different ages and lifestyles who were afflicted with the same condition; one died he was a 36 year old teacher with a young family. Two survived, a 52 year old woman, who has made a full recovery as it was caught early. The other a 61 year old woman who will never fully recover, she is now in a care home for the remainder of her life. I guess people have a right to an opinion, and losing a friend is hard, but please don’t assume “In the end that might have been his problem…” He will be missed and I am sad that I have to visit a grave to talk to him now.

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