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Crap Football, Crap Pundit – Premier League Midseason Round up.

City are well clear and are going to win the league. The pack all dropped point except Spurs. City are 13 points clear, which according to Gary Lineker on BBC’s Match of the Day is the large lead at Christmas in top flight English football history… (yep, 130 years) To say City have this in the bag is an understatement, the question now is, how many Trophies will they win, and how many other records will they break (goals? points? differential? ) Will they go undefeated? (No likely)
Well, the league is over but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of narrative to cover off?

  • Who will finish in the top 4? (aside from City)
  • Who will get relegated?
  • Who is the player of the season?
  • How shit do Arsenal have to be to sack Wenger?
  • How soon before Mourinho has a breakdown and shoots Luke Shaw on the pitch?
  • Who do we not give a fuck about? (West Bromwich Albion? I’m done with you. Bring on Wolverhampton Wolves!)

Please post any suggestions you might have for the videos.

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