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Super Catch All post for all podcasts. Episodes 34 through 43

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Squeaky Bum Time

INTRODUCING!!! Squeaky Bum Time a CFCP producting with Mike Salerno and Laurent Courtines.

This project has been years in the making and is going to cross posted on the Anchor under

Episode 43

Please review the archive of the COVID crisis and the last year 10 months of podcasts. I went up and down and all around again.

Episode 34 Deep cuts on Pro/Rel for ALL SPORTS. Premier League where we are. Matchweek Preview from November 1, 2019
Episode 35 Pro/Rel takes AGAIN. Liverpool v City review. Spurs fire and hire a coach! Premier League where we are. Matchweek Preview from November 21, 2019
Episode 36 Off-meds depressed and the beginning of covid.
Episode 37 – Something something… sports, history, world war one, Ayn Rand and other things….
Episode 38 Manchester City receive the “Death Penalty” – banned from the UEFA Champions League for 2 years.
Episode 39 Taking topic requests – Bloomberg, Baseball and the ever popular D!&k$
Episode 40 FORTY!!! City Real, Eating decent, Love for Hanford, Bizarreness of Bramlage and Breitbart comments.
Episode 41 Manchester Derby, a Manchester DUD. Trump wants to be down, and fears Joe. Coronavirus mayhem and Laurent Reads Breitbart
Episode 42 More CoronaCraziness with a Special Guest! My SISTER. Simone Courtines guest star.

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