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Why write when no one reads it?

Because I have to.

I know the stats for every post. I know how few people have read anything I have written. It’s a very small amount of people. Fact is, I’m not writing for you. The second you are writing for others, you are done.

Writing is too hard to do it for others. The second you are doing it for others, is the second you don’t post. And once you don’t post, it becomes easy not to post. Taking the action of writing, leads to writing the next post. And the same goes the other way, once you stop, it becomes easier and easier to stop.

Anyone who has read any number of my posts over the years knows, I go in spurts… write a post a day for month, maybe two, then stop. In the Seth Godin nerd universe it’s called “the dip” – when it stops being fun, and you have to push thru. When it starts being work and you have to push thru. When you feel like you have nothing else to say and you have to push thru.

I listen to (well, not lately) the screen writer and show runner Brian Koppleman‘s podcast and he talks about the book “The Artist’s Way”. In that book he’s taken the advice to “do the thing” that thing being the work artists need to do. His method of the thing is to write long hand pages every morning. No matter what, those pages get written. For me that’s what this blog can become AGAIN. It’s about commitment and pushing.

So why do I write if no one reads it? For myself. To commit to a thing and do it. The satisfaction is following through is so valuable and the having of an archive of what I was thinking and when is amazing. One day Aveline might read this stuff and know a little bit more about who I was and am today.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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