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Identity politics are a loser

You can’t make assumptions about people because of their ethnicity, creed, religion or place of origin. It’s stupid, lazy and doesn’t work. Groups are not monoliths. We’re not all the same.

Latinos are such a great example. 1. We’re not all Mexican. (I know Californians and Texans are shocked). 2. We come in EVERY COLOR. From blond blue eyed to 10 inch afros. 3. We come from every class and every education level.
I can only speak for my Puerto Rican family. We come from landed gentry just north of Mayaguez. My great grandfather Don Patricio Martinez was a land owner and coconut farmer. (among other things) He and his wife Doña Simona raised 10 children (8 daughters) I am not sure on this part, but eventually all but 3 left Puerto Rico to move to New York. (Manhattan and the Bronx) In New York they had the typical hardworking immigrant experiences. They experienced racism from the immigrants before them (Irish and Italians) But they managed. Not all the sisters stuck together but the patriarch of the family my Tio Rafa, made sure that family got together ALWAYS. We are nominally Catholic. (some more religious than others, but if there was a ceremony it was a Catholic ceremony) Over the years, the original immigrant generation is fading away… there is only one left Titi Can (94) And there has been lots of moving and marrying. Spreading out. This family, that is now, just 2 generations removed… is considered LATINO. But I promise you is conservative. Very much about family values, very much about hard work, and do not respect or condone anything less. They are not pro-immigrant. They are PROUD Americans and fly the flag.
All this is to say…. my story is normal. It could have been the story of Italians, or Irish, or Mexican or Swedish… America is the great convertor. We do this better than anyone. Within a generation… we get to be an American family, with American values and sometimes those values are conservative.
We don’t stay in our groups – the groupings change. You never hear about “the Catholic vote” I haven’t heard much about “Evangelicals” or even when was the last time you heard the word “WASP” Things change and the identities assimilate. And the sooner we can get away from the identity politics the better.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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