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Should we feel bad that Manchester United are falling apart?

There is an idea that Manchester United fortunes are connected to Englands football soul as a whole. As an international (American) football fan, I don’t want to connect the clubs to national interests. If there were “good” owners who were non-British it would be fine. I think at this point, the Premier League has outgrown England.

It’s the WORLDS football league. It happens to be in England (and I think it is appropriate that the biggest Football league in the world is English, it is the English game, and it was spread around the world by the English) United do not, nor does Real, or Barca or Bayern or Liverpool, have divine right to be a top club in world football. Their jobs are as venerable football institutions, to set the standards, to be chased down, and then innovate AGAIN.

Football is hyper-competitive. And you HAVE to continue to change and innovate or you will get caught up. I don’t feel bad for United. Nor should anyone else. They should be HAPPY they are in a competitive league that will FORCE them to improve. The Glazers will leave one day and United will rise again… Liverpool was in the wilderness for 30 years.
And United is now in year 10…. could it be 20 more years? Yes.

By Laurent Courtines

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