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Being Unemployed is hard

San Diego has been great for sun and fun and family. It has not been great for my career. You don’t realize until you leave your hometown how much of a personal network gets left behind. The bar, the corner store the little things that connect person to place and help make connections. That doesn’t mean it’s easier, just different.
San Diego has 1.3 million people and New York has 8.2 million people… there is just a different job market. New York is a hub of 3 or 4 different industries and San Diego… has 1 maybe.

Anyway, all that is to say, makes it difficult to find work when you are in a very specific niche and role that you’d like to have. I’ve been looking for work for going 3 months… I’m looking for senior digital product manager roles or director roles to help new product people grow.

I had an offer come through in the first month but turned it down because I thought I had another offer on the way… needless to say, the other offer never came, and I turned down the first offer… So now, I am in the wilderness.

My friend Mel said that I should start looking to create my own gig but I don’t know what that would be? She made the point that as we near 50, in technology, you start to be left behind. It the nature of the business and something I don’t want to think about. It makes sense. So thats another thing to battle with.

The thing is with being unemployed, is it is a confidence crusher. You feel like you’ll never work again. That the opportunity will never come. That if you could just get in the door they’d see what you do.
I know its up to me to prove all that, but thats just the feeling you get.

I’ll get another job eventually, but this is what I feel like today. And I didn’t want keep scrolling linkedin anymore.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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keep writing your thoughts down …… ” if you build it etc it will come ” … a job I mean etc Simone

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