In this episode, we dive into some riveting football news, bringing you the latest updates on managerial movements, transfer gossip, and shining a light on some emerging talents.

Main Topics:

  1. Mauricio Pochettino Hails Chelsea: In his first interview since taking the reins at Paris Saint-Germain, Pochettino lavishes praises on Chelsea, calling them “the greatest team in England”. We dissect his statements and talk about his ambitious trophy targets for the upcoming season.
  2. Steven Gerrard Joins Al-Ettifaq: After a shocking U-turn, Steven Gerrard has been confirmed as the new manager of Saudi Arabian side Al-Ettifaq. We discuss what this move could mean for Gerrard and the team.
  3. Transfer Centre Live: We bring you the latest updates from the transfer market, focusing on key players like Harry Kane, Declan Rice, and David de Gea. What’s the buzz, and where might they end up playing next?

Quick News:

  • Gabri Veiga Attracts European Giants: Why is this young talent on the radar of top European clubs? We delve into what makes him stand out.
  • Mason Mount to Manchester United: Chelsea’s midfielder is reportedly having a medical at Manchester United ahead of a potential move. We speculate on how this could reshape both teams’ strategies.
  • Newcastle’s Record Signing: Sandro Tonali is moving from AC Milan to Newcastle for a staggering £55m. We assess what he brings to the Magpies.
  • Alejandro Garnacho – The Future of Man Utd?: This young talent is making waves. Can he rise to the expectations and become the star Man United need?
  • Fresh Bid for Rasmus Hojlund: After a rejected bid, Man Utd is determined to secure Atalanta’s star striker. Will they succeed this time?
  • Sergio Ramos to Inter Miami?: Rumors are swirling about Inter Miami’s approach for Sergio Ramos. We discuss the potential impact of this move.

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Hello, and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast for delivery exclusively on the Chopper sports channel of the premier streaming network.

We are recording this on Monday, July third. I am your host, Laurent Corteens. In this episode, Chris joins me again, we talk all the transfers, we talk Pochettino, we talk holier than thou, Liverpool, and Gerard's move.

To the Saudi Arabian League. But first, we're gonna find out a whole lot about my Liverpool hatred and all that, and it's coming up in the show right after this.

Remember to like, share, and subscribe to the show, like, share, and subscribe, it makes all the difference in the world, and we're gonna get to the show in a minute.

But if you're not liking him subscribing to the show, then I'm not sure that we can be friends.

I'm just kidding, but Chris and I have really worked hard bringing a new version of the show, a new thing for the next season, and I hope that you enjoy it.

So please give us a share, give us a like, and we'll hear from you in just a minute. We got a lot going on and, you know, a lot of topics we do.

We kind of we we select all these topics topics that are trending. But, of course, you never know how the show can can go. 1 thing I will do just to to start, because I know this is gonna you gonna I'm gonna get a kick out of you.

And as I'm I'm going to change this, you know, this background of mine, And because you've been we have a a WhatsApp group that I'm I'm a part of.

And you've been ranting nonstop about Liverpool man. What has Liverpool done that Well You know, if you if you can watch if you can watch on YouTube, you know, you can actually actually watch it on Spotify as well.

But you can listen to it on his podcast on Do what's the what's the under over? What's the under over on holier than thou, comments?

Yeah, man. What what's up? You think you think Liverpool is a whole holier than Dow. Holier than Dow fan base. Okay. Let me let's go through it, and and I don't wanna go and this is not, like, real hate.

This is just sport hate. Now you hate Liverpool boo, man. Listen. I think you hate Liverpool more than you hate United, being a city fan. I don't get it. Yes. Yes. Because I because I'm not threatened by United.

Because they're easy to beat. And and since I've been watching Citi, they beat United all the time. I've never been afraid of United. Even even as Ferguson was going down and they were sort of in their decline.

They weren't even good that season. They gave up tons of goals they had signed Van Percy, and they were just sort of gasping at air, and the institution of United won that last championship.

But since then, David Moiz, Fangal, Marino, Brangni, They've never been a threat to Citi at all. 1 a couple games here and there, but I was never worried about United.

Sure. There's been some games 1 here and there, but whatever. But you've been worried about a Liverpool. Liverpool. Underclop that has been a war of just like not only do the games matter.

They have been I call them El Nuevo Classicco. They are the biggest game in European football, where you get the best football. Right? Yeah. Not last season, but some of those games between City and Liverpool are just elevated.

And as I talk about them, the hair and my arm stand up, that's how big the games are. And some of those games, especially Anfield, and if you've listened to my show in the past that's squeaky bum time, podcast with Mike.

We've gone through just like anfield will take you and swallow you into the ground and destroy your soul.

True. You saw it with Barcelona, City, on multiple occasions have gone. You you know, you you even Brad on Madrid were almost almost got it. Like, these they gave up 3 goals, and then they were like, wait a minute.

This liverpool side is terrible, and they came back and beat them. But those moments when you get destroyed by Liverpool at Anfield, you feel so small and helpless and and it makes you hate them. You're like, these Bastards.

They just they're terrible, they can't play, you go to Anfield, and the the ghosts of frickin of of of all the liverpool sides of shankly, of of you never walk alone, and you get sucked in and you just like, this is bullshit.

I hate this, and you feel terrible. So you basically And it happened, you not You basically I hate them. You you hate them, but but you admire them. I mean Of course, of course, it's a lot of respect.

They pushed us to the edge. That's the way real hate comes. Right? Like, it's from the mutual respect of just like, They're so good. If we don't beat them, we're gonna lose. And listen, 2 championships. 2 premier league championships.

Both teams over 95 points were City won both of them by 1 point. Do you know what the difference of 1 is in a team going to win the title? It's nothing. See, Liverpool Without all their money, what this is where the sanctimony comes in.

With all the Hillsborough, with all the all the bullshit that goes at Liverpool. They pushed City to the edge. Yeah. Yeah. And I appreciate that because Citi would never be what they are without Liverpool.

Pushing them. So so And so I feel like I feel like you're a fan. For pushing? Yeah. I feel like you're a fan. No. No. A respect. Respect. Hey, man. That's crazy.

I actually have not Respect, like Mario respect. I have not yet seen AAA city fan that they hate other club more than United. I mean, that's actually interesting, man. That's interesting. Well, it's not there's nothing to fear.

You because I haven't I don't have the I don't have the scar. But but but but you met But you're not from live I'm not from I'm not from Manchester. I didn't go to school every day and get abused by somebody who's at Manchester.

So for me, my pain has just been in the competition side of things. Okay. Well, let let's get started with it. And let's talk about Another big club, and that is Chelsea.

And they got just Mauricio, Pochettino, Pochettino, They got him into the club, and he a lot of people are talking about what he's interviewed and and they said that he stuck his foot in his mouth.

And I mean, basically, he said, Chelsea is the biggest club in England. And in in in this particular particular league, it it's a tough 1 because you have at least 5 that can arguably say that.

And, ultimately, fans are gonna say their team. That that is what it is. And I feel like that's kind of even though he's not a Chelsea fan no matter what he says, I think I mean, he what what is he gonna say?

Is the second best? I mean, you know, what is he supposed to say? Maybe he I think what he did was the Argentinian way of talking.

In Argentinians -- Mhmm. -- they they do this a lot of times. You know? They they they they have to pick a side. Either bokeh, river plate. They have to pick a side all the time and they go hard at it.

I don't think England is ready for this type of talk. You know? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so so we spent a lot of time on Burs because my old partner, Mike, is a big Spurs fan, and he completely adored Morris Aquatino.

And I think that -- Yeah. -- in that -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But but go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. I have a I have a question that 16 17 era of Fatchatino, 17 18, when when Chel when Spurs were rising.

With some of the most lovable football, you could see. It was BLCisma mixed with with whatever Portchino was doing in English football and it it gave us a rise.

And I think the thing that I think the thing that Portchino was just sort of trying to relay of saying, you know, Chelsea had the most successful team over the last 15 or 20 years.

I think it's not that hyperbolic. I think if you go from the abramovich era and you go to the perennial and you go to that champions league and 2 champions leagues since since to take over in 2004. That's a legitimate argument. Right?

Like, they have 2 champions leagues since that takeover. Only Liverpool have 2 since that. Right? So And it maybe maybe it's hyperbolic. Maybe he's the he's also talking about the catalyst of change. Abramovich changed English football.

So in terms of influence, in terms of usher ushering in an era. It is Chelsea that ushers in the era that we're in now. That new money, that Whatever you think about it, that Russian money, oil money, city comes 5 years later.

You have the whole concept of financial doping. You have arsenal freaking out and being like, oh my god, we have to move to hybrid, we have to leave hybrid, and go to the Emirates, you have the whole change, you have all of it.

Comes at the start, chelsea is the line. That that starts from. So they are something big, and I know my friend, Fred Sarasso, who's gets a shout out on this show.

A huge Chelsea fan. His deep hatred is for spurs. He has that London hatred, and so there's a lot of rivalries there's a lot of argument about which team is the biggest club in London, let alone in England.

So Chelsea have a war to fight with Arsenal. Arsenal, I think, historically, are the biggest club in London. I don't think that's an argument at all. But, you know, it's it's good it makes for good fodder.

It makes for good good good good podcast comments. It makes for good, like, we could do we could stop the show right here and just do a London ranking of which teams are the biggest team.

And I'm gonna put Brentford at number 4. No. Okay. And that's just my lawyer. But we we we we I mean, we could, and maybe that is that is a good a good episode for the future. But I'm saying -- Yeah.

-- listen. I think Chelsea has what it takes to be considered the greatest in England I mean, I I mean, let's well, first of all, I wanna say You can get there. Sure. I'm I'm I'm gonna say the greatest in in the United Kingdom.

I mean, who I'm not gonna put it's it's celtics above anybody. Good. You know what I mean? I'm just saying in the battle for British supremacy unless all It's it's all in England. You know what it is.

It's Liverpool and Manchester United. Those are the 2 biggest teams in England. They're very close in championships -- But but -- and that's the only argument But champions league is, of course, being taken by my people back here.

Listen, man. You you got to take stop you you Listen. You're not alone. You're never gonna walk alone, man. Don't don't don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to come to this side.

You can still be a fan. You know what I mean? A master city. But listen. No. I don't think it's even debatable. At at this point is it's something that he says because he wants to get the fans on his back.

I mean, it is what it is. I know. And and he has arguably he he has data to to prove that. Yeah. I mean, they have a lot they I mean, aside from, you know, they have all the data.

I think the thing that was interesting about Pochettino that he brought up was an immediate mentality shift an immediate level of leadership even through I don't think his English is that bad.

His English is pretty good, but -- Yeah. -- I'm sure in Spanish is probably much much better, more strong.

But even with his, you know, English as a second language, still a very passionate, very clear of like The guys I have here are guys that I want, and anyone who doesn't wanna be here can go.

Like, he used talking about mentality. He was talking about connecting the group together, connecting the club.

That's really what he was trying to do is get that alignment that's been missing from Chelsea, from the board, to the director football, to the coach, to the players, to the fans. Right? It's not connected right now.

Well He's the first step. They're getting ready. Hopefully, Bolly and Portitino are connected. They're getting ready. Now he's gotta get the players connected. Yeah. They're they're getting ready to everybody.

They just got rid amount gonna he's he's going to match the United. And the the there's talks about Kikido coming, but there's actually no bids. There's just talks and they're actually looking at another player instead of him.

There there might be a lot cheaper from from Latio. But listen. Mhmm. Pochettino, what what he said is what it is. I mean, I'm not even I don't think is that be a good deal.

I mean, I know people are blowing up, blowing up. It's it's called summer. Media Yeah. There's nothing there's nothing else to talk about. And but what's interesting III wanna see I think Chelsea has fallen behind on everything.

I mean, I think they've fallen behind. I just I've never seen a club that as soon as my phone a couple weeks ago, a couple a month ago or whatever. It was always it's unorganized, like like a lamp Lambert.

He he was a intern. He was a head of football. He was then he was he possibly could join and instead of sounded Marcello Gallardo from River Play at the at 1 point sounded for Chelsea.

And then and then and then the Lambert like, I I never seen Lambert. What is he? Is he next thing you know, he might be fixing the bathrooms at at the bridge.

Was was happening. You know, they use his name a lot, and he lets them. I think To be honest with you? I think the I think the thing that we underestimate about what happened to Chelsea was.

On the surface, it always looked like Stanford Bridges there, they're wearing blue, the shirts are there, the players are there. I think that a Bramovich thing was bigger than anyone will ever know.

You essentially lost an entire club was Gudded. Another piece that was reported on a lot was they actually had a huge harassment thing with their director of marketing.

So they had to get a clean house on everything. So Marina McGina, who is, like, the coin the the who should have been elevated as the greatest female executive in world sport. She was taken out. Check was taken out.

So they went to 0, but from the surface it looked like the same club But really, they're starting from nothing, which is why bully did so badly, which is why Every player shot me. Which is why you had everything just go wrong.

Because it there was nothing. Right? It was worse than say, you know, Ferguson leaving or Venger leaving. There was no infrastructure. Everything was based on Abramovich and what he had put in place.

And once he was gone, they started from 0. So that Portiatino probably is gonna have a lot. Getting there. I think they have their footing now, but I think it was really a shock.

And so 1 of the things I don't see Yo, go ahead. 1 of the things that that's hard in football and the the main reason of why clubs can't get back on their feet is because lack of patience.

And the moment that Portchino loses 3 games in a row, 2 games. Let alone, just 2 games, and he doesn't perform They gotta hang up. They can't they can't freak out. They you know what I mean?

And and it is a big club and a big pressure. You know, if you if you lose to to games in a row with with Brighton, you know, they might give you AAA race. And so with Chelsea, It's it's tough. You know what I'm saying?

And it's -- Yeah. -- fans When fans get used to something, you know what I mean? It it it's hard, man. Yeah. It's hard to come you can't tell real madrid fans that they're not gonna win the champions league. You know what I mean?

I I think, though, I think that Chelsea fans now understand. Right? I think they just went through that. With Potter. They did a soft Like, they hired Frank just so he could lose games and not have a It was a PR hiring.

Right. But remember, Frank Landpart lost 7 of 8 down the stretch. They didn't freak out. They didn't fire him. They didn't deal for someone else. So I think that they have had that like, okay.

Now we have to go forward. Now, I think he'll get a lot of leeway until Christmas. And then after Christmas, I think there'll be an expectation of yo. We got it's about progression. Right? It's about What does this team look like?

Are they playing PatchatinoE? Is it looking like good spurs 20 17, 18? Are the players connecting? Is are there are relationships developing? I think that's Chelsea fans are fairly sophisticated.

And as long as they can see the pieces of things going together, I think Pochettino will be fine. I mean, it's it's kind of a no He's got a kind of AAA free hit this season, honestly.

I think he'll he'll get he'll get at least the first half before anyone starts going, he should be fired. Unless this is ridiculous things. 1 thing that I've seen in the comments of this video from shows you that.

A lot of fans are happy that they actually get in a a coach that has proven something before. Now just to just to move on though, from this subject. What do you think the tottenham Spurs fans feel when he says that?

I mean, it it wasn't in in a comment that could have been avoided. Because, listen to me. Yeah. Before you answer your question, we're all nobody before we're we're somebody.

All of us are nobodies before we were somebody, and Tottenham gave them a chance -- Yeah. -- to become -- Mhmm. -- known. To go to PSG, to come to Chelsea because he didn't do anything at PSG. You know, let's let's be clear.

So what do you think about that? I I think that ultimately Pochettino and almost any coach that goes through spurs always has the buffer of leaving. Leevee, it elevates himself and puts himself between fan ire and the coach.

Leeevee is the 1 who gets the slings and arrows. Levye is the 1 who goes through a a window and doesn't sign any players when Plathettino had a team finish in second place.

Levy is the 1 who didn't back him when they should have sold Ericsson and didn't buy anyone. So Pochettino gets a pass.

I think most of Spurs fans are appreciative of the time they had. They went to the final. They have IAX, which was 1 of the great moments that you can watch it was an amazing moment that I spent in a bar here in San Diego.

So I don't think Spurs have any ill you know, Sure, are frustrated that he's that yeah. I think there's some group with him that are But I think that they understand football.

There was a breaking. It wasn't directly from spurs to Chelsea. I think a lot of history within spurs for their players moving on to bigger and better.

Right? You know, you you still have Marjorie out there doing it. They still have Verbatov, who went to United. There's so many different players, so many different iterations of players, even Saul Campbell.

That was the 1 Judas who went to Arsenal. So Well, I I you know, since fiberglass, I don't think you ever really forgotten by most are so famous. Yeah. Yeah. III don't I don't think that Spers fans really hurt that much about Pogetino.

They just have focused on their team, I think now, especially some of the moves they've been making are interesting, Madison coming through we'll see what the offer from Byron is there now for Kain. I think it makes sense for Kain.

He's about as Levandowski as Levandowski is. So -- Yeah. -- interesting stuff. It it's now on Levy and I think Spurs fans will turn on him if a big number comes of, like, a 80000000 or a 90000000 and Levi goes, no, we're not selling it.

Maybe he's gonna try and and squeeze that 1 more season out of him, we'll see. Okay. So let's move on to somebody that made a u-turn in Quickly. Kind of what we were talking about, says fiberglass.

Fiberglass said, I will never join another club in England. And he joined the rival. So Steven Gerard said last week, I am not going to Saudi Arabian side Any club. I'm not going. Yeah. And on the on our chat, I said, listen.

All of us would. So what's the problem? Well, the problem is, obviously, that he made a statement. When when you make a statement and you're so sure about it, you know, you can't just do the opposite and not be criticized.

So, Steven Jiar is going to Owetic Fuck. I I mean, they're all still without fuck? Excuse me? After after making a a huge u-turn. So what what do you think, man? I Again, the sanctum I don't I don't have any beef with Gerard.

I think the bigger issue is gonna be the Liverpool fans who hold up their club and their players as this gold standard of Stop it. That would never do such a thing because our Saint Stephen of Gerard wouldn't go to an oil rich nation.

But, yes, he's a man, he's a person. He does have that history. He didn't go to Chelsea historically. He didn't leave Liverpool. He didn't go to City or United or whatever when he played for his Liverpool and had the chance.

I think the biggest chance, he did really almost go to Chelsea, and then there was a modicum of a chance he might go to Ray Al Madrid but he did stay in Liverpool.

But knowing how Liverpool fans are and Gerard being from Liverpool, I don't think He went out of loyalty. He went He never left Liverpool because he knew a scouser knows he would have been annihilated. They would have turned on him.

They would have put freaking statues up -- Yes. -- telling him if he ever went to 1 of those absolutely fucking lutely. Oh, toasty probably, but not let Ramma grid. They turn on their people. Wow. You're crazy.

Like that. I'm not crazy. No. Master scout. They are vengeful knife wielding car thieves. What he said is I love what I love you. I love you for your mutual friends. Listen. I'll be I'm getting the the quote of what he said.

And He does leave a small window now. He says He did. It was kind of like the hammer falls in the woods as as we stand right now, I won't be taking that offer. As we stand right now, well, as we stood earlier.

As we stand right now, AIE He's gone. Gave me an offer for 10000000, but if they give me 20, I'm going I mean I mean, hey, they they get listen. I don't have a problem with with him making his decision based on money.

I don't know. And it is financial, of course. Because nobody in the right mind, nobody from the western side. US, England, Spain, nobody goes to the Middle East just for the hell of it, nobody.

It does has nothing to do with football, anybody. That's just plain to Well, I mean, we did we did have we had Kavy was in Qatar coaching before he went to Barcelona.

But maybe he was just doing it to to do something in between instead of waiting. Right. I mean, but but because of money.

I mean, I don't think that he just -- Yeah. -- you know, but listen, it is what it is. I don't know why people this is another thing people are going Oh, so this is this is the thing that I think is interesting about the Gerard thing.

Because I really did like him as he came through. I really thought the way he met carried himself, some of his interviews.

I really rated the fact that he went undefeated at Rangers and dealt with while not a league that is at the top levels of world football, only like tenth ranked in the world, the Scottish League.

Rangers in terms of fandom, of terms of what it means in Glasgow is about as toxic as Yeah.

They went away. You're real, Madrid, your your Napolese, your your Liverpool, like, where when you lose, it's the end of the world. So he did go through that. So I thought he had a good understanding.

And I thought he did okay that first season at Villa. But then, when when I assessed the squad that they had, that Emery ended up taking over. I thought that was a really, really good team, and he performed really, really badly.

The best result he had was a draw against Citi. But otherwise, it was a disaster. And then when Emery comes in and completely starts winning, as we expected that team to do, you really gave your pause about Gerardo.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa And that's where I have the beef, like -- Yeah.

-- it's a mistake to do this job. If you really wanna prove yourself and really show you've got metal as a coach. Well, and to really show the humbleness, you gotta go down a level.

You do go to leads. You do go to Derby. You do go to Blackburn, you go to those teams in the championship where it's a grind, like, I have a lot of respect for Vincent Company. Right?

You went to Burnley after Deishes in there, and he turned that team around. Like, they I don't know if you ever anyone knows, but, like, Burnley, our Dikes 442 get behind the ball, hope it to to a long ball, that's how they played.

And company comes in and completely turns that team around to something else. And now they've got promoted.

Right? And Gerard should wanna try and do that, and I don't know that he has the coaching chops to do it. Who is his mentor? Who did he learn from? Where where is his philosophy? What does he do? I'm not sure that he has anything.

Yeah. I'm I'm messing with your art and you're not. Yeah. I'm not sure about that either. I mean, you know, 1 of the coaches that he was very successful with was Benites. I don't I don't think that he's He's a No.

That's Dower. He's a defensive coach. Right? Yeah. It was very So I I love the interviews with he with with Gerard and Caraigur, who both talk about beneath this. There's this guarded kinda like, I wish he woulda just been nicer to me.

Like, all they wanted was him to just be like, hey, would you not take a shit on me, please? It was tough. But, listen, I think, well, obviously, the way he play football.

Just meaning, just just because you play great doesn't mean you're gonna be a good coach, but he does I mean, the way he played, you get you can know that he understands the game.

You know what I'm saying? But he doesn't mean that doesn't mean that you're gonna be a good manager.

But it's it's frustrating because, really, you haven't seen that at all anywhere, and that that's kinda concerning. You know, Could he be 1 of those? In in Scotland, they did go undefeated, Rangers. Well, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Yeah. And you know you're right. You're right. Actually, he he did He did the will there, but, you know and it is 1 of the biggest plus Rangers fans will Rangers fans will complain that it was not It was not a tactically -- No.

-- changing team. They kind of just got it done. He had I I wanna get the name right, but a guy that was his partner, who was the the coaching guy, went to another team, ended up going like QPR or something like that.

That was his guy that he was that he was trying that that did all the, like, leg work of the coaching.

So until that all goes back together But again, I just want I want them to succeed. I want 1 of this generation 1 of these golden generation players. But you but you realize how how difficult it is.

I mean, Frank Lambert, another great mind you know, not really I mean, he did well. Well, when I say well, I mean, it you know, it's I mean, I guess, I thought that first stick with Chelsea was okay.

Right? Like, he played the kids. He took it on the chin when they had the transfer ban. He played Tammy Abraham. He played Mason Mountain. He got those guys through. You know, they made it to the top 4, which I think was a really Yeah.

Huge accomplishment, but it was the second season where you it really kinda fell apart. Yeah. So we'll we'll have It's the same problems that happened this time happen again.

Yeah. Seth Fibroger is also another good player. We'll see how how what happens with him at como. Hey might think it'll work because he's a Marcia guy, and all those guys have that Hey, Frank Lap and Jirae.

They know they know how it what it is to play, man? They have the game in their head. It's not it's not that deep philosophical, Reenus Michelle's, to Croife -- Yeah.

-- thing. It's not it doesn't have that vertically integrated where they were in the same system drilled and drilled and drilled and drilled and drilled and drilled to, like, this is how we play.

This is always how we play. This is why we play this way.

This is where we have to stand. This is why we have to stand here. This is why you put your front foot forward when it'll get a pass. On the half turn, They don't hear that shit. England doesn't have that coaching.

It's getting there. Yeah. Like, they may win the under 21 World Cup. England, they're very good. They just put Bellingham in real Madrid. He wouldn't have been able to do that if he didn't have the tactical sort of brain.

But all those older players just don't have that institutional understanding of football coaching and stuff. It's just not there. It'll get there. It's just not there now.

Alright. Well, you don't have any trust in your art. That's fine. No. Maybe his neck job. We'll see. Not a lot not a lot of people. We'll see what I'm not going watching the the Saudi Arabia league, so he's gonna have to say highlight.

I will not. I refuse. You gonna have to say how you like Even though, like, a lot of guys are there. But, you know, hey, that that's kinda where where it's headed, man.

They're gonna be like, listen. We just somebody's gonna come. We're gonna get names. And we some people are gonna start turning. What what'll happen is I mean, you're ready for my deep cut.

This just goes a little bit off the guard what will happen is is 1 of these sort of streaming sports networks in the US will be faltering. Let's say it's BN or something like that or or Fuba or something.

And they will buy it. They will fall for it. They will buy the whole thing outright, and they will put their league on it. And then they will pay companies and cable companies to carry their channel, and those games will be on.

Right? You think rights fees are gonna They will pay CBS. Be like, put the league on. We don't have to pay you? No. We'll pay you to put our league on. Right? Oh, you wanna be on ESPN plus? Okay. Here's -- Right. -- 5000000 dollars.

Put this game on. They're gonna shove it down people's throats. And eventually, they're gonna watch I mean, it is what it is, man. You know that They're gonna they're gonna find out that they're gonna spend a lot of money.

And know it's working. They have it. They have it. They have it, but good luck. Good luck. Good luck. I wish them luck. I think that yeah. Go ahead. No.

No. No. Go ahead, man. Go ahead, finish your point. The other thing that Manny and our group brought up, he was very smart about is just like, they are they own multiple teams in their league, which is a really huge red flag -- Yeah.

-- of like What if they want run all those team to win? What if they want benzema's team to win? Who decides who gets the team to win?

Now, granted. People may not know this. MLS is single entity owned with franchises And there were always suspicions that they made the LA Galaxy win, and they made, you know, they would allocate a player to a certain city.

So you do get problems when you have single entity ownership, which is different from European football entirely. So it is interesting and they're not independent teams yet. So I don't know if it's gonna work.

I don't know what model they're trying to follow, if they're trying to follow the NFL, you know, sort of like franchise, sort of central authority, if they're trying to follow the European model where it's fractured, dangerous, Teams go up and down, I don't know where they wanna go.

But if they're trying to do it centralized, people will sniff if it's dirty.

So It's a don't worry. I have. It's kind of I I don't really get it. I mean, they must be really hardcore football fans for because they got only money in the world. They don't need money.

So, World Cup. They want that World Cup. But I mean, they make so much money of oil. I mean, it feels like they just Either 1 more, I mean, which is okay. But I mean Do you know do you know who the CEO of Exxon is?

No. 1 of those guys? Exactly. But you might know who the owner of but you know who the owner of of Manchester United is. You know what I mean? So it's ultimately about it's not it's about glory.

It's owning a sports team is the coolest thing you can do in all of the world. Right? Like, that guy who runs Nasar, who runs PSG, that guy opened every door you could ever open. Just by buying that team that had the word parents in it.

Right? Even though Sheikh Montur doesn't wanna be a part of it, you know, Citi could lift this sort of put the UAE on the map just by being owned and winning the champions league.

That that's what it's about. It's about putting those brands in front of people in the most glamorous thing you can do, like like Champions League final or whatever the Saudi Arabian team is gonna do.

I I'm not sure, but It's about World Cup. It's about competing in the region. People don't know this, but Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not friends.

And the fact that Qatar had the World Cup, and Saudi Arabia didn't is a big deal. And they will they will want to compete and say, f u, Qatar, we're gonna get the premier league.

So, I mean, we're gonna get the the world cup and stuff like that. So there's a lot of stuff that is under the surface that's like deep rooted things, and we're just looking at it on the surface.

But there's other stuff going on. Yeah. Alright. So so you got some information about Wardiel, man. What's happening there with Manchester City? Oh, Vardielle. So if you watch the World Cup and you remember -- Yeah.

He's he's -- a young center back out of that crow issue was really good again. Yeah. He was the midfielders stepping out, defending anything, guardiola, He is a young center back, big, tall, strong, very John Stolmish, if you will.

He plays for RB Life's sake who are another team. It's a good model, good young players, getting bought. They got too many of them.

They got to play. And the bottom cuckoo. Right. They've move they're doing the right thing. They've got a vertically integrated thing where they can start a guy out at Ravi Life sig, in it's RBRRB Salzberg -- Salzberg.

-- into r b Life Zig. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Which is the Webex level up. And the New York. Is gonna come to Citi. He's Yeah. He's he's agreed to personal terms.

So now it's about finding the But the good. Now now what that what that what I could find on that on on that was that basically, Lipeczyk wants him to be the highest paid transfer in their history Yeah.

They wanna do a hundred million dollars. 100000000. Yeah. And Citi has offer 75 up to 80. So they're kind of you know, it's a it's a distance when it comes to money.

But do you really think that it will be an issue? Or, you know, you think that cities gonna do City, put a number out, they have it in their head. If it goes over, they will walk. That's how they do it.

They did it on declaration Wright. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Citi Citi are very clear about their evaluations. If the number is there if there's a number and there's an escape clause, they'll buy them out, that's fine.

But if they're get gonna buy a player and they value met x and someone goes 10, 15000000 dollars over it, They do not panic. It's very well run. Like, we would have had my Harry Maguire.

We had a value at 70000000. And United were like, we're gonna pay 89. And they were like, okay, see you later. Enjoy Harry McGuire. So I'm sure he'd like to come But if the number isn't right, Citi will walk away.

Oh, he wants to go No problem. He he wants to go to Citi for sure. But Yes. He does. We'll see. And so just a little update on the Declin' Rice, you know, because people today were saying that he's not going to arsenal anymore.

And it is not true. It's pretty much well cooked. Yeah. It's tough. They're just basically working on how often. Yeah. Just just just terms.

So people, be patient. He's gonna be an also player. Mount is gonna get he's going he's got a medical or he had a medical today or if I'm not mistaken, and he is obviously a match to United. Sign in, the saga is over.

He's not No. I don't think mount changes their trajectory, but he raises the floor. So for United, it's about depth and lifting up their worst performances. With Rice, I think he lifts Arsenal's best performances.

If you know what I mean. Right? Yeah. Like, rice is much more of a floor razor and potential razor. Where amount, I don't think United can be much better, because they were way over their head.

But I think he stops Mount stops those 7 nils. Mount stops those really bad performances where you're like, what team is this United team that's getting the doors blown off them?

I think Mount prevents those types of things. Another play that the the sounding for Arsenal is actually Furlan Mende from Round Madrid, but Ancelotti has said he's not he doesn't have any intentions of selling them.

Arsenal with just with this, if this is true, arsenal is is getting stacked. I mean, Declin Rice, you got Harvard, which people talk crap on, but just like you mentioned earlier, nobody in Chelsea played good.

Nope. And so Tough team to plan. Yeah. And so so, I mean, I mean, the guys are actually pretty you know, they're they're spending it.

I think they're I I think they're really putting an effort forward. I think it will be a very, very good it's been a very good window for arsenal.

I think, you know, rice and Havts alone. When you're at the level that they're at So 1 of the things I talked about a long time ago is, there is There's a level you have to get to, like, to get to like that 70 to 75 point range.

And that costs a certain amount of money. Then as the next level to get from, like, 75 to 85, that's a price of money. The thing is, as you get higher, the cost of getting another point becomes exponential.

Right? To get to like a team that can score 95 points in a season, those last 5 points to win that title cost 200000000, right? And it might only be 2 players that you have to spend 200000000, and you got to get them right.

And if they've identified rice as a guy who's lifting that team that'll take them from 85 89, 90 points if they're lucky, 93, and and Harvard is identified as a guy who gives them that little bit of depth and quality they had to pay.

75, 60000000 pounds for. That those are the moments.

Right? Liverpool did this. Right? You went and we're like, we're good. We're at 80 points. We're gonna spend a hundred and 50000000 dollars on just Ben Dyke and Alison. Right? Those are the moments that really change your team.

And I still think arsenal are a center back away, and I don't trust Ramsdale. But that's just my personal opinion. Like, I don't think Ramsdale is a premier league winning goalkeeper. Sorry. He's he's too he's too weird.

He's too erratic. Well, we'll see what happens with the Mendi situation. I don't think he'll go with arsenal, but You never know, by the way, Gerard's team is looking to he wants to sign Cotenio and Marietta.

I'll run more after this. Good. Enjoy it. So I think both of I think they'll. Seeing you again. The guy who basically got you fired because he couldn't play and you insisted on playing him.

Good luck, Gerardo. This is your weakness. You're gonna lose your career because you keep signing fucking Philip Catino who's washed up done. Yeah. Has he played good for Austin Villas this last season? No. He didn't play at all, Wayne.

The day. That's crazy. Because he plays a position that doesn't exist anymore. Where are these, like, free roaming number tens? Yeah. No. That They're gone. That's that's that's gone. No Ozzles. No no who's the other guy?

Who's the that really handsome guy who went from Malagat to real Madrid for 10 years, and he just never played anyone with the beard. I can't remember his name. Anyway Well, Raquelman's. There's no Raquelman's.

There's no there's no They're all gone. Marcello de Yara, there was another another another 10. It it's hard. And I gotta there's a there's a lot of I can't remember that. I can't I can't believe I can't remember that.

Yep. So he's looking for Coteña in Alvaro Morata. I mean, just he he he he just hasn't been that good. I mean Those are losing players, frankly, to me. They'll probably go to Saudi Arabia, to be honest with you.

Oh, boy, yeah. Take the gun. Please. Enjoy. Enjoy it. They'll try to get that last bit, you know, of of when you can get Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Oh, Lavia also sounded for a Liverpool even though they he sounded for Arsenal heavily.

So at this point, I don't really know what's gonna happen with Romeo Lavia. And young. Rock LaVIA is not a starter. He's too young. He's not He had a good season with with Sahhem. He had a a really He's good.

Something I don't I it could I and I don't wanna and I don't and the reason why I say it is because these young players that have really good seasons that you really like and you enjoy, They tend not to be able to break through.

Like, I loved carvalho for Liverpool last year. Too slight, too little, not ready.

You know, he just ended up they just shipped them off the leipzig already. Right? Only 18 years old had a 10 and 10 season with with with fulham, and they at the bottom, and now they can't use them. So I'm less less inclined.

I love Basuma when he was at brighten, central midfielders, similar to lava on the ball, good in a tackle, good runner, making the right touches, they just don't get the burn, and it's too hard to make those moves.

So I will reserve my judgment in Alabia if he becomes a starter because If you remember, Ronaldo Sanchez, everyone loved them with Portugal. He goes and plays in the premier league.

He barely play take some years to sort of He goes to Byron Munich and he never can really get it. So it can be tough when you get that move as a young player to break in and you've gotta have the right mentality.

And when you think about someone like Kamavenga or Chukumini, those are special players or Bellingham. Those young players that do lower club with the playing time, and then step up and play.

It's really hard. So I reserve judgment at lobby. I like him too, but I don't think he'll play think he'd be I think he'd be a good addition just to extend the team.

So to have him for sure. So I think our so we'll see where he goes. Do you think he Which thing do you think he'll go to? Liverpool or I think Liverpool can spend it. But LaVIA, feels to me I don't Lavi is not ready for Liverpool.

He would sit he won't play. They're trying to get as many midfielders that he can, but they've already got They've already got Macallister. They've already we haven't talked about Slobasai yet.

They've already got Slobasai. They've already got the center the they've got GACBo who essentially, he's gonna play in the midfield. It'll drop in. Right? He's not really a a traditional 9.

Then you still have Henderson. It looks like Tiago's out, but he's not gonna play anymore. They did clear out a couple of this, so may maybe Latvia, but Latvia would be the the fifth midfielder of their of their 3.

You mean arsenal? I mean, Liverpool. Oh, Liverpool, Liverpool. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And then with with Arsenal, he would also fifth midfielder.

Right? Because they still have Shaka as far as I know. What are the guys? They still have they still have Partay as far as I know. So to be Otoguard, rice, Shaca, odor guard, rice, who's the other midfielder?

So 0AA Harvard's playing in midfield? Deep Oh, yeah. As, like, the as as, like, the 2 ace thing trying -- Yeah. -- try and do what city do. So it's unknown, but city have 6 midfielders.

So you might need 6 to do the Champions League and and do all that stuff. But, you know, I I do worry for a young player like Lavea on any of those teams playing in the champions league to get their feet wet.

If he played 20 games, that would be a good season. That would be my my guess with him. Unless he breaks through, unless he's 1 of these special players, and he completely changes the way things go.

I don't care where he goes because Citi have the sell on, so wherever he gets sold to. Hey. You get you get you get money for it. Now Liverpool just signed Dominic. How did you say his last name? Sub was light.

Sub was so was light. Silver slide. He's a good sign in also from, like He's really good. He's really good. He's really good. They they pay for him, you know. But He did. Now the issue the issue with him is these German players.

I these players in the German League, I think 1 thing we always have to remember is, I believe, the Bundesliga is the highest scoring league and everyone sort of plays the same way.

It is a high press counter attacking league And because of the nature of Germany and the way Germans are, when they have a system, everyone plays the same way.

Yeah. So it used to be they all played freaking with a sweeper. That was all German, and they play it great. Like, they work hard in it. They It's easy to join another club in Germany. Yes.

You could have And it's no big deal. But those players when they come, we look at Haberts, we look at Werner, we look at Kaitre, who came from Germany as well, Now granted, there are players, you know, Holland breaks the whole mold.

Right? I'll bellingham breaks the whole mold fine. But it does matter, you have really got to get your scouting right and make sure the player that you're gonna grab has more talent than just the stats.

It's gotta be a little bit more depth. Now, Slobazai, we did see in the Euros for Holland, he's their for hungry, he's their main guy, he does get the ball a lot.

He's a big silky midfielder. He'll play deeper, trying to get in a box score goals, an incredible free kick taker just over the top. A lover of Steven Gerard as we know. He's got the tattoo. He's taking the number 8.

So they're putting a lot of -- Yeah. -- investment and pressure on him. But it is a good window for Liverpool, who we know had to rebuild. They needed new bodies, and it'll sort out to figure out who the player is.

It may still be Henderson in big games, but now Henderson doesn't have to play 38 games. Doesn't have to play all 90 minutes. They'll have options. Clops gotta get these guys to get into that, we go to war.

We're heavy metal. This is, you know, we need to press get that defense back up the field so that they can have that high line, get Alison flying out, because all that stuff broke down.

Right? Once they weren't able to press from the front anymore, and Fermino left, then the midfield was half a step slow, then the defense was half a step slow, and you could get in behind.

So they've gotta compress that whole thing, keep that thing moving, and and Clops gotta get his new guys to have that energy.

Look at me, scouting Liverpool. You see how much I Yeah. I feel you you I feel like you're fan, man. I feel like you're fan. By the way, if I bridge your room Why More liverpool.

I have watched more liverpool than my own team. Trust me. Fabrice Romano confirms the durian Timber is all butt done, moved to Arsenal yet. So we'll the the I mean, this this is I don't know if what's what's his story?

Well, He plays in in Rede, you know, you know, so it's it's kind of it's kind of tough because it's not a league that you can say, okay, listen. You know, they they they've been playing good or championsly experience.

So you know what I mean? So My I got my my my son here. He's he's playing in the background. So -- That's okay. -- I'm I'm a I'm a let you keep talking on on the transfer what's going on in Dressford?

Yeah. So I'm just looking up his I'm just looking up his his stats. So he's a he's a center back, not too big, not too not a giant 1, but probably a ball player that he can sort of put in as a as a backup score some goals there.

Trained in the IAX way. They had a terrible season. They already fired their coach. But he looks like a winner, his his his f b ref scouting is off the chart.

Like, he's literally the best passer that has ever passed the ball in the league and his his he's up there with with the best in the league, but We know that the era of Davizy is now the fifth ranked league in the world, but what hap what I worry about with these players that come from these top level lower leagues is, yeah, you're good on the ball because you at Iax have the ball the whole time.

But can you defend? What happens when you're under pressure?

How do you play when you don't have the ball. This is the question I have. If you think about other center backs from the Dutch league, How do you play when you don't have the ball? Lash Martinez, thank god. He's a great player.

We saw him be able to adapt from the Dutch league. But, you know, inside of him is an Argentinian. Right? This is a Dutch player playing in the Dutch league as the best Dutch player his whole career has been through the Dutch.

So does he have the fight? Does he have the level of getting stuck in? We need when you play in England, you've got to have englishness in your heart. And without it, you're gonna have a hard time doing the best you can.

Okay. So that's my take on it. Mister Chris yo, go ahead. Yeah. I mean, he's coming from magic. Obviously, a big a big club, but you know, even though it's a big club. They have the ball 80 percent of the time.

Can he defend? I have all of you. Of of every single game. You know? Yeah. Exactly. So, I mean, It's believed that the 40 the next 48 hours are are key to to either if it comes to Arsenal or not.

Like I said, we've been talking about Arsenal. I've been going through the sun right here, and I mean, it has Arsenal all over transfer news.

And they're looking they're looking for this player. They're looking for that player. So Arsenal is really They're they're busy, man. They're trying to get it done. It's good. It's good. Listen. Listen.

I'm happy for it. I think this is what we all want. Right? We all want additive lead that's pushing itself. I think a team that we haven't discussed and does not show up in the news because they're not the biggest club in the world.

But Aston Villa, Unai Emery, stealth, They've got Montchie. They're grabbing players left and right. They got Paltores, man. Paltores is like the center back starting for Spain is playing at Aston Villa.

That's insane. That's the middle 1 of the biggest clubs in England. They got Telemans. No problem. Telemans, a player that Arsenal were like, please let me have Telemans.

Please. Please. Please. You think Emery's not gonna unlock that? Oh my God. I would be worried if I were Spurs, if I was Chelsea. I think that Aston Villa have every ounce of a shot to finish in a European spot.

They did already this season. Never on our family. Good evening. We're coming for your children. Aston Villa, be on the lookout. That's a good side who's secretly making moves, man. Good good sign really like them a lot.

Granite, Chaka, will finally complete his long awaited move to Barn liver using this week after Arsenal agreed on the 21 Oh, 21000000 pounds fee. That that -- Yeah. -- that that we're accusing is gonna pay for ishaka.

So another I mean, so again What is what is what a story for a shotgun. He ups and downs. Right? Remember, he he cursed out the fans, he he gets sent off, then he was the captain, then he's like, has this incredible resurgence season.

He gets to leave Arsenal, has a loved player, and I think that when he comes back, they will appreciate him. But, I mean, they cost them 30000000 pounds, so, I mean, they didn't lose much. They're selling them for 21.

I mean, 9 or 8 and a half million. But, I mean, if he he came in 2016, you know, and that's a that's a long time. Yep. Right now. I mean Mhmm. So he wasn't able to to to become the player that everybody had hoped for.

So really, you know, that that's actually smart transfers to smart smart moves. If it doesn't work, sell them. Get a new 1. You're a club that's they have a great expectation, man.

He's in his he's in his he's in his thirties. Now, there. I think he's just a a player who showed up at the wrong time. He's in the down he's post vanger. I think he may have been the last 1 of the last vanger players there.

You know, just he's just in a time when he's not gonna have a chance to shine. He was never really put in a position to succeed as that last defender. Just say he got there.

He was never athletic around and stopped, break up attacks, so he'd always get run past and he'd invariably file someone and pick up 1 yellow too many and just always be on the verge of getting sent off, but always a good leader.

And I think once Tentech came there and they figured out that they needed to have someone deeper, getting part a letting Shaka be a a step or 2 or a couple of yards higher, him show what he could do.

And I thought he was good last season, scored almost 10 goals, I think.

As far as last but not least, on the transfer side, what is for what's interesting on Massachusetts to United, owner Inter Milan has declined the offer that United sent. It wasn't enough for 090, god.

And the hair is has an offer for a sodium it's for a Saudi league. Obviously, gonna leave United. And they're looking at and a goalkeeper from f c Porto born in Switzerland, but he obviously has ties in Portugal.

It it's actually Porto's goalkeeper Diogo something, and he's definitely not not not oh, Nana. So, I I mean, if it doesn't go well with O'nan, who in the hell are they gonna get?

Because they need to get a starter. They'll just go back out with the ham. You think they're gonna I think they had 2 pissed off. Well, they might not be, actually.

You know? What what from the time that he sent a fax machine to Ray on a hundred and they missed the transfer. Yeah. And he came back and he played and was the player of the year? I just don't I think goalkeepers are weird.

They'll play. There's only so many jobs. You're alone. Like, if if they don't sign anyone, 10 Hoggle just go, go head back out there, big Dave. Get back there. He's he's gonna have to make a really, really big decision they had.

Well, I mean, the Harris contract expires this weekend. So Oh, I thought they I thought they had once I thought he had 1 signed and they rescinded it or something ridiculous.

Yeah. And and A major pay cut. Yeah. So The thing is is that there are there are guys. There are it's a goalkeeper. Just get 1.

They're out there. Like Dang, man. You don't you don't you don't like old keepers? You don't think they're that important? They're important when they fuck up, but No. No. You're crazy. You keep When when Well, What's his name?

Listen. When you have a bad 1, you know it. Well, I know from Liverpool that Carrie is is infamous. Oh, that was bad. Because because of that. But he never played No. I I under I I understand Now they're they're good.

They're they're important, man. Stop playing. No. No. No. I understand I understand that they're important, and and it's great when you have a great 1 and and it it makes a huge difference. Like, I think about Alison all the time.

He's like to save Liverpoolpool's ass. It makes me crazy. Yeah. I watch. This guy is just saving your ass. You suck. Anyway, And then Anderson with the passes that just he's doing cruyff torrins on the frickin goal line.

Just like Probably. But when you have a bad 1, like, I re I just remember last or last year, with with their guy just making mistakes and wouldn't come for crosses and and slapping at balls.

Like, you can tell when it's bad, but what I think about is, like, you have Bono out in Spain. You could just grab him.

He'd be a stopgap goalkeeper. He's out there. He's available. You're right. Or or, you know I'm sure it is. Dean Henderson or or, like, or like, you think Caleb isn't available, you could just go to Nottingham Farris and just buy them.

You think United would be bad with Caleb Nava? No. He'd be great. Right? You know what I mean? Like, they're out there, right?

They're available. You can always just get a good keeper who's not going to hurt you. And you'll it'll be a stop gap. He's not champions league level, you know, win everything kinda guy, but you can get a keeper.

Right? So Or you just keep Dave. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think that could be a smart move. Just so if the next 1 doesn't work, then you have to buy 1 next year.

You know what I'm saying? So I think you know what you get, so maybe just extend it for another year. I don't know if you'll do that, but it's quite it's gonna I mean, or or I mean Put in the money.

But 1 thing I could get I could get freaking Lorise. I'm sure he's available, right, even though he's broke down for his first. Actually, tying him. He's he's he's he's 1 of the players at 10 and 1 will be rid of.

Yeah. So so Yeah. I think he already I think he already won. Yeah. So now Messer United has it clear, they can't and they can't buy O'nana and Kain at the same time. Even though Kain sounds for my Munich pretty heavily right now.

So Why why can't they According, that's the budget, man. The the the budget says -- Default. -- they're not they can't afford which on the on on this being sold for, like, close to 70 minute, I think.

So that's what inter inter milan wants, I believe, or a little bit more, but So they can't basically, they can't spend can't buy more than 1, quote unquote superstar.

For the club, which is sad because United, you know, should have that luxury. Whatever.

You know, you don't believe that? That club is they're the worst run big club in the world. I don't think it's even close. Accordingly, they're the ones that are worst they can't they can't they can't no. I know. That's what I mean.

The only thing that keeps that club from not falling apart is the they're living on the work that they're living on their brand, they're living on the work that that Ferguson did, Otherwise, and I think and then to be fair, Tenhogg has done an amazing job.

And now that I look back, a lot of those managers did great job.

I think Marino did a great job, and Hal did a great job. All those coaches that made it made it look like they were bad, they did amazing jobs. That club is rotten at the head. Still, until the glazers leave not winning anything.

Gabri, Vega is sounding for Master City. In a lot of clubs in Europe, Clint, Liverpool. Yeah, man. I'm reading right now, Gabri He is signing? No. No. He is -- Done. -- sounding, sounding heavily for for Mesa City and Liverpool Group.

Yeah. I I into that. The big thing there is that his release cost is really low. It's only 40000000 And he's he's 21, which is crazy because most of those players have a thousand million pounds in the world.

And I had a I had a I had a little video look at them. It looks like 1 of those classic Spanish midfielders, good on the turn, gets out of trouble on those half turns from the defense and brings it up field.

Good shots, cup we'll get in the box, get some headed goals, scored a lot of goals for for South Avigo. I don't I I don't understand why they would sell him, especially Raffa, Benitez, just took over the Celta Bigo job.

I'm sure he'd like to keep him. But if he wants to go, he would be really, really good. I think Citi I don't think it makes sense for Citi right now. Could it be could it be kind of to fill in the whole of Gundoran.

No, that's Kovacic. Kovacicic is gonna take that job. Okay. Because he's awesome already. Coach is good. I don't I don't know. I never understood why he why why they sold him from Ram Madrid and also why he left.

Because he missed that check, the African because he missed the couple that reg game when they didn't register him, and they were like, oh, he's an idiot.

So they're fun. Yeah. And and from Chelsea either, I I just I never run but we talk about Chelsea.

Yeah. And we don't understand really what's going on with that club. Yeah. Either on a lot of decisions. It's a little bit strange. Okay. So Mason Mason Mountain is doing III do like I do like He looked really good.

I mean, just got all those turns, got all the moves, got everything that you'd want, really looked good, especially from those deep positions, carrying the ball forward.

From a comparison point of primarily fan, he reminds me of essay from Crystal Palace. That kind of dynamic, energetic, young, bring the ball from deep, can score a goal, kinda guy who who can win you you again, right, from the midfield.

If you checked out as a at all from Palace, he's the best comp. That you can find for a type of player, like, I'm watching the video, looking at the stats, really thinking about very similar players, about 3 years younger.

And has good size, big kid, 05:11 in the field, you know, a hundred and 80 hundred and 70 pound big guy.

So Alright. Well, That's basically what's going on right now. Tonale was, you know, is official. He's in New Castle. Even though we were See him him I don't know about.

I'm I'm I'm not really sure. I mean, I don't depth of understand his role was at AC Milan. I know that they were a defensive team, and I'm not sure what their deal is about letting him go.

Is he gonna is Tanali gonna be the 1 who sits deeper And then Yeah. He's kind of a pillow a pillow. Bruno Bruno will be the 1 who who comes forward because Bruno felt like he had to run a lot.

Tonale is basically a young peer low, you know. So But can tackle? Can he do more than that? Well, I mean, he he's gonna he's not appear low. He's not gonna be defensive.

Like, ultra defensive. You know what I mean? But -- Yeah. -- but he has an idea when he gets the ball and he he knows how to, you know, share it in in in I don't know if he can score free kicks like Pierlow did, but, you know Yeah.

Hey. I think it's this item. I think Newcastle or doing But it's another 1 of those good moves like New Castle's really building slowly in like a really good player instead of trying like scatter gun trying Exactly.

I do wanna bring up that 1 player. You have a note here about RASmas Harland. And I looked him up -- Oh, yeah. -- and checked him out.

I I don't think he's good. So I was looking at all his touches, and he kind of is this sort of big, you know, 6 foot 2 center forward type really took a lot of passes at the edge of the box turned, laid them off, got into the box.

But then I looked at the 9 goals he scored, in Syria A for Atlanta. They were all against bottom level teams.

So if I were united and the price was too high, I would wait. Because I wanna see it another season. I don't trust it. And well, I had it right here too. Is Garnacho gonna be the next star 4 match to United taking over at number 10.

He's been hinting that that, you know, he wants to be that guy. I I'm not sure that it's that hard to beat that guy with this team. But So IIII really like Arnacho.

The only thing I worried about it is, like, is to be dying your hair blonde. I wasn't ready. Like, score some bigger goals. And then you did. Keep keep your hair chill. Like, don't go for the blonde yet. You're not there yet.

Like, you gotta be a full time regular before you start flaring. You gotta be like, yo, I'm I'm on I'm on my first name on the name sheet. Right is coming off the bench. Now you're gonna come off the bench. Betch blonde hair.

You're not ready for blonde hair. You should've kept your boy hair, kept your boy band looked. But every time he came on, I was afraid. Like, he's really, really good. Yeah. He And I do he's got that nice youthful exuberance.

I guess the question is is, does he have new wants to his game of control? I think 1 of the things that any United fan will admit is that team never could control games. Yeah. He goes are not chosen to side. Exactly.

Exactly. Does is Garnacho always gonna try and take someone on and push and lose the ball sometimes and put united and dangerous positions where they have to defend the counterattack? And I'm sure that Tenhogg is like, you know what?

Take it easy. If you don't have a chance, just take it down a notch. So that's he'll keep coming off the bench until United can control games a little bit better. But, you know, they were always at their best counterattacking.

They really still have a hard time when they have to control games. Alright. Well, we'll see what happens with Garnacho and Manchester United. That's kinda what we have right now at this point for this show.

Enter Miami, it's probably looking to sign Serhiramos, which I mean, dang, man. Well, I I wish you would've ended it in Round Madrid, but, of course, not gonna happen. But, hey, they're building that a super a super old team.

It's in Miami, man. Becca actually went out and talked about today I think on how it went down with Messi. I didn't actually get the to see that's why we didn't have it on the butt. How are those old dudes gonna play? Amen.

I think they'll be able to do it now. Away in Kansas City in the summer, and it's a hundred and 10 degrees on the pitch, when they're playing at home Miami, and it's 85 degrees with a hundred percent humidity, these dudes are not ready.

But they're ready for it. Yeah. Host playing, they're gonna have a heart attack on the field. It's 1 thing to be standing still because that's his thing. Whose gets has to move. Ramos has to move. This league is not a joke.

You need to physically fit. Maybe the technical skills aren't there from MLS You can say all the things we want about MLS. It's a physically difficult lead to play it. That is true. Right. Just from the elements, just just from that.

Before anything else happens, just the fact that it's in the United States I mean, you can -- hot. -- you can go you can go to Minnesota where it's gonna be freezing, and come right back home, and it's gonna be blazing hot.

Which is unheard of. You know? So But that team is terrible. Yeah. With the last their last but I think that that's gonna be fixed I mean, they're gonna do they're gonna win games, you know.

So I I certainly hope so. Yeah. I know. I think they they But see, that's that's the thing. Like, they don't even they just join. They they don't you know, they're not even paying attention really to to that.

I mean, I was gonna talk about this the the last episode. But I just this fan, I mean, it would travel over 1200 miles to see Messi. And he didn't even know that he wasn't here yet.

So, like, are we that far behind in, like because I I try to defend everybody in the US like, Galition, we know about football. And then this happens. How do you know where the 1 of the most known players in history of football?

Especially today. That he is not ready to play, and you spend all the money, that's your money whatever. But it's it's it made it top of story. You know what I mean?

People are dumb. You know, we never never underestimate the stupidity of humans. But Okay. We're gonna blame it on humans and not and not MLS fans. Okay? Well, it's not just MLS fan. I'm gonna blame I'm blaming it on holier than thou.

Let's a poor fan. Oh, yeah. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. To show up. Okay. Well, that is it for this show, please. Consider subscribing on Spotify on YouTube. You can go visit my man, Lorena's podcast as well.

What's your podcast, man? Tell him. The squeaky bum time podcast. You just squeaky bum time. He picked the English phrase for an American. So, you know, that makes it it it makes a lot of sense.

That's what I know, man. But it's good. I know I know more football than English people, and you guys can yell at me in the comments because I know you guys don't know as much as I can.

Alright, man. We'll see you next time. Bye bye. That was the squeaky bum time pod class with Laurent Cortines, we are the football wing of the chop sports channel and presented exclusively by the premier streaming network.

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