Management by Destruction – What Not To Do.

Its all well and good to want to communicate to your team what is going on in C-level meetings.  They need to know certain things and you may want to get their feedback on ideas within the company.  
Things get sticky in times of change.  Mishandling or providing too much information can explode into rumor, mishap and misinformation.  Teams need stability to work confidently and with purpose.  Working in uncertain enviornments destroys morale and slows down work as your team looks over its should for information.

If you are thinking of leaving or think the old way of doing business is going to change here is what you should avoid doing:

Speculate –
You don’t know what is going to happen. No one does. Your perception is not what necessarily reality. Speculating doesn’t work in investing, doesn’t work in life and doesn’t work in management.

Hang on –
If things don’t appear to be working for you, cut the cord and move on. Start the transition immediately. Begin to put your people in position to succeed despite what you may think or feel.

Make it personal –
I believe in separation of chuch and state. What I mean by that is, you shouldn’t be best friends with your parents or your boss.  The reason? When things go pear-shaped, you’ve got to be able to move, make decisions and tough choices without regard for emotion. That can’t be done if their is too much caring involved. I am not advocating being cold hearted, just that there needs to be bounderies.

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