Appreciate that New York is the city of tomorrow.

Commutes suck. The subway is annoying and I always miss the train right as I get to the platform.  Is this a common refrain you have every morning? 

If it is you should feel lucky to have the opportunity to complain about it.  New York City and the many dense urban areas around the world represent the future.  People are moving back into cities (not all of them, but some) Urbanization is being seen as a possitive trend toward a more sustainable, creative and healthier way to live.

Before folks chime in with the common refrain of “Laurent you are just another provincial NY’r!” Let me leave you with these great things about NYC living:

Transportation that is cheap
The NYC transit is a $100 a month anywhere you want to go. How fucking amazing is that? From Red Hook to Richman from Whitestone to Whitehall – you can go where ever you want.

Diversity is everywhere
  Any time of day where ever you go in NY you will see some one who is not like you.  The value of that shared cultural experience allows you to learn, taste and meet people from around the world.

Ideas bursting at the seems.
NY is not just a melting pot of culture it is a melting pot of ideas. Take five minutes, sit and listen to what people are talking about or watch what they are doing.  You will come up with hundreds of ideas.

A place to work.
There is always work in NYC. From banking to bartending and advertising to art – NY always has work for people who hustle and more it happen.  Why do think we have the diversity, ideas and money here? Because we have jobs. 

Appreciate the City.  Yes, it has warts and lots and lots to complain about, but it is the job/idea/diversity/culture/fashion/energy/sustainabilty center of at least the United States and within the conversation of the World.

(Dear Jerseyites, you live in our sphere. Without NYC you would be Delaware so keep it down. PS. I love you.)

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