Obsession – Why being a little crazy is good.

Do you have trouble sleeping because your mind is racing?  Do you think about work/world/life issues all the time?  We all do somewhat, its part of the human condition. We’re pushed, pulled and jocelled through our own doing all day long.  In my life this is a good thing.

Thinking obsessively about one problem is what drives us to find solutions.
Thinking obsessively about a character flaw we have may be the catalyst for change we need.
Thinking obsessively about something we fear and overcoming it is what triumph is made of.

I think obsessively about what I don’t know.  It drives everything I do.  I am in a constant state of knowledge starvation.  I never stop worrying about the question someone might ask that I don’t have the answer to.  I think about the internal shame I feel when I don’t have an answer. 

Obsession has TONS of downside. It can be debilitating, cause mistakes, ruin relationships and worse.  What I am reaching for is acceptance of obsession.  Your obsessions make you who you are and what you do.  Its ok – embrace your obsessions and use them to grow.

What are you obsessed with and how does it drive you?

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