Dear America, I love you, now change.

Quick post on a couple of things that I think need to change in our country.  Let me state, we’re a great nation and I believe in US.
– Immigration reform.
It’s a numbers game and new people who believe and appreciate what the
United States can do for them are needed.  Those 2 billion people in India and China love our closed door policy because they are keeping their best and brightest.  Open the door US,  let them in!

– Take action.
We hear a lot about bank bailouts, taking back this or that or Washington this or that – it needs to stop.  The ultimate check on power is the vote.  We can DEMAND change by voting, calling our representatives, striking, civil disobedience and writing. It’s a travesty that voter turnout is considered “good” at 60%. Demand voting reform, we file taxes and bank online? Why not vote? The government will arrest you if you don’t pay taxes how about it arrests you if you don’t vote. We control the country so get out there.

– Re-build, re-new and re-imagine.
There are so many great things we aren’t doing its criminal. We need as people to demand more. Demand new bridges, demand faster internet and demand rebuilding inner cities. We need to re-imagine our institutions and change our country for the better. Profits are not everything.

– Get smart.
If you watch just Fox News or just CNN or just local news you are failing as a citizen. We all need to get more informed and demand more information.  For instance – did you know gasoline was heavily subsidized? Did you know we gave 1.5 Billion in aid to
Egypt? I didn’t and I’m ashamed of it.  It’s our responsibility as citizens to know so we can press our representatives to fix things.

– We’re still really awesome.
Don’t believe the fear mongering; don’t feel bad about the
United States. We’re still far and away the richest country in the word with great natural resources and very smart people. We can still say, in the immortal words Dave Chapelle, “I’m RICH, BITCH!” Be confident. We’re working from a position of strength but need to change the way we do business, the way our government works and the way our country lived in.

Do you have any things you think as Americans we need to change?

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