I hold these truths to be self-evident

The mode of the day is to stand for something, mean something and work from a place of meaning.  Here are some of my “truths” and I hope you’ll share yours.

– Putting off change is a mistake.
Do what you can do tomorrow, today.

– Things printed on paper are screwed.
Internet, e-reader/tablets and sustainability converging.  Books = vinyl records.

– Doing now and fixing mistakes later is better than trying to get it perfect in the first place.

– Writers/Journalists don’t get what is happening online.
There seems to be an irrational fear among current professional text content creators that they will be replaced by a mass of robots. They are wrong. If you can write, report and do good work, you’ll be fine.  If you suck, are lazy and are overpaid? You’re toast.

– You can’t win (even with the best employees) if your organization/institution is weak/corrupt.
I see this in sports all the time. Same strong, stable franchises win all the time while inept ones fail consistently. It’s not the money that makes the difference, it’s the organization.

– You must look to re-invent, re-invest, re-new yourself as often as you can.
Find new interests, spend two hours in Wikipedia and read anything!  Become passionate about something new and incorporate them into your knowledge portfolio. The pace of knowledge is moving faster and becoming more complex and we have to continually hone our understanding of the world.

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