Things I’m scared shitless of – Embrace Fear and Advance


In honor of my pre-operation checkup for my upcoming foot surgery (don’t worry, I’m fine) I thought I’d share my fears on, well, on everything.  Saying what you are afraid of has a cathartic and freeing quality. Once the words hit the page, they are out there for all the world to see.  What can be done to you once you admit the fear? Nothing.

The Fear List:
My surgery
Being a crappy husband
Being a crappy friend
Being a crappy sibling
Having a mentally ill child
Starting my own business
That I’m not smart enough
That success isn’t for me (not allowed to succeed)
Not having the answer
Getting hit by a car
The dark (I mean pitch black)
Being alone
Being awesome
My own ideas failing
People finding out what I don’t know
Being exposed
Getting things wrong
Standing by convictions
Hurting peoples feelings
Not being liked
Having nothing to say
And on and on….

Some of these fears I overcome everday.  I push past them because I have to. I push past them because in order to be an effective and valuable person at work I have to get over being afraid.  Some of these fears are irrational and make no sense,  my perception of myself is not the reality. (My wife tells me I am very good husband and friend everyday).

We all have the capacity to overcome fear. By listing the fears out that you conquer everyday you can push past the fears that still hold you back.

Take a chance! Write down what you are afraid of and then push past every one on the list!

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